August 30, 2022

Circus Diaries

I went to the Circus !  I love going to the circus there is something so old-timey about it. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this.... but I actually teared up a bit during the show because they use the classic music and it made me realize that I will never attend a circus in victorian times. I was looking around at everyone in their modern outfits and I have never wanted to time travel so badly in my life. I was also a bit taken back by peoples outfits. I know the circus is casual (I mean look at my outfit) but still... it was the strangest combination of outfits I've seen... I also had the imagine of a victorian circus crossing through my mind so I guess I'm not really being fair.  But enough about my Dramatic desire to want to go back in time lol. 

This is the Royal Canadian circus, which has been around for generations, for over 250 years to be exact!  It's currently co-owned by two families and the ring master is a 9th generation ringmaster and daredevil (Of one of the families)  Which is crazy to me!  9 generations! The show has gone through many changes over the years, as have circus's all around the world. The show no longer has animal performers (it hasn't for quite some time). Imagine how crazy it must've been having elephants and tigers at the circus during victorian times, now we have  the internet and and other technology to see these types of animals but back then it must've been spectacular!  I can see why they would draw in a crowd and why they would be part of the show. Of course with animal cruelty and  the mistreatment of animals being forced to perform I can see why circus parted ways with this practice. I'm glad we can all go to the circus knowing no animal are being harmed or forced to perform. 

They did have some classic acts like trapeze and a man being shot out of a canon! along with some classic snacks, popcorn, peanuts, candied apples and cotton candy. Along with some modern additions like hot dogs, pretzels, cheese fries, snow cones and other things of that sort. I went for popcorn and cotton candy.  It was a lot busier than the last time I went (2019) but I went on a Thursday evening VS a midday show on a weekday.  As as much as I hate having so many people inside a tent, the show is much better with a large audience. You get a better reaction from the crowd and the energy is higher, I had such an incredible time, the show lasts 2 and a half hours with a 15 min intermission. During the intermission I was able to sneak in to the ring and take a few photos.  Have you ever been to the circus?? do you like the circus?? let me know in the comments below!  

August 26, 2022

Carnival Games

The CNE is back !! They haven't been able to host the carnival in the past two years because of the pandemic. The CNE has been held since 1879 and has only been cancelled once during its run and that was during WWI,  they needed the space for recruitments and training ..... That is until the pandemic. They actually have a whole section on their website about the heritage, I had a lot of fun looking through it!  You can check it out here

 I was so excited to go back so I picked out the perfect outfit a few days in advance. I wore this simple pink dress that has flutter sleeves, it  has a very 1940s look to it. I was taking photos in front of the food stand and the guy working there gifted me a cotton candy because he said my photos would look better!  I actually somehow got it on video, you can find it as a recent post on my instagram. It was so sweet and it did make the photos 10x better!  Oh and I also added a gold carnival brooch to my dress because it  seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it! I had such an amazing time and I'll probably go back again this week! Stay tuned! 

August 24, 2022

The 163rd Queens Plate - 2022

The Queens Plate is BACK! My favourite event of the season is finally back after being gone for two years (Covid...) The Queens Plate is an annual horse race that has been held since 1860 (Known as the Kings Plate from 1901-1952, When the raining monarch was male) It's Canadas Oldest Thoroughbred horse race, and the longest consecutively held race in North America.  Queen Elizabeth II is a patron of the event along with other members of the Royal family who have attended on numerous occasions throughout the years. The last time The Queen attended was in 2010. This year The Queens representative in Ontario was present. I believe this is my 5th time attending and I always have an incredible time! 

I try to switch up the colour of the outfit I wear, mainly because it's an excuse to wear a  different coloured fascinator every year haha. This year I found this incredible beige and black fascinator on Etsy (Link here). I paired it with a vintage 1940s black dress that has a bow at the back, it reminds me of a bustle lol. For my purse I used this little vintage bag I thrifted a couple of years ago, and while it looks small its actually quite roomy and held a lot of things! For shoes I wore a simple pair of T-strap heels and of course I had to add some Vintage crochet gloves to finish off the look! I also took the opportunity to bring my vintage binoculars!  They are Birks and a gold colour with mother of pearl, The are a work of art! I love them so much. 

This years Queens Plate was a bit smaller due to construction on the grounds. Usually they have a big stage and more food trucks but this year I only saw two. it was still really fun and they had a big bar in the middle. As you can tell from the photos is was very cloudy and luckily it didn't rain! They were calling for  80% chance of rain all day but I guess the rain shifted to surrounding towns and cities (it was pouring the night before tho, hence the puddles on the ground) Either way I had an incredible time and I can't wait to go back again next year!  If you want to see more of the prepping process and also a vlog of the day check out my video below! 

