September 26, 2018

Long Plaid Skirt

With Falls arrival I pulled out all of my long wool plaid skirts. As you may remember from last winter I got a little obsessed with finding all of these amazing plaid skirt from the 50's/60's. But didn't really get a chance to wear them, this year I am committed to  wearing all of them because I think they are stunning and something not a lot of people wear these days. This particular skirt is from Value Village, since its not technically a  vintage store I'm not sure exactly what time period its from (Could be new for all I know) but it does look like something out of the early 60's. The first thing that went into my mind when I saw it was Burberry due to its iconic print, but its not (Unfortunately) none the less I still love the look and its something you can wear with numerous colours!  I opted for a thin white knit sweater and some red slingback shoes.  I love the small block heel I think its very fitting with the rest of the outfit. To give it that 1950's school girl vibe I added a ribbon to my hair which I think tied the whole look together!  Let me know that you think of this look in the comments below! 
September 24, 2018

September Florals

We are going into the last full week of September which is crazy to me because it feels like it just started. Fall has also officially arrived which lead me to switch over my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter... a switch I was happy to do because I was bored of all my summer clothes. To say goodbye to the warm evenings of summer I thought I would wear this long black floral dress that I got from Metisu. It is the Black sheer mesh floral embroidered maxi dress, It it this stunning floor length dress with puffy sleeves that gives it that perfect touch of elegance!  The tulle  is covered in embroidered pastel coloured flowers, making it even more feminine. I wore the dress with some simple black heels and split pearl earrings. If you want to see more of this look check out my outfits of the week video (Link here)  
September 20, 2018

Lace Princess

This dress makes me feel like a princess! I love the romantic feel of it with the light pink tones and lace detailing on the sleeves and collar. it's the perfect dress to run around in the palace gardens (on can dream ok...) I got this dress from Metisu and it is the apricot flared sleeve semi-sheer mesh midi dress (Link here) I paired the dress with these silver sparkly shoes that match the diamond-y strands dangling on the dress. I also added a silver pin to my hair to add to the romantic feel of the outfit and of course some silver earrings ! If you want to see more of this dress make sure to check out my outfits of the week video on my channel (Link here)
September 17, 2018

Fall Polka Dot

Polka dots were all the rage this summer, and as we slowly transition into the fall I thought I would incorporate it in a darker colour. I recently got this dress from Shein and it is the trumpet sleeve dot mesh dress (Link here). What I love about this dress is that you can dress it up or dress it down. I decided it to wear it with some black platform heels (Sorta reminds me of the height of lookbooks popularity) when paired with this dress it gives a slight modern Morticia Addams vibe... which is always a mood because she is an icon. For some more interest I added a black beret just slightly tilted on top of my head. I will warn you now that its getting colder be ready to see berets in every colour you can think of because I am crazy and own all of them. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below ! 
September 14, 2018

Bright Green Leopard

Two of the biggest trends of the moment is leopard print and lime green. I've never been a neon girl myself, so I wasn't planing on jumping on that trend... until I saw this top! It's this bright green leopard print top that I am obsessed with !  It blends the two current trends together and makes the green a bit less bright (which I prefer). This blouse is from Shein and it is the ruffle trim Leopard print shirt (Link here). Its the perfect transition top because its thin and lightweight but long sleeve making it perfect for this time of year. My favourite part has to be the ruffles going along the front, its subtle because of the print but its a beautiful detail, as well as the bow you tie at the front. I paired the blouse with a simple black skirt from Forever 21, and some strappy sandals from Parfois (Link here) 
These shoes are actually one of the newest additions to my collection , I got them while I was I Spain and were featured in part 2 of my Spain haul. If you haven't seen my Spain haul I will link them here [part 1] [part 2] For my bag I just grabbed my Teddy Blake grey Eva 8" bag (Link here)  Its one of my favourite bags right now, as you guys know I LOVE small bags so this size is perfect for me !
let me know your thoughts in the comments below 
September 06, 2018

Madrid Through My Phone

I Spent two days in Madrid after seville so I thought I would show you my favourite snapshots from my time there. You'll notice here and throughout my instagram that I'm really interested in architecture. I'm always amazed at older buildings because they have so much incredible detail that were crafted by hand !  Yes they took way longer than buildings today but the results are amazing and loved by everyone around the world.  It amazes me that even with all of the technological advances of today we still can't produce buildings with intricate details. I find most of the buildings these days are plain and glass... well to be fair I live in Toronto which is a fairly new city compared to places like Madrid. I also went to primark for the first time and it was incredible ! (Pic 6 + 8) it was 5 floors and just simply beautiful, it makes you want to shop... which is exactly what ended up happening lol I bought more than anticipated. Aside from our little shopping adventure down La Gran Via we mainly walked around admiring the architecture and eating food on the patios... which can we discuss the view from your average every day restaurant (Pic 5) yea... causal... But anyway I feel like I've been talking about this trip for weeks now, I do have a haul coming up next week so make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel ! (Link here)
September 03, 2018

Plaza de España

While in Seville I went to one of the most beautiful landmarks in Spain, La Plaza de España. Built in 1928 for the world fair, its one of the most beautiful places I've been to.  There are so much detail and beauty everywhere you look, that its almost hard to believe places like this exist. It was one of my favourite places to visit on my trip. By coincidence I actually ended up wearing an outfit that matched perfectly with the colour palette of the building. My dress is from Forever 21, I got it a few weeks before my trip and I think its so pretty !  I love the embroidery on the bottom and that the straps have a string to connect them at the back (So they don't keep falling down) The top I wore underneath is from Zara and I've had that in my collection for a few years now, you guys have seen that top numerous times. My handbag is from Winners and you've probably seen it all over my instagram lately because its the only purse I took on my trip to Spain.  What do you guys think of this outfit? let me know in the comments below!