December 30, 2016

My Favourite looks of 2016 !

As 2016 comes to a close I thought that I would countdown my favourite looks from the year! I have picked my favourite 12 (one from each month,) so you will basically see a summarized version of my year . To start us off here is a look from January "Red Bow", if you've been following me since the beginning you would know how much I LOVE headbands, particularly ones with bows, so of course one of my top looks had to include a GIANT red bow. I love how simple this look is with the striped chiffon blouse and blue pencil skirt it really allows for the accessories to shine!  

For February my favourite look was my Valentines Day post ! I LOVE Valentines Day it's one of my favourite days of the year, its filled with Romance and everything pink and red (my favs.) In this post I talked further about my thoughts on valentines day and love in general so make sure you give it a quick read :) I can't wait to shoot a Valentines day inspired look this coming up year it was honestly so much fun ! 

My Favourite look from March is a bit more on the Preppy side (which is actually my favourite style) this post was " Navy and Green " I paired this simple Navy A-line skirt with a green cardigan and a white blouse and of course topped it off with a beret, you know how much I love wearing berets! I love the simplicity of the outfit and its something you could do multiple variations of just by switching up the colours. 

April Marked the start of Spring where I began pulling my pastel coloured clothing, starting with this Light blue trench coat! The look is " Light blue trench coat " This is actually one of my favourite looks of the year (or maybe its just the puppy) You usually see beige trench coats so when I saw this one in stores I was automatically drawn to it due to its unique colour. I also love the silhouette its so feminine and it gives off a vintage vibe, which is my favourite combination. 

May is when the flowers begin to bloom, which also happens to be one of my favourite times of the year because nothing makes me happier than taking pictures of flowers, if you follow me on instagram you would know this ! This look is from when I spent the day in Niagara on the lake with my family. I am still obsessed with this navy blue tweed coat !

You know my favourite post from June is my Birthday Outfit ! When it comes to my birthday I am basically a child! I get so excited and I count down the days till it finally arrives!  SOOOO of course it had to be featured as one of my top looks from 2016 ! I love houndstooth, I don't know what it is about the print that I am automatically drawn to it, especially when its in gray and white!  I also wore this pretty light pink packpack that i got as a gift for the birthday! 

My July look is definitely my favourite look from 2016 !  It is the outfit I wore to the Queens plate.  It was my first year going and I had an amazing time looking at everyones outfits and fascinators. Of course I wore my favourite colour to wear RED, with a matching red fascinator.  I loved getting a chance to dress us as well as i had the opportunity of getting my outfit drawn by a fashion illustrator!

For my August outfit.... i couldn't pick between these two so I thought I would talk about both and you will get a bonus favourite! One of the looks was from when I went to the Zane Barlas fashion show for Toronto Mens Fashion week, I loved wearing this little white beret which has been featured on my blog a few times since then :)  My second favourite look is this Nautical beachy look, which happens to be more casual than the stuff I usually wear but I absolutely love the matching separates ! That is something I want more of this upcoming summer!

For September one of the highlights was definitely going to a Tiff premiere ! Tiff is Torontos international film festival, which is where I saw the premiere for Colossal starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sedeikis!  This is the look I went for for the premiere, a gorgeous dress with cutouts at the top, and ruffles on the sleeeves. I paired it with a gold headband and big gold earrings, I was definitely inspired by Dolce and Gabanna when I put this look together.

Cabby hats have been my obsession since the start of the fall I think they are so flattering and make any outfit look put together, for this look I wore a burgundy cabby hat which matched perfectly with the burgundy tights. I also paired it with this navy coat with gold buttons which I think goes perfectly with the style of the cabby hat.  

November was a great time for fashion this year, the weather wasn't too cold so you could really wear the fall pieces that you wanted to wear ! Fall is 100% my favourite time of the year, I think we can all agree that fashion is the best in the fall. This particular look is "(faux) fur scarf ", This was also one of the first looks to feature my new bangs, which was (in my opinion)  the best decision I made this year, I wish I got them sooner!