August 20, 2022

Double Take - Fashion bloggers and changes in Social Media

Hello !  Todays post is a bit different than my usual posts. I kinda just wanted to sit here and chat about something that has been on my mind lately. I've been thinking about this all summer and I've mentioned it in passing on my youtube channel and my instagram but I haven't really sat down and written it down. I feel like now more than even social media is overwhelming. I might just be speaking for myself here but there is just so much to create... and its not even because of the pandemic and the rise of TikTok/reels or even the algorithm (Thats a whole other conversation) its the large amount of content you have to create across different social media platforms... or is it just me ?? 

  Maybe I'm overthinking it, or this this is just me trying to do it all, but I'm so conflicted on how to balance what and when to post on social media. I want to create the best content I can across all platforms, but that means I end up showing the same content over and over and it becomes repetitive. This is probably because I post on youtube, my blog, Instagram feed AND instagram stories....Not to mention the algorithm forces you to post on reels now.... I don't have TikTok, but most people just repost their TikToks on reels, which goes back to things feeling repetitive. This is assuming your audience follows you on different platforms and not just one. Which I understand isn't always the case, there is always one platform that has the most followers. And at least for me I would want to have one community, not a bunch of different ones across different platforms. 

I used to have a rule where I wouldn't post an outfit on instagram if I hadn't posted it on my blog or youtube yet. But it was a good way to organize and to keep track of the content I put out. However this was before instagram stories. Sometimes I share what I'm doing on a certain day on my story but I don't post the blog post (or video) until a week or two later. I do this so I don't end up  posting 3 days in a row and then there is a big gap until the next post. But I'm thinking Maybe I should just try that and keep my blog and youtube as current as possible even if it means there are a few gaps?  But then I wonder do people even read fashion blogs anymore? are fashion videos on youtube even relevant ??? short form video content is the current format of choice on social media, so am I just drowning myself for no reason?  

As sad as it makes me I don't think we will ever get back to the days of high quality content being posted on social media. Allow me to get nostalgic: Back when instagram first started all the fashion bloggers first started posting on there. It was an extension of their blogs... the behind the scenes, their daily life, the moments "in between the photos" if you will. The content was fun and an amazing way to be able to connect with your favourite bloggers. Instagram was also great to promote their newest blog posts or videos! During this time People would slow down and read blog posts, they took the time to get to know the person in front of the camera. 

And can I just say these girls were creating high quality, editorial style content on their blogs! A style of photos that you simply don't see anymore. It was so glamorous! This was the first wave of fashion bloggers that started to be invited to attend fashion week and we all waited around for their daily blog post talking about what they wore and what their thoughts on the fashion show. These girls put in so much work running around from show to show and taking blog posts on location in between shows. It was my favourite time to be on the internet. I remember spending hours just browsing the latest content from my favourite fashion bloggers. Now the influencers that go to fashion week take an instagram before the show (or use one they are tagged in) and thats it, barley anyone talks about the show and it seems much less monumental. So what happened?   

I think its partially due to the change in the audience and how instagram affected our attention spans. We began to quickly scroll through countless photos on instagram so the new wave of bloggers/influencers began to put a little bit less effort into their content because there is so much content to look at (Also the rise of relatability....but thats another conversation) I feel like this is also the reason people stopped reading fashion blogs, it takes too much time. Why would you read a whole blog post when you can scroll through 50 photos of outfit inspiration in the same amount of time. Even TikToks/reels show 10 outfits in under a minute!  I want to stop and look at all the details but they all go so fast. It's like we all hopped on a rollercoaster and it's going too fast to look around and think its too late to stop it... Before blogs I grew up, like the generations before me, reading fashion magazines. I would  look through a magazine a million times reading every article and looking at every single photo.... I can't imagine the younger generations reading fashion magazines outside of a doctors office, it's too slow paced compared to social media. 

I know I kept talking about fashion bloggers but its the same for Youtubers. I used to spend hours on Youtube, there were so many amazing fashion videos being put out and now they seem non existent. It has all shifted to TikTok and instagram. However Youtube isn't dying, long format videos, like deep dives are thriving on there!  Just not fashion... For years I feel like I'm the only one who posts lookbooks filmed on location! All I see is short videos with someone standing by a white wall and a garment rack beside them, they show each outfit for like 20 seconds and thats that. And of course I'm not saying it's wrong to film that way, their audience clearly likes it and its a more popular formal to film in! But it also rises the question, why would they put in more effort if the same amount of people will watch either way. Audiences used to expect more. 

