February 27, 2019

Yellow Houndstooth

Ahhh I finally get to share my favourite outfit that I wore while I was in Seville ! I got this little jacket about a year ago from a thrift store and I've been waiting for the perfect moment to wear it! I know it sounds crazy... if I like it I should just wear it... but I am the way I am haha. I wore this little black and yellow houndstooth jacket with a black pleated skirt from Forever 21.  I only ended up bringing one pair of shoes on my trip that were from Forever 21 and I'm honestly obsessed!  They were so comfortable to walk around in all day while still looking chic. For a feminine touch I tied my hair half up half down with a black ribbon! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below as well as if you would like to see the other outfits I wore on my trip make sure to check out the video down below !

February 25, 2019

Overalls in Seville

I am officially back from my trip ! I went to Seville, Spain for 4 days and Paris for 2.5 days ! This is one of my favourite looks that I wore while in Seville. I recently got these overalls from Topshop and they are corduroy with some burgundy and pink tones. I think they are so much fun and the perfect length ! I wore them over a cream turtleneck and some burgundy tights. On my trip I only brought one pair of shoes and they are these black patent oxford looking shoes? from Forever 21. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own ! Perfect for walking around all day while still giving you a bit of height. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!   
February 11, 2019

Valentines Day lookbook 2019

Valentines Day is right around the corner and I am so excited to finally share my Lookbook with you guys !  Valentines Day has always been one of my favourite holidays, I'm a huge romantic so the idea of celebrating love is obviously something I'm very drawn to. It also holds a very special place in my heart because its the day my grandparents started dating. They had the most amazing relationship and they constantly showed me that true love does exist. This year especially will be even more meaningful since we unfortunately lost both of my grandparents in the past 2 months.  But I'm comforted knowing they're together and won't have to spend a Valentines Day apart. For this post I am showing you 3 different looks that are perfect for valentines day !  Of course all looks feature red... I know its cliche but red is my favourite colour to wear so here we are.
The first look is a but more formal with a mid length tulle skirt and a black polka dot mesh top. But of course the main part of the outfit is the coat!  I recently got this burgundy coat from Zara and it already feels like a staple in my wardrobe! I added a beaded headband and some gold heart shaped earrings because.. its Valentines Day... the whole holiday is cheese so just give into it and enjoy it lol. This outfit is great for any occasion or activity (Except maybe mini golfing ? Although I don't care I would still wear it lol)  I would recommend this outfit if your evening includes walking, especially if you live in a city are are walking to a restaurant or movie or whatever activity.  I don't know why I always romanticize walking on dates, You always see people in movies go on dates and then they walk the person home, which unless you live in a city doesn't really happen very often because you would just drive.....Petition to include more leisurely walks on dates!
The second look is my favourite of the 3!  Its a bit more casual but can definitely be worn to Dinner. Since the look is a but more youthful with the suspenders and ribbon in the hair I would probably recommend this outfit for a more fun activity.... like mini golfing lol (Switch out the shoes accordingly... I'd still wear the heels tho.. but whatever makes you more comfortable!) This would also be perfect if you want to do a more "1950's" style Valentines Date and go to a movie and a cute Diner! Fingers crossed you walk by a photo booth! 
The third look is the the simplest of the bunch, but it might be the most romantic. It's this mid length Burgundy Dress from Zara, it has these beautiful white cuffs on the sleeves and a white collar, it  gives it a more vintage 1940s feel.  The "skirt" portion of this dress has pleats so its moves beautifully when you spin, making it the perfect dress for Valentines Day. To complete the look I added this heart shaped locket that I got at an antique market in the fall, it quickly became one of my favourite necklaces ! I hope you guys like these looks, let me know which look is your favourite in the comments below! and if you want to see these looks in motion make sure to check out the video below!

February 07, 2019

Bésame Lipstick Review

I'm so happy to finally share my review for these lipsticks ! I've actually been wanting to try Bésame cosmetics for a really long time, not only for their vintage inspiration and accuracy but also because every review I've seen has been incredible! And.. I'm going to be honest.... these lipsticks exceeded my expectations! The colours are lovely (I'll go into detail for each colour later in this post) and they don't dry out your lips. I've noticed lately that a lot of lipsticks are very drying, maybe its due to the current popularity of matte lipsticks. If they are not matte then they are super glossy and disappear after a short amount of time. I had been on the hunt for some new classic to add to add to my collection and I think I found a winner. But before we get more into each individual lipsticks I wanted to talk about Bésame as a company first. It is a company based out of southern California and specializes in reproducing classic luxury makeup from the 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's. As you guys know I am very inspired by vintage fashion and films so naturally I was very drawn to their products. Another thing I wanted to mention is that Bésame is completely cruelty free and does not test on animals! A lot of their products are also vegan, with the exception of classic lipsticks and mascara which use beeswax for texture. If you are interested or you would like more information here is the link to there FAQ. 

