May 25, 2016

Skin care routine

Good Morning

So today i thought i would talk about my skin care routine, i always find it so fascinating to see what other people use on their skin. I tried breaking it down to what products i use in the morning and the products that i use at night. I have also added a couple of extra products i don't use daily but are definitely worth using weekly. 

1. Right after my morning shower i grab one of my all time favourite products, Avene spring water mist, it is the perfect pick me up in the morning and minimizes any redness i might have on my skin. I usually spray it on my face and let it sink into my skin so that it absorbs the moisture. This unique spray has been around for about 50 years and is a staple in many other womens routines from around the world. I love this product so much i carry a travel size one in my purse at all times, its great in the summer time when it is really hot outside.

2.  Of course you have to protect your skin form the sun, no matter what your age is it's always important to wear sunscreen. From a young age i got in the habit of applying a layer of sunscreen before my makeup. over the years i have tried countless different brands trying to find the one that worked the best with my skin, That is until i found the Shiseido gentle sun protecting lotion! it is perfect! i love its light formula and the way it just glides on the skin, its SPF 33 which is perfect for everyday. It is so gentle you can use it on a baby (6 months and over)  I also like to use a different sunscreen which is made specifically for the eye area, which is the most sensitive and susceptible to wrinkles later in life. I like to use the Shiseido sun protecting eye cream.

3.  To prep my skin for makeup  i like to add a bit of moisturizer just to make sure my skin is hydrated,  and it also helps my foundation go on smoother. i chose something lighter for the daytime because i don't want to look like a grease ball during the day. i've been grabbing the Nivea pure and natural daytime moisturizer lately, it quickly absorbs into the skin and it smells fantastic! it is also available at the drugstore which is a bonus !

Extra: On days that i don't wear makeup or have a bit more time in the morning i like to use the Kiehls Clearly corrective dark spot solution, i usually apply it right after i use the spring water mist.  This solution is made up of natural ingredients such as activated vitamin C, white birch extract and peony extract. Like most people i do have a few dark sports on my skin and i really think this has done an amazing job in minimizing them. It is also paraben and silicone free which is great! i probably use this 3-4 times a week.

Good Night
At night i like to use different products than i do in the morning i usually start of by removing my makeup in the shower, for years i've been using ponds cold cream. it quickly removes every bit of makeup that is on my skin. it is incredible important to remove your makeup every night before bed no matter how tired you are or how late it is. Trust me your skin will thank you. 

4. After my night time shower i like to deep clean my skin just to make sure my pores are clean this will  prevent any breakouts from happening. I've been using the Kiehls ultra facial cleanser with my clarisonic mia fit.  Since i started using my clarisonic i have seen a huge difference in the appearance of my pores and the texture of my skin. My skin was always combination and it would become noticeable throughout the day, my T-zone would get oily and i would develop dry patches on my cheeks, which makeup would cling to (so not cute..) I have seen such a huge difference and now i my skin looks even and smooth, i highly recommend one if you haven't tried it.

5.  Toner is something i have recently introduced into my skin care routine, i have tried it in the past but never really stuck with it. But i realized that since i am in my early 20s skin care is really important and you can't really turn back time when it comes to your skin. Right now i am loving the Aveda botanical Kinetics toner. What i love about it is that it comes in a spray bottle, now i am sure you are suppose to spray it onto a cotton pad and glide it on your skin but i much prefer spraying it directly onto my face. i then let it soak up into my skin. It is honestly the most refreshing part of my day.

6.  Right before bed i like to add a nice layer of moisturizer so that my skin is hydrated throughout the night. i can definitely see the difference in the morning from when i forget to moisturize the night before, so i have realized how important it is.  i am currently using the Kiehls ultra facial cream, it is incredibly moisturizing and feels amazing on the skin. What i love about Kiehls products is that they are made up of natural ingredients. This particular cream is made up of Glacial glycoprotein extract which protects against dryness and dessert plant extract which has high levels of potassium that will provide with immediate and long lasting hydration. 

7. Eye cream is an important part of any skin scare routine, i incorporated it into my own when i turned 20.  i have been using Kiehls creamy under eye treatment with avocado for over a year now, it is so moisturizing and this little tub lasts so long! a little definitely goes a long way. As the name states this eye cream is made up of avocado oil which is rich in fatty-acids, it is has tons of amino acids and vitamins such as A, D, E, this will help restore the skins natural moisture. It is also made up of beta-carotene which is derived from carrots which is filled with vitamin A. and Shea butter which is going to deeply moisturize your skin.  And just like that i am ready to get into my bed knowing my skin is moisturized and it will be ready for the day in the morning. 

Extra: once a week i will use a facial peel, i have been using juice beauty green apple peel for sensitive skin for a long time and i think it is a life changing product and i am so happy i splurged on it and tried it.  It exfoliates to even skin tone and texture, it also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. Another thing that makes it great is that it is made up of organic fruits instead of a bunch of chemicals that could harm the skin. It is mostly made up of green apples, grape juice, lemon and aloe leaf juice; all which are rich in vitamins! your skin will be enriched with vitamin A,C,E.