I feel like it's also the audience not feeling connected to the influencer. Keeping up with someones blog or Youtube channel feels like more of a commitment than following someone on instagram or TikTok. The OG fashion bloggers would get swarmed outside fashion week as if they were move stars, same with Youtubers are Vidcon or at meet ups. Instagram influencers and TikTokers just don't have that same pull. There are exceptions of course, but there are more people with millions of followers on TikTok than on Youtube (or blogs) yet those creators won't draw the same crowds. I've had this conversation with multiple people in real life (Mostly at influencer events) and they don't see this as an issue? They are more concerned about having a larger number of followers and getting paid to work with brands because of it. Building a loyal following with a connection isn't on their radar. And I'm not saying they are wrong, everyone has a different mind set and priorities but its definitely a huge shift in mind set in this new wave of influencers. 
Clearly the newer generation is interested in simple/fast paced content, and maybe I should just get on the roller coaster with them and try to adapt. But I've always had a hard time with change and maybe I'm the only one who feels this way.... But I think we could all slow down a bit. I love creating and doing the most I can to create content You and I can both love! But maybe I'm overthinking and stressing myself for no reason.... well for an outdated view on social media. 

OK... I'm not sure how me trying to figure out how to balance my content turned into a discussion about fashion bloggers and the changes in social media... I just started writing and it evolved somehow.....but going back to my original topic LOL. 

I have all of these ideas for topics and I don't know what platform to put them on... Truthfully it would be much simpler if I just chose one social media platform and put all of my creative energy onto one. But each platform is SO different! So don't worry I won't stop posting on any of my platforms.... I just have to find my balancing act (Tips and suggestions are welcome in the comments!!!) 
 During the pandemic I focused on my Youtube channel because it was too hard to create blog content when we were locked inside the house. But now that things are better I have rediscovered my blog and I am loving it ! I won't lie... I think thats because I focused so much on my Youtube channel these past couple of years, I feel a bit stuck creatively on my channel. Its also because I don't see a big interest in fashion videos on Youtube I think I need to sit back for the rest of the summer and plan out some fashion videos for the fall.  But I have a huge google doc with all of these ideas for blog posts!  I'm still trying to figure out if its worth creating all of this content for my blog when barely anyone sees it.... But I guess if I love it its worth it. I hope I'm not alone in reading this... let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  

* PS: I'm doing a final proof read: And there are SOO many more things I could add or branch out from this conversation. If you are interested in more blog posts like this PLEASE let me know*  

August 17, 2022

Just in! - Vintage haul from St Jacobs Farmers Market !

Hello!  I am so excited to show you the amazing vintage pieces I found at the St.Jacobs farmers market!  well... at the two vintage store next door, but I think they all fit under the farmers market umbrella? I went to St.Jacobs Antiques and Market Road Antiques. These are hands down my favourite vintage stores, I always walk out with amazing pieces and there is so much to look at! The prices are very reasonable some booths are cheaper than others, but overall very affordable! The St.Jacobs farmers market is about and hour and a half? away from me so I don't go as often as I would like, maybe 2-3 times a year! I did go earlier this year in the spring so if you didn't catch that blog post you can read it here

I am going to be starting off with one of my favourite finds (I'm torn between two of the items for the top spot!) This is a black hat and you are probably thinking... "Carolina you have a similar black was in your last St.Jacobs haul" and to that I'll say... "...yes..." but also "no!". Let me explain: So this one has a short crown (The top part where your head goes). So it can be worn slanted on the side similar to how I'm wearing it the photo. My other one has a regular crown so it can't be worn on the side. So CLEARLY they are VASTLY different lol. The label said it was a victorian hat.. but I'm not quite convinced. It looks a bit too new (Perfect condition). It also came with a hat pin that had a black piece a the end. I am really excited to try this out and live my film noir, femme fatale fantasy LOL. (also peep my NYX micro brow pencil instead of a long cigarette holder lol)

OK since I mentioned I was torn between two items for my favourite find,  I guess I'll talk about the other one next !  LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS! its a leather case that houses a small hairbrush and mirror! I think it's also suppose to come with a comb, I noticed an extra slot for it when I was taking these photos. I'm not sure what happened to it over the years, but a comb like that is easy to come by, so if I come across one I'll replace it. either way isn't it beautiful! Because of the colours and the type of case makes me feel like I'm a passenger on the Titanic (pre sinking). It wasn't dated and there is no brand label, the only thing it has is a sticker at the bottom that says "made in Germany". Based on the case and the way it closes and the design on the handles I would say 1930s?? maybe ?? it could also be 1950s? but with a more old fashioned case, but I don't want to say for sure. I have to do a bit more research. The outside of the case has a few scratches but honestly this piece is in amazing condition! The interior is immaculate and I love it so much. 

