August 31, 2015

Last day in Quebec

This is an outfit from the last nigh we spent in quebec city. we got the most fabulous weather... considering the day before was so rainy.  This light aqua dress is one of the most comfortable dresses i own and i love the flower detailing :) 

Dress: Forever 21 
Necklace: Laura
Headband: Ardene 

August 26, 2015

Quebec city

We made it to quebec city, such a beautiful place filled with historic buildings and tiny shops and restaurants. we are staying at the beautiful Fairmont chateau, seriously the prettiest hotel i have ever stayed in. it was pretty rainy throughout the day  but after dinner we got caught in a huge rainstorm and had to run 10 blocks....i looked like i stood under a shower haha. we have one more day here in qubec and then it is time to head back home. 

Shirt: Ted Baker 
i normally don't wear cotton t-shirt but this one is too beautiful! 

Shirts: Forever 21 
i have a current obsession with houndstooth haha 

August 24, 2015

Montreal day 2 !!

it was our second day in montreal and we spent it walking around sight seeing and eating all the delicious food we could find! (including beaver tails, Yum!)  We also took a little boat tour on the canal and did some shopping. i am exhausted from all of the walking around we did but i was so fun to explore such a beautiful city, Tomorrow we are headed to quebec city! 

dress: Lilly Pulitzer 
Flats: Ardene 
Purse: Winners 
August 23, 2015

We made it to montreal!!

After 6 hours of travelling we finally made it to montreal! We went directly to get some dinner at St. Huberts which we hadn't eaten in years! Then spend the rest of the evening just walking around and going into little souvenir shops. There was also a beautiful sunset... you know my thoughts about sunsets <3 the weather couldn't of been more perfect, gotta love warm summer nights. i am currently in the hotel ready for some much needed sleep to prepare for the amount of walking we will do tomorrow :) 

Blouse: H&M
white sleeveless blouses are such an essential that you can use over and over again! i recommend having a few in your closet (even in the summer for under sweaters so it feels a bit less bulky!)

Scarf: The Bay 
Thin silk scarves can totally transform an outfit, especially when they are tied in bows   

Shorts: Forever 21 
loose fitting shorts are the most comfortable thing to wear when you are stuck in a car for a long time, or walking around. love this navy blue pair 

Flats: suzy shier 

Soccer game

A bit of a different post than i normally do, but i thought it would be fun to incorporate some more lifestyle pictures onto the blog. we went to a soccer game today, Toronto VS Orlando (which toronto won! 5-0 :) ) it was a really fun game with a great crowd. We had box seats which was great because we were able to stuff our faces with food hahaha. 
it was a really great day followed by a beautiful sunset, i am obsessed with sunsets. i am currently packing for my trip to montreal/quebec that i am leaving for in about 8 hours, more pictures of that to come! :) 
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August 19, 2015

Biking around

It has been incredibly hot outside lately, it finally feels like summer just as we are coming to the end of it. All the clothing stores are already filled with fall pieces (and i am guilty of buying some of them already...) but with only a few more weeks of summer left i plan on making the best of it.  That being said, riding my bike is one of my favourite summer activities, nothing like a pink vintage bike with a wicker basket to put you in an a good mood :)  As for the rest of the summer, i have a couple of trips planned so there will be tons of pictures to come :) 

Shorts: Marshalls (brand: Monteau) 
these red scalloped shorts are so comfortable and i am obsessed with the scallops 

Blouse: Forever 21 
shirts with bows at the front are my staple :) 

Flats: Ardene 
Headband: Forever 21

Me now VS me when i was little :

i found this old picture of me from when i was like 3 haha, pink bike for life.
August 12, 2015

Prairie fashion

Feel like i should be running around in a field or reading a book under a tree in this outfit. This outfit is very prarie inspired due to the straw hat and long floral dress. The natural makeup also adds to the look.

Dress: H&M
i don't own many dresses like this but i wish i did! it is  made out of a soft cotton material which makes it incredibly comfortable (running around in a field comfortable!)

Hat: Local boutique
i experimented a little bit by wearing a ponytail under the hat which i had never done before! i fell in love with  how it turned out!