March 29, 2020

Movie Recommendations for March 29th-April 4th 2020

Can't Buy Me Love - 1987
This might actually be my favourite 80's movie ! It is SO SO good! its about the "nerdy" kid Ronald who makes a deal with the popular girl in high school and pays her to be his girlfriend to help boost his social standing. It is so fun! AND Patrick Dempsey is in so I mean....
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Down With Love - 2003
I wouldn't say this is an award winning movie... However the clothing in AMAZING!  I get major fashion inspiration.  Catcher Block, plans to seduce a writer (Barbara Novak) who preachers that women don't need a man to make them happy, However he starts to fall in love in the process.
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In Paris When It Sizzles - 1964
A romantic comedy featuring Audrey Hepburn. A young assistant helps a veteran hollywood screenwriter by acting out his cinema fantasies. As you can see from the photo above... the fashion is top notch, as most Audrey Hepburn films are haha  but this one in particular.
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- 1985
Another amazing 80s movie!  Janey, a former gymnast, moves to a new town and meets a carefree lynn ! Who encourages Janey to disobey her strict father and to audition for a televised dance competition. She is paired up with a dance partner who she begins to fall in love with. Overall a really fun movie ! I used to watch it a lot with my mom when I was a teen, the movie screams 80s with the big hair and leg warmers lol 

That Thing You Do- 1996
This film is SO underrated! Written and directed by Tom Hanks and set in the 1960s. A small town band recruits Guy to replace one of their band members are getting injured, he was the key to launch them to stardom. 

Drive Me Crazy - 1999
After Nicole is dumped by her boyfriend Brad, she finds herself without a date for the centennial dance. She and her neighbour chase come up wth a plan to pretend to be a couple so that they can each make their ex's jealous. This plot like isn't incredibly unique (The first movie on this list has a similar plot LOL) but it has its own charm and its set in the 90s instead... Come to think of it there is a 2000's version too with love don't cost a thing. 

About Time - 2013
When Tim turns 21 he is told a family secret which is that all men in his family can time travel. He then meets Mary, and wins her heart via time travel.  He goes through some life hurdles which he cant fix with time travel. Truthfully its one of the most romantic movies I've seen, it really shows you the process of a boy falling in love from his perspective. Sometimes in movies you just accept the characters fell in love but this movie really shows you WHY he loves her. It's also really sad and will pull at your heartstrings but its a must watch! (I have the trailer linked below but I recommend you only watch the first half of the trailer) 

Casablanca - 1942
"We'll always have paris". A true classic, If you haven't seen this movie... what are you doing? during WWII Rick a nightclub owner besides to help her former lover Lisa and her husband. However Lisa's feelings for Rick resurface. I wont say move because this movie should be seen by everyone. "heres looking at you, kid"
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Little Manhattan - 2005
A feel good story, that pulls at your heart strings. A 10 year old living in manhattan falls in love for the first time, But he's confused about his feelings because his parents are in the middle of a divorce. It's so cute my heart could burst.
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Love Rosie- 2014
This movie is on Netflix. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since childhood and never saw themselves as a couple. However when life starts drifting them apart they start to realize they should be more than friends. Its a really fun romantic comedy !
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March 22, 2020

Movie Recommendations For March 22nd- 28th 2020

Rebel without a cause - 1955
One of my personal favourite movies! Natalie Wood is amazing in this movie and of course James Dean! Its about Jim Stark starting over in a new school and new town. He somehow still finds trouble but also falls in love with Judy. 

The Rear Window - 1954
Jeff, a professional photographer is stuck in his apartment after breaking his leg. Out f boredom he starts to spy on his neighbours and finds some shocking information. You really cant go wrong with a Hitchcock film and Grace Kelly (Dressed fabulously of course!) I think we can all relate to being stuck at home LOL

Atonement - 2007
Young Briony falsely accuses her sisters lover, Robbie (The Housekeepers son) of a terrible crime. Atonement is an amazing movie with a stellar cast! It won an Oscar for best original score and was nominated for 6 others including best picture. I feel like most of you have already seen this movie but if you haven't I highly recommend it !

Testament Of Youth - 2014 
The Life of Vera, an upper class woman, who's life changes when Word War 1 starts and her brother and fiance are sent to fight the war.  The movie is based on a true story and has an amazing cast!  Its also filmed beautifully and conveys so much emotion.  

The Book Thief - 2013
The movie follows a young girl who lives with her adoptive parents in Nazi Germany. She begins "borrowing" books from and sharing them with the Jewish refugee they are hiding in their home. It's definitely not as heartbreaking as other movies set during WWII, but its still a beautiful film.

Changeling - 2008
After Christine's child goes missing she reaches out to the police for help, a few months later they find a boy matching his description but she insists its not her son. I recommend this movie all the time! It starts off a bit slow but you have to watch it till the very end! Its heartbreaking and filled with depth. Not to mention its attention to detail and costumes. 

The Secret Garden - 1993
A young girl is orphaned by an earthquake while living in india. She is sent back to Britain to live with her uncle. She then discovers a garden... a Secret Garden. This was one of my favourite movies growing up and I watch it from time to time. I've never seen another movie quite like it, it almost feels like you are watching a dream. 

Somewhere in Time - 1980 
In 1972 a playwright becomes obsessed with Elise, a turn of the century actress, while staying at the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island. He learns that time travel is possible through concentration and hypnosis. He travels back in time to meet her. It's a beautiful story, its one of my fathers favourite movies. 

Cruel Intentions - 1999 
Two upscale New York step siblings make a bet to seduce the new headmasters daughter. This all changes when Sebastian falls in love with Annette. A more controversial film, but if you enjoyed gossip girl you will love this movie!  There are tons of parallels between the two.  

The others - 2001 
(I know a lot of people don't like horror movies but I am a HUGE horror movie fan! so I had to throw at least one in)  A woman lives in a dark house with her 2 photosensitive children. After a series of events she begins to think her house is haunted. It's been a movie that stays with you after you've watched it!  If you guys want me to do a list of just horror movies let me know!
March 17, 2020

Direction of posts at this time + NEW VIDEO

 Hello, in my previous post I addressed the current situation. I am staying at home for the next couple of weeks as they are asking us to do here int Toronto. Everything is pretty much closed and its sad we have to go to such extreme measures to help slow down the spread of the disease. However it is definitely necessary. Thankfully I am in great health and so is my family.  I will be creating content from home and pausing any new videos/posts that require me to shoot on location. With that in mind I do have a bit more freee time so I really want to make some new videos and post for you guys from home. Starting with my first Spring themed video where I talk about the style I am going for this spring and summer! Check it out down below!

March 15, 2020

Movie recommendations for March 15th-21th 2020

With everything happening in the world right now its best for everyone to stay home! I know its not possible for everyone to stay home due to certain lines of work or other unavoidable situations. But as for everyone else we should do our part and stay home to protect those who do have to leave their homes. I thought I would share 10 movie recommendations per week so you have a bit of entertainment while at home! Enjoy! 

Umbrellas of Cherbourg - 1964 
A romantic musical where an umbrella owners daughter falls in love with a garage mechanic. Meanwhile she is being pressured by her mother to marry a wealthy man (Roland) It's a french film so make sure you turn on your subtitles if you don't speak french! This movie will give you MAJOR fashion inspiration as well as the colour palette throughout the entire movie is breathtaking. 

Where the boys are - 1960 
4 college girls go to fort lauderdale for spring break and seek out adventure and romance! It's hard to find photos online but this movie give me SO MUCH fashion inspiration !  This