Extra:  When my skin is feeling a little dry especially during the winter months i like to add a little bit of extra moisture so that my skin is hydrated and smooth. Nivea creme has been around since 1911 and not much has changed except for the packaging. Since i find the cream to be a bit thick on my skin i like to use it as a mask. i will add a medium to thick layer of it onto my skin right before my shower and let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, i will take a shower with the mask on and let the heat from the shower go through the mask, and then i will rinse it off with the warm water. This leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated! i probably do this once a week sometimes twice in the winter. 

I think the key to any successful skin care routine is to listen to your skin and see what it needs at all time, if its feeling a little extra dry add a bit more moisturizer and vice versa. trust your instincts and listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Drinking a lot of water is really important for your skin so i recommend drinking 8+ glasses of water a day, you can always add a bit of fruits in your water to infuse it with a bit more nutrients and flavour but i prefer to just drink it as is, just plain water... at room temperature  with no ice.

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May 23, 2016

Houndstooth skirt and yellow bag

It has really been feeling like summer here the past couple of days, it was almost unexpected! i had already put my winter clothes away but i left out a couple of thin sweaters just in case there were a few cold days... i don't think i will be needing them it has been so warm!  i couldn't be happier that the the warm weather come right in time for my birthday :)  although i think its going to be the coldest day of the week at a measly 20 degrees... womp...womp...womp... i really shouldn't be complaining tho haha. This past weekend was a bit more eventful on friday i went out to dinner with my parents (as i normally do) and i worked during the day on saturday and then went out with some friends for my birthday, we went to this bowling alley which is half bowling alley half bar, it was a blast. on sunday i had my birthday dinner with my extended family which was high tea themed which was filled with little sandwiches and pasties.

For this outfit i wore a midi houndstooth skirt, you guys know how much i love houndstooth... and midi skirts!  i paired it with a thin black chiffon shirt and black heels !  since i felt a little too black and white for the warm weather i grabbed this small crossbody bag which is this bright mustard yellow colour. it really pops against the black and white skirt. My birthday is tomorrow and i am so excited!  i don't know anyone who loves birthdays as much as me. 

Niagara on the lake

Happy Victoria day weekend ! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was very uneventful and mostly stayed home, but I got to spend basically the entire weekend with my family which was amazing. On Friday we all went out to dinner to this Italian restaurant around the corner from my house, on Saturday I worked during the day and my family made rotisserie chicken and French fries for dinner (yummmm!) after dinner we stayed in and watched scary movies till like 3AM. Since it was a long weekend and it was GORGEOUS outside my family wanted to go out and do something on the Sunday, we decided to go to Niagara on the lake to walk around and do a bit of shopping. Niagara on the lake is one of my favourite places because it is so beautiful; all the stores are so picturesque. And as an added bonus the shopping there is fantastic!  I never come home empty handed, you can find so many unique pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else which Is the best part. The street is filled with different restaurants so you have any type of food to choose from. We ended up stopping at this family restaurant/diner and had hamburgers and fries. I am not going to lie I am that person who always orders salad at restaurants, especially in the summer, but I love these kind of places where you can tell the hamburgers are made freshly there and on grilled on a grill. (kinda like street meat… who doesn’t love street meat) for dessert we stopped at a little bakery and had ice cream and mini key lime tarts , it was a perfect day. 

For my outfit I was a little torn on what type of clothing to wear because some days have been colder than others. Sunday was going to be 21  but with cold wind so I wore a longer cream skirt and this little blue tweed jacket with a short sleeved chiffon shirt underneath. When we first arrived around 11am the wind was a bit cold but it quickly warmed up and it turned out to be the most perfect day… not too cold not too warm just perfection. 

oh and while shopping I bought a new fascinator to wear to the queens plate, I recently for my tickets, I hope to see some of you guys there! 

May 18, 2016

Argyle sweater vest

Trees are finally starting to bloom and they are looking beautiful ! its nice to see some pretty colours when you are outside. The rest of the week is suppose to be so warm so i can't wait to wear some pastel colours which have been hiding in storage all winter. I have been really into sweater vests they are such a fun piece to wear, especially argyle ones. I don't have many things with an argyle print on them but i am definitely hoping to invest in some in pastel colours. Underneath the vest i wore a plain white long sleeves chiffon shirt and paired it with gray shorts. To bring the colour black back into the outfit i opted for black tights. i felt the outfit was a bit too black and white so for a pop of colour i put on a red headband and grabbed a small red purse. Small purses are my favourite kind of purses right now, they are so pretty and i love the daintiness of them. And of course no look would be complete without heels, these are black and white with a strap around the ankle which is my one of my favourite looks right now. Its a long weekend where i live so i am really looking forward to that this week, as well as my birthday in exactly 2 weeks! :) 

May 13, 2016

NYX Class of 2016 Prom !!

Last night i went to the NYX class of 2016 prom event, and i had the best time! There were cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as well as the cutest lip shaped cookies! The party was at the church of berkeley in downtown toronto, which is a really awesome venue!  it used to be a church and has beautiful columns and a balcony on the second floor that overlooks the party. At each corner they set up different station where you could take pictures with different props which was really fun! They also set up a makeup station so you could look at their newest makeup. But i think my favourite part of the event was that it was prom themed and you had to dress up in prom attire, Which as you guys know dressing up is my favourite thing in the world! so i was over the moon! Each guest was also asked if they could bring a dress whether it be new or gently used to donate to girls who cannot afford a dress for prom, i think this is such a great cause because its not something most of us think of. Overall it was a great night filled with great people and beautiful dresses!