C215 Red Velvet 
I'm starting with my favourite out of the three lipsticks I tried out, Red velvet is a reproduction from 1946, and as the website states its an every day red! it captures the decade perfectly and I can totally picture a woman with curly pinned hair and this exact shade of lipstick.  It's an incredible shade of red with neutral undertones so it will be flattering on most skin types! I also found it to be really moisturizing on the lips, as well as the formula felt slightly "heavy" (In a god way) I'm not sure how else to describe it, but you knew that lipstick wasn't disappearing any time soon. Of course as most cream lipsticks there is some colour transfer and fading while eating, which I expected, but there was a beautiful tint that remained. If you are looking to try out their lipsticks this is the one I would recommend [link] 

C225 Blood Red
This shade was a bit of a risk for me... I don't normally wear dark lipsticks mainly because I'm so pale so I end up looking slightly like Wednesday Addams. But I figured I would give it a shot and try out this Vampy shade. This Lipstick is a replica from the 1922, I can totally imagine a flapper wearing this at a Speakeasy or even a fabulous lounge. During the 1920's women began exploring a bit more with their hair (Cutting it short) and that translated to makeup as well. Thin brows and dark lips, this lipstick captures that perfectly. I will note that this lipstick has warm undertones (a bit pink) but would still look beautiful on a huge range of skin tones. Similar to red velvet^ it had that same "heavy" feeling I mentioned when you wearing it as a full coverage lipstick. Which if I'm going to be honest I'm not sure how often I would wear it like that seeing as its so dark. The good thing is that you can also wear it as a stain if you simply dab it on your lips, making it more wearable for every day. [Link]

C202 Wild Orchid
last but not least is Wild Orchid, this is a replica from 1952! These plum-y/magenta tones were used a lot in advertising and fashion magazines in the early 1950's, it was a bit more unique than a classic red which caught peoples attention. I would say it has a slight iridescent look to it and I will admit if you like classic and "neutral"  lipsticks this might not be the colour for you. But if you like colours that are a bit more unique and different than I definitely recommend this shade to you ! It's very high coverage and moisturizing on the lips so you can wear it every day knowing your lips will look beautiful while being moisturized. I personally find this to be more of a summer shade so I'm excited for the warmer weather so that I can rock this colour! I might take a page out of the early 1950's and match my nail colour to my lipstick ! [Link]

Something I wanted to quickly touch on is application. I've almost kept thing simple and simply applied lipstick directly from the tube, no lipliner, just lipstick. While I'm still not at the point where I outline my lips with prior to every lipstick application I had started to apply my lipstick with a lipbrush. But I always had the problem of applying with lipstick nicely with a brush at home and then having to do quick touch ups while I'm out for the day. I found the perfect solution.... Bésame has a travel lip brush ! and look at the stunning packaging ! The bristles are of course made from Faux Fur and can be cleaned with water and soap! [Link]

I hope you guys liked this review, have you tried Bésame lipsticks before or any their other products? I'm really curious about the cake mascara!  I this its so interesting and would love the experience of being able to apply my mascara like they did in the 1920's!  Definitely added to my wishlist ! If you want to see one of these lipsticks in action I actually used in my Last minute valentines day makeup look which you can watch below. Let me know your thoughts in the comments ! 

February 01, 2019

Get to Know Me - 10 Facts

It has been so cold here in Toronto that I've barely been able to leave my house. I've felt so unaccomplished not being able to post on here and sharing my outfits with you guys. They are saying it will be a bit warmer next week so fingers crossed the weather stays at a decent temperature. Since I've been trapped inside my house I thought I would share some facts about me so that you get to know me a bit getter!
1. My favourite movies are Funny Face and Grease. Funny face is iconic for anyone who loves fashion or photography! and Grease is one of my moms favourite movies so i've watched it over 100 times throughout my childhood, its always been a running joke in my house that someone is always watching Grease. 
2. I LOVE chips haha its usually my snack of choice and I will usually choose it over anything. My faves are Doritos and sour cream and onion ruffles.
3. I've never died my hair. When I was in high school me and a bunch of girls bleached some strands on the inside of our hair in cosmetology class. That way when you put my hair up you would see them but when your hair was down they were less noticeable. At the time it was a LOOK but looking back on it our cosmetology teacher was right we all looked like skunks lol
4. My Birthday is June 1st. It's the perfect day because its far away from all the other holidays and the weather is warm without it being too hot. I also share a birthday with Marilyn Monroe.
5. I've never felt "at home" in this time period. To the point of tears...  I've always dreamed of living in the 50's-60's but I'd be fine with anything below the 1970's. I don't know we live in such a strange time with all these technological advances which, in my opinion, complicate things rather than facilitate our lives.  I could talk about this topic forever but i'll spare you my rant lol 

6. I have a strong belief in Ghosts and the Paranormal. I've actually had my own experiences, when I was a child, my house in Peru was haunted we had a priest come in and everything. Once we sold the house no one ever moved in and it's been vacant ever since... it remains empty.
7. I am a city person,  going to an all inclusive on the beach sounds so bring to me. A weekend at the beach is my max. I would rather explore a new city and go to museums and see old architecture.
8. When I graduated high school it dawned on me that I would never be the "new girl" and have some amazing "new school" experience. I think I watch too many movies lol... I still think about it sometimes. 
9. I'm a hopeless Romantic, I love love! Nowadays people are so afraid to show that they are in love and I don't understand why. If you are in love show the world! People act embarrassed or don't want to seem like they care too much. it's so strange because everyone wants their significant other to do these romantic gestures and to make them feel like the most important person in the world, yet they wont do that themselves. How can you expect something from someone when you yourself don't do it? we live in a weird time. 
10.  I'm not a foodie. Food doesn't really excite me tbh lol, I eat it to survive. Obviously there are foods I like and some I dislike but I don't think about food throughout the day, if anything its an inconvenience to stop what I'm doing to eat a meal. 

I hope you guys like these super random facts about me haha, tell me something about yourself in the comments below !  I would love to get to know you guys more ! :)