April 17, 2020

Tulle dress at home

I've been at home for a month now. I feel lucky that I live in an area where I can go for a walk or sit in my backyard to get some fresh air.  And even then I am getting a bit of cabin fever.... I've been trying to keep myself busy because I know the moment I turn on Netflix or sit on my phone I wont want to do anything for the rest of the day. I've noticed how much my mood and motivation changes based on how much time I spend on my phone and I dread getting up and doing things (Things at rest stay at rest LOL)  I don't know if its the light from my phone or that I get too comfortable sitting but it really does affect how productive I am that day.  I started leaving my phone in a drawer during the day, unless its to take photos or to post on instagram.  Sometimes I play youtube videos in the background while I'm editing, or scroll through social media if my footage is importing/exporting and I have time to kill. But I really do try to limit  the amount of time I spend aimlessly scrolling through my phone. Same goes for watching TV, I usually reserve that for the evening/night because I have to go to bed which limits the amount of time I watch.  Getting dressed for the day also helps in how motivated I am and I get a lot more things done if I'm ready for the day. What are some things you are doing to keep yourself motivated! 
April 10, 2020

Enjoying The Sun

The days are starting to get a bit nicer outside now that its officially Spring. Unfortunately We are still being told to stay at home....sigh....when the days are warm I like to spend some time in the backyard or going for a walk (There are no people in my area) It feels strange to be confined to our homes for so long I hope we can all leave our  houses once the flowers start blooming and have a fresh new start. I've also been having fun trying to find new places to take photos around my house! If you want to see more about that I posted a video on my channel linked below! 

April 06, 2020

At home

Wow it's crazy that I'm already going into my FOURTH week at home.  I am trying to keep myself busy but its hard to stay motivated when you are stuck at home. I do see the importance so I hope everyone stays home so we can beat this together!  The weather is getting nicer so I can at least spend some time in the backyard or walking around my neighbourhood (There are no people around so I can walk and not see another person) as of now I at least have that option and can get some fresh air and exercise. I am also starting to do some daily vlogs on my youtube channel to keep my busy and to connect me more with you guys! If you want to check out the first one its going to be linked below! (These pictures are phone photos I took this week )