June 26, 2015

Blue florals

It was the most gorgeous day outside!! the sun was shining and there were zero clouds in the sky.
Dress: H&M
Headband: little miss matchy 
June 23, 2015

My daily morning skin care routine!

Skin care is something i have been trying to perfect for the past few years. during this time i have found that the best thing to do is to pay attention to your skin and what it is telling you it needs. Some days it feels a bit dry so i add a little extra moisturizer, or it looks like it needs a little more exfoliation, it all varies. But i do have an everyday morning routine that i do every single day (they are listen in order)

1. Avene cleansing foam wash:
i have tried countless different face washes and i can honestly say that this is my absolute favourite! what i love about the Avene company is that it is targeted towards sensitive skin so you can definitely count on all of their products to be super gentle. I can be be very picky when it comes to scents but this foam wash has a feminine light clean scent. 

2. Avene spring water spray:
As previously mentioned you will see a trend of Avene products because they work perfectly on my skin. This spring water spray is a miracle product!! i use it every single morning after i was my face to reduce redness and add some hydration to my face. i use this product at night as well and i even carry a travel sized one in my purse at all times (comes in handy now that its summer!)

3. Shiseido gentle sun protecting lotion SPF 33: Sunscreen is extremely important when it comes to preventing aging. i have struggled with finding the perfect every day sunscreen to use on my face, one  that doesn't break me out (i have tried every single brand out there!) about a year ago i found this gem! it is a very light sunscreen and it is so sensitive even babies (of 6 months or over) can use it! it is a lotion so it is much more "watery" in consistency  than a cream (be aware of that when you first pour it out of the bottle) it has a slight sunscreen scent which doesn't linger and it absorbs so quickly without leaving a white residue!

4. Shiseido sun protecting eye cream SPF 32: A couple of months later i purchased this sunscreen that is made specifically for the eye area (the part that gets the most wrinkles!) it is fast absorbing and hydrates my eyes while it protects my skin from the harmful rays.

5. Avene Mattifying fluid: if you are anything like me you tend to get a little oily throughout the day (especially in the summer months.) This product is great for keeping you matte all day and is perfect under your makeup. it also has the same feminine fresh scent as the face wash. (which i love!!)

6. Ponds dry skin cream: (*extra* i don't use this every morning) if my skin is feeling a little dry that morning i will apply a bit of ponds cold cream. this is usually on days that i will be staying in all day because it takes a long time for your skin to absorb it. but it is a miracle worker when your skin is feeling a little dry.  

June 16, 2015

Downtown and houndstooth shorts

Spent part of the day downtown doing some shopping :)  
feels nice to have a bit of sunshine seeing as it has been raining so much lately 

Shorts:  ZARA
Shirt: Forever 21
Purse: (actually a jewellery holder!) winner 
Heels: H&M

June 10, 2015


I normally don't make these kind of "lifestyle" posts but given the event i wanted to share it with you guys! i had my college graduation yesterday!! (excited squeal!!) graduating with a bachelors in photography. i could not be more excited (and nervous....) to start the new chapter in my life. hope you guys don't mind the iphone photos :)