This brings us back to December with my favourite look being this princess inspired look "Put a Bow on it"  I love getting dressed up and will find any excuse to do, Christmas being the perfect excuse. This dress was actually my homecoming dress in Grade 11 I simply  added a silk red sash and tied it into a bow at the back to make it look more festive. This is why my coset is so packed, you never know when you will re-wear something you love! And with this look that rounds up my favourite looks of 2016 ! I hope you guys enjoyed and had an amazing year ! Thank you for all the support and love I've received in the comments sections, Instagram and Youtube . I cant wait to see what the New Year brings! :) XOXO Carolina 
December 28, 2016

Silver Threads | A NYE inspired outfit

New Years eve is only a few days away and I hope you have your reservations made and your outfit picked out! If you don't here is some last minute outfit inspiration for you ! :) I am wearing this sparkly shirt that has a "paisley" type print on it (it almost looks like a bunch of microorganisms.. either way i'm digging it) I got this shirt from Michael Kors back in the summer and thinking it would be perfect for this time of year (and i was right!) This outfit would be perfect to wear out to dinner or to a new years ever party ! I loved pulling the silver colour from the shirt with the skirt I think it adds the right amount of sparkle without looking like a disco ball! As far as my New Years plans go I am going out to dinner with my boyfriend and my family and then watching the fireworks, its a pretty laid back affair but I love it, its what i've been doing for the past couple of years and its the perfect way to ring in the new year, with the people that you love! Make sure you are tuned in on Friday where I will be counting down my top 12 looks of the year!   
December 26, 2016

Subtle Sparkle | A NYE Inspired look

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas this weekend and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. I know I did and I also ate way too much food over the past 2 days (I feel like I am going to explode!)  If you would like to see what I got for Christmas this year I actually posted a video on my youtube channel, Click here if you want to watch it ! But even tho Christmas has come and gone there is still NEW YEARS! I actually love new years, it's actually my favourite day to be on instagram because I follow so many people from around the world that from the moment I wake up I see posts from people celebrating the New Year and i don't know why it fills me with immense happiness!  It is crazy that the year is almost over ! I feel like every year goes by faster and faster and this one is practically over there are only a few more days left. When it comes to New Years my go to look is black and silver, I don't know why but its what always catches my eye. For this look wanted to add some sparkle but I wanted it to be more subtle so I went for these sparkly damask print tights and I paired it with a simple black dress and a silver necklace. The look itself is really simple and can be worn to practically anything Dinner, a party or just hanging out. What are your New Years Eve plans?? :) 
December 23, 2016

Put a Bow on it

I can't believe this is the last holiday look I will be posting this year! Time has flown by and its already Christmas Eve tomorrow! My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, thats the night we open all of our family presents and have Christmas dinner. On the 25th we open our santa presents in the morning and spend the rest f the day as a family watching Christmas movies and eating all the left overs. I will be posting my what I got for christmas video on my youtube channel on Sunday so make sure you tune in for that if you are interested! As for this outfit I saved my favourite holiday look for last! It's this black "princess" type dress that has a lace corset at the top and flares out at the bottom (this was actually my homecoming dress from grade 11) To give it a festive look I added a thick silk ribbon and tied it up into a bow at the back. This gives such a feminine look and I love the combination of the colours !  Of course I had to add some gold accessories! whats Christmas without a little gold ! I went with a gold clutch, which you have actually seen in a few posts already, I just can't stop wearing it ! it matches with pretty much every dress! I also put on a gold necklace with a gold and pearl pendant on it, which to me has a vintage sorta look to it that I really like. I wanted to add a little more gold so I put on this sparkly headband that I think tops the look off perfectly. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get to spend as much time with your  family and friends as you can, and remember Christmas food doesn't have calories, so drink that second cup of hot chocolate. Wishing you all the best and get ready for some New Years inspired looks coming next week ! :) XOXO
December 21, 2016

Cartier Christmas

Here is another holiday look that isn't only great for the holidays but also for the rest of the winter ! (Faux) Fur has been a favourite of mine for a few winters now but more so this year I feel like its becoming more and more popular! In this look I am wearing what I would consider to be the most extravagant fur hat, its a little bit on the larger side and it has these amazing grey and black tones that I am obsessed with. Another great thing about this hat is that it has a bit of insulation on the inside which prevents wind from going right through it, really important if you are looking for one for warm (and not decoration haha.) I paired the hat with a gray and black coat that I got at H&M a couple of years ago but it is definitely still one of my favourites!  The outfit needed a little something so I wore a sweater that has a pearl collar on it to give it a little bit of interest, and popped on a broach because is an outfit really complete without a brooch? :) The countdown is on and there are less than 5 days before Christmas and I am (un)patiently waiting for its arrival ! If you want to see what i've been up to so far this holiday season ? i've been doing weekly vlogs on your youtube channel! here is a link to the playlist!  I hope you are enjoying this christmas season as much as I am !