Next up we have these stunning cream coloured gloves with a fur pom pom on the side! And wow someone get me tickets for the theatre because I am ready to wear these! They are longer gloves so they are not for every day wear but they are beautiful. They look a bit small but they are actually stretchy so they are very comfortable and fit me well.... like a glove. 

So this hat is a bit different for me, its a beige straw hat with a two toned ribbon around the hat. The colours are neutral and will match tons of my dresses! The crown is a but more geometric so its more similar to a mens 1920s straw hat. I usually tend to go for more feminine hats but women wore hats like this as well and I wanted to switch things up a bit!  This one does have a vintage tag on it that says Lady Warwick. I tried to do some research on the brand to add a bit of history but I couldn't find anything. I kept getting articles about an actual lady Warwick who was a British socialite and philanthropist... she is completely unrelated but she was kind of iconic? I quickly glanced at her Wikipedia page and I left the tab open to do more research. She was even a long term confidant (mistress) to King Edward VII. If you want to learn more about here click here. Sorry that was completely unrelated LOL but yeah based on the material and the tag I would say its from the 60s? That would be my guess.  

This little black bag will be perfect for winter! This summer I bought a few knit bags that have a plastic handle inspired by the bags used in the 1940s. It was really fun and they paired well with a lot of my summer outfits. I tend to buy the same type of bag (rectangle with a clasp at the top) so I was looking to switch things up. When I saw this bag I realized it could be used in the fall/winter as well! it's plain black but it was this really pretty flower details on the handle. Again I don't know what time period its from? It looks like bags I've seen in photos in the 1930s/40s but It could be newer and just inspired by that time period . If anyone knows please let me know! 

This is the final hat I got... Yes another black hat but this one looks COMPLETELY different from anything I own. This one is much smaller and rounder. I don't normally go for hats like this because they make me think of Charlie Chaplin... who I don't really like... But this one fit my head really nicely and I am trying to branch out and try new things. I love that it has the feathery bit on the band it makes for a nice detail. This hat  also has a vintage tag, two actually! Stetson Fifth avenue which has been around since the 1860s. And the other tag is The J.L. Hudson Co from Detroit, I realized while doing research that I have another hat from this store! The store was created in 1881 and was very successful for the next 100 years. If you want to learn more you can click here!. As for when this hat was made? I'm not sure... I do know its from before 1969 because the company was sold to they Dayton Co and the name was merged that year (Dayton-Hudson). I would place it in the 50s/60s range but I have to do more research to narrow down the date. Either way its a beautiful hat and will be great for the fall/winter!  

Ok so this piece is something I've been searching for for a while! This is a 1930s manicure set and it is in incredible condition!  You have no idea how long I've looked for a manicure set like this!  I mean look at the rich purple colour on the inside! It was inside a showcase and as soon as I saw it I asked to see it! the pieces are so beautiful and in such amazing condition that I couldn't resist!  Usually manicure sets come incomplete or they are starting to rust. This one is missing one tool but I can always add something else in a plain silver. The pieces are in perfect condition they just need to be cleaned (Obviously lol). You guys know I'm not a nail girl, I don't really wear nail polish. I'm too impatient to wait for the polish to dry and paying to have them done very week seems expensive and time consuming (I already spend too much time on my hair lol I don't need to add nails to it)  but I still want to groom my nails obviously, thats why I was looking for a vintage set of manicure tools. I'm really excited to use them! 

And last but not least I have this book ! It's a 1947 copy of sense and sensibility by Jane Austen. And I wont lie I'm not a Jane Austen super fan, I like her books as much as the next person but I'm more of a Fitzgerald girl (if we are talking classics). I was mostly drawn by the beautiful pattern and colour palette.  This is one of her books that I haven't read, so I will be adding it to the pile of books I still have to read. I usually tend to stay away from really popular books (Except Fitzgerald lol). I don't know why but sometimes classics or really popular books are overhyped.... ok no thats a lie, I think its because I don't want to follow the crowd and like what everyone else likes (It's one of my character flaws lol). The way that I find books to read is to go to the thrift store and check the vintage and collectable section, I pick a book based on the cover and designs on the spine. Then I quickly google what its about (Romance/action/horror etc) and the general reviews... basically anything I can find in under 5 minutes. Sometimes I don't find anything at all because the books are old and unknown, but if I like the cover enough I'll buy it and read it.  I've read some great books that way and it's like finding a gem, a secret story no one else knows. It's a story for me. 

So yeah those are all of the vintage goodies I found while shopping in St.Jacobs!  Let me know in the comments below which piece is your favourite, also if you have any information on dates of the items I was unsure about let me know as well !  But before I wrap up this post I wanted to mention that if you want to  see a vlog of me at the vintage stores It was part of my weekend in my life vlog that I posted on youtube !  You can find the video below!