November 25, 2016

(Faux) Fur Scarf

One of my favourite things to wear in the fall/ winter is fur (faux of course!!) wether it be on the collar of a coat, as a scarf or my favourite... fur hats!! (more on that later). For this look I grabbed one of my more unique pieces, I recently got this fur scarf from the H&M sale section for $5! (I was shocked!  so glad I found it !) This scarf paired with this suede skirt gives me such strong 70's feels, which i've been so into lately ! I am trying to explore that era a bit more and see what outfits I can put together that suggest the 70's but don't look completely dated and costume like.  I am also loving that there are still leaves on the ground, I know so many people spend time trying to get rid of them but I think the look of a yard covered in leaves is so beautiful. What I don't love is a yard covered in snow, we had flurries on Wednesday and let me tell you... I was not impressed, but I don't to talk about snow. For the rest of the outfit I wore this navy military style coat with gold buttons at the front, and  for my shirt I wore this ribbed shirt that has some ruffles on the collar which add a bit of  femininity. As a finishing touch I put on my locket because an outfit wouldn't be complete without it <3 

5 comments on "(Faux) Fur Scarf"
  1. Lovely outfit!

  2. You look stunning! Love the scarf

  3. Love the details of the whole look! Pretty!

  4. I love the color combination and that skirt is fabulous!! Love your new hair style. You look so beautiful love and your legs are soooo sexy!! Great work! :)


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