April 21, 2024

My New 1930s haircut

I finally did it !  I chopped off my hair ! This is probably the shortest my hair has ever been. I've been toying with the idea of cutting my hair this short for a few months now, but I was worried about how it would look on me. After seeing the wave of "modern girls" cutting their hair short, especially on the red carpet and instagram, I decided to just got for it! Short hair is having such a moment this year! I, of course, looked to the past for inspiration and looked to the 1930s, especially Ginger Rogers. I went with a pretty drastic U shape cut to get the look I wanted, and know that it will grow nicely into a 1940s hairstyle near the end of the summer. I'm excited for this short hair era and to style it with hats and accessories! 
If you want to see more of this look and also to hear about my inspiration check out the video below. 

April 19, 2024

Lunching At Daphne

I had the most incredible lunch at Daphne! It was my first time eating there, and it's now on my list of favourite restaurants in the city. Located at 67 Richmond street W, right in the financial district. I took my mom out to lunch and we both loved it ! You walk in and you are greeted by a hostess in a curtained lobby adorned with photos of beach goers from the 30s-50s (Small detail, but I love vintage fashion). Then you enter the great room which is beautiful! With grand arches and  a row of tables in the middle. There are a few different rooms/sections but they all work perfectly together. The side of the main room is a beautiful orange with small tables that create more intimate space (perfect for a date). There is also a brighter section at the front of the restaurant with large windows where you can see the city. The whole restaurant has this beautiful cream/black/grey floor that I loved. Hidden in the back there is a bar/lounge room with curved walls and tree decals. This Article from Canadian interiors showcases the inside of the restaurant perfectly. My mom and I sat at one of the tables in the middle in the main room. The booth had black and white stripes which looked amazing against the beautiful floors. Its no wonder Daphne won the 2023 gold key award for excellence in hospitality design in the restaurant fine dining category. 
Now lets get into the food: I ordered the Spaghetti Ubriachi, which has a red wine sauce with tomato, basil and parmesan. It was INCREDIBLE! My mom had the Burger which has caramelized onions, aged cheddar and comes with fries. She loved her meal and couldn't stop raving about it (I of course had to take a bite and it was delicious!). I ordered an americano, and for dessert they were kind enough to gift us a Mille Feuille. Which consists of puff pastry, vanilla rum cream, walnuts and caramelized banana.... Another incredible dish!  
But Beautiful design and delicious food aside, something that stood out was the service. Every person working there was so kind and sweet! The hostess, waiter and even the manager were all incredible. My mom and I both left looking at our calendars to see when we could come back! 
 They also have a beautiful patio, once the weather is warm enough and it opens, thats where you will find me. I don't normally do posts on a single restaurant but I had such an incredible experience and loved the restaurant so much that I could't help myself. If you live in the city (or near it) please check out Daphne! 

April 17, 2024

Spring Mood

I've been waiting for the weather to get a little bit warmer so I can finally wear my 1930s set from Ian Drummond collection. It's one of the most beautiful sets I own. Lets start with the dress; The lower half is a grey wool and it has a fake slit/ pleat going along the front. the top half (the blouse) is a beautiful semi sheer "blouse" in a floral print. The Main colours are blue, white and red. It has slight puff sleeves and pleats on the bust. The set comes with a fabric "belt" But I actually preferred it tied in a bow around the neck. The coat its a matching grey wool coat with oversized lapels and buttons going along the front. It also has a pleat shoulder detail which I love!  I paired the set with a 1930s blue hat, also from Ian Drummond Collection! And for my purse I am using a 1940s blue cord bag that I got from the Freelton antique mall, if you want to see what I carry in my bag check out the video below! It also shows the full outfit in action! 
And thats it for now! XOXO

April 12, 2024

Magnolia Daydream

The fist blooms of spring awaken the imagination, the make you dream and feel like anything is possible. As soon as it starts to get warmer I make plans to be outside. Wether its eating at a patio, or strolling along a garden. We recently had out nicest Spring day and I wore the PERFECT dress for the occasion. The House of foxy launched their Secret Garden Collection, and its straight out of a beautiful dream. I think the highlight of the collection is this gorgeous Magnolia Print. If you watched my What I Am Wearing This Spring video, you'll know I've ben searching for magnolia print pieces, so the fact that this collection came out is a huge coincidence. This print is available in 3 different dresses, a wrap blouse and a headband. The House of Foxy was kind enough to send me the Petra dress and I have to say its even more beautiful in person. The combination of colours is stunning, I mean the seafoam green is perfection and captures the dusty tones of the 1930s. That paired with the bias cut of the dress and gathered shoulders will make you feel like you are in an Agatha Christie novel. I paired the dress with some cream heels, a cream beret and handbag. I wanted to keep the accessories neutral to allow the dress to be the main focus of the outfit. It was the perfect dress to wear on the first warm day of spring. 

April 09, 2024

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Weekend

The Toronto Vintage Clothing show is finally here!! I was so excited the days leading up to the show, I don't think I was able to sleep! For my outfit I went for this all red look. I am wearing this red 1940s inspired dress and blazer set (honestly one of my best thrift finds!), I paired it with my red hat from Clappison Corners antiques. The first day was very hectic but so much fun. I got to go in an hour before it started, this gave me a chance to talk to some of my favourite vendors. This is one of my favourite parts because I only get to see them at the vintage show.  Its always nice to catch up and talk about vintage! I also got to go through most of the show before it started to get busy. This season was the busiest its been, I've never seen lines so long. But unlike other years it was more spread out so it wasn't as hard to shop. In the past people have come all at once in the morning making it SUPER crowded, and then it dies out by early afternoon. This season it was busy all day but less people. It was much more manageable.  The crowds don't stop me from shopping tho! I also enjoy seeing what other people are buying. Five hours later I left the vintage show with 3 overflowing bags filled with vintage.  

Then it was back again for another full day of vintage shopping. I wore this grey 1940s suit set with a purple 1930s hat from the Freelton Antique mall. I also wore this purple flower brooch that I made from some thrifted flowers. The second day is always calmer. Most of the stock is the same but the vendors do restock in the sparse area in the booth. So there are always hidden gems that weren't there the day before. I always recommend people go both days because you never know what you'll find. I actually ended up finding a couple of pieces that I didn't see the day before. I love walking around and going through each booth with a fine tooth comb. This also gives me a chance to meet more of you guys which is always exciting! I left the second day with two huge bags.... I had to cut myself off and leave because there was so much selection.

I filmed a VERY large haul for my Youtube channel along with a Vlog!  Overall I would say this season was the BEST vintage show I've been to. There were so many beautiful pieces and tons to choose from. There was an abundance of 1970s pieces (which isn't my thing but people seemed to enjoy it!). But I found that this year there were more older pieces compared to other seasons which is the type of thing I look for. Thank you to anyone that came up to me and say hi! I hope you had an amazing time shopping at the Toronto vintage clothing show. If you missed it this season don't worry there will be another one in the fall. Make sure to subscribe to their e-mail list here so you dont miss it. And if you want to watch my vlog/haul you can find it below!