October 31, 2016

Leaves and overalls

In the past few blog posts i've been talking about different things i have been loving this fall, to the point where i should just compile them all into a post so that it doesn't get repetitive haha. One of the things i've been loving this fall is overalls ! They give such a cute look to any outfit and can be paired with so many different tops, such as knit sweaters, striped shirts, blouses... basically anything ! This particular pair of overalls is actually make out of corduroy which makes it perfect for the colder months, i decided to pair it with a thick knit sweater for a very automnal look (that conveniently matched the leaves on the ground haha ) Since this is such a casual look i grabbed these black patent loafers which are so comfortable to walk around in especially when walking through leaves. I  topped  the look off with a cabby hat which you guys know i've also been loving lately ! i think its the perfect  accessory. I hope you all had an awesome halloween weekend, if you didn't catch my little red riding hood costume, here is the link :)  

October 28, 2016

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

I hope you guys love halloween as much as I do ! This year I decided to dress up as Little red riding hood ! I always try to pick a costume that is similar in appearance to me just so that it seems a little more realistic. Sometimes it is a little hard to come up with costume ideas that would match "my look" brown hair and brown eyes, but there are always great options as well like Wednesday addams (which was last year!) Snow white and belle, I mean someones its not perfect obviously like snow white has darker hair and belle has lighter hair but it still all sorta works when its a costume. The reason I do this is because I want the costume to look as realistic as possible, and i don't have much experience with wigs and I can't really dress up like barbie with brown hair (maybe next year I should try a wig? :o thoughts? ) .  This little red riding hood costume was actually really easy to put together and the majority of the pieces were already in my closet. i grabbed a white chiffon shirt with ruffles at the front (to give more of a vintage feel) a plain black pleated skirt, black tights and flats. For an added touch i put on this belt that has a square buckle in the front because it just reminds me of belts they wear in fairytales.  But I was surprised at when I looked up original illustrations of little red riding hood she was wearing a light blue dress? i was trying to stick to the original but i had no memory of her wearing light blue so I just stuck to what was my most prominent memory of her. As for the cape I actually found this one at wal mart for like $10 ! I thought it was perfect for this costume ! And the basket I found at Michaels for $5 and I just simply added a bow at the front for a cuter look.  I hope you guys like this look and have an amazing halloween ! :) 

October 27, 2016

Striped pink coat | Collab with Adrienne Naval

I hope you are all having a wonderful week ! Todays post is the second part of my collab with Adrienne Naval  so make sure you guys head on over to her blog to check out the rest of her outfit ! it's starting to get a little bit colder here which means  can finally start wearing hats! berets are probably my all time favourite style of hat to wear, they just look so classy and feminine, especially this one with the flowers on the side. It is also becoming cold enough for coats which are my second favourite thing to wear haha statement coats are so fun to wear and can spice up any outfit. This particular one is from Banana republic that i got over the summer so it is no longer in stores but i found similar coloured ones that i linked down below. Because the coat is so loud i wore a plain outfit underneath, a cream ribbed mock neck sweater and a short black pleated skirt that didn't run longer than the coat. Since its a bit colder i wore black tights and black kitten heels. i hope you guys liked this look ! :) 

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October 24, 2016

Video Vlog | The NYX show !

I recently went to the NYX show which was an event with NYX Cosmetics so i thought i would share a quick vlog from the night :)  it was such a fun night! i met up with Adrienne and Mikayla who are also fashion bloggers! their names will link you to their instagrams so you guys can check them out :) i hope you guys like this little video :)

October 20, 2016

Navy coat and burgundy cabby hat | Collab with Adrienne Naval

Make sure you check out Adrienne's blog to see her outfit details ! 
It is mid October and its a weird time in which the weather can be really warm or really cold, it's also a time where the leaves are changing and you get excited for halloween  but retail stores completely forget about it and skip straight to christmas (stores have had ornaments and trees out for a couple of weeks now) is it just me or do they put out christmas stuff earlier each year?? As much as i love Christmas, i think i'll hold off till November to get excited....Although i already have some collabs in the works for November and ideas for holiday related photoshoots. This particular shoot was in collaboration with Adrienne Naval  from Beyond the exterior. She is a fashion and beauty blogger as well, make sure you guys check out her blog to see the rest of her outfit! well as her instagram. We began talking through social media, instagram and twitter, we officially met in person at the the NYX Toronto imats after party (if you haven't seen my vlog from the night, check it out here! Adrienne makes and appearance :) ) We had such a fun time shooting, talking about clothes and future collabs. As for this outfit i wore this thin navy blue coat with gold buttons (exact coat!), this is probably my favourite style of coat i think i own 4 different navy coats with gold buttons.... i don't know what it is but i cant help myself when i see them! What i love about this particular one is that its thin! it's perfect for his time of year. i paired it with a black pleated skirt, a cream ribbed mock neck shirt, burgundy tights ... and to top it off i added a Burgundy cabby hat (my favourite accessory this season.) the colours and location where we shot this look makes me think of a tommy Hilfiger ad and i love it ! let me what you guys think of the look as well as (super random) thoughts on what i should be for halloween this year !