February 29, 2016

Baby blue

Spring is just around the corner and i could not be more excited! i am so tired of this cold weather and short days. i keep seeing all of these dresses and pastel coloured clothes in stores and i want to buy everything! it was a warm weekend but we are suppose to get a snowstorm tomorrow (ew) i am hoping it melts fast, because i don't want to deal with all of that. Although i shouldn't be complaining its been a rather warm winter. Another reason why i am so excited for spring is because i recently watched "a testament of youth" its a movie set around world war 1,  its a biographical movie about Vera Brittain. The movie itself is incredibly sad but it's brilliantly filmed, Alicia Vikander (who won an oscar last night !) did an amazing job. The first half of the movie is mostly centered around her going to school and how her and her fiance got together (the scenes when they are on their chaperoned dates are the cutest) this is all before the war started.  The fashion in the beginning of the film is beautiful, dainty dresses and hats...simply beautiful. i definitely recommend this movie, its on netflix (at least on the canadian one)

i was inspired by all of the spring clothing that has come out i have been leaning towards lighter coloured pieces in my wardrobe, such as this coat. i paired it with a similar coloured sweater underneath and i loved the effect it gave, they just kind of melted together. of course i added my gold locket <3 To avoid adding the harshness of black tights i decided to go with navy blue ones as well as a navy blue skirt. To tie it all in together i grabbed this tweed crossbody bag because it has all of the colours that are in the outfit. and for a final wintery touch i added this gray pom pom.

Coat: Forever 21
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Aldo
Headband: Forever 21 
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