January 29, 2024

Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade Review

Hello !  It's been a while since I last posted. It's crazy that its already the end of January ! I don't know about you but January is the worst month of the year for me. The holidays are over and its cold and nothing really happens in January. February has Valentines day (my favourite holiday) as well as family day, and Chinese New Year (and this year is a leap year woo!). March has easter (this year) and then I feel the excitement for Spring and the weather starts improving.... ooooh! and the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show! Sorry I'm getting ahead of myself, lets stick to the topic at hand, lets get into this review. 

If you've been following for the past couple of years you have seen my vintage hair journey. Experimenting with different rollers and hair lengths (new shorter hair coming in the spring!!). There have been some questionable looks but its all part of the process. These past few months I started experimenting with pomades. I've been using the suavecita pomade which seems to be a staple in all vintage hair sets I've seen. It smells incredible, like shampoo or freshly washed hair. But I've been wanting to try the Murray's Hair dressing pomade because It's been around since 1925, so I figured if something has been around that long it must be good. I originally wanted to try Murray's Hair-glo pomade but I can't seem to find it anywhere in Canada. So my search for that one will continue. 

Starting with the packaging, its beautiful! I love the original tin packaging and it fits right in in any vintage bathroom or dressing table. I'm not super fond of the orange but I do prefer it over Modern packaging. The scent is really nice but it might not be for everyone. Its powdery and definitely more old fashioned. Like I mentioned before the suavecita pomade has a more modern scent and its more of a crowd pleaser.  I personally love powdery scents so I really like it, but the scent doesn't last. After its settled in my hair and I move my head around the scent disappears. Good news if you don't like the scent, bad news for me because I like it lol. 

I started by taking down my hair from the rollers, I ran my fingers through my hair to break up the curls and brushed it a little but with my Denman brush. Then I opened up the pomade. When I first got it out of a tin and warmed it up on my fingers I thought it was too thick. I started putting it on my hair and I thought..... oh no this is way too thick. I slightly panicked but there was no going back. I kept working it into my hair and I grabbed my Denman brush and started brushing like normal. It took a few minutes but then the pomade almost soaked up into my hair ? I couldn't feel it anymore but my hair looked great! I really liked the result and how it helped to get rid of some of the unwanted volume on the sides of my hair. However I would say a little goes a LONG way. Start on the inside of the hair and then use the remaining on the sides/top the hair.  You can add more if you need it but start small and add some in slowly. also make sure you really work it into the hair. 

I have a feeling this might be a new staple for me, so I'll be using it over the next couple of weeks and will come back and tell you my final thoughts. Hopefully *fingers crossed* I can get my hands on the Hair-glo pomade and we can compare them. 

As a side note I wearing my memery Vera knit sweater in Mint green layered over a vintage blouse and thrifted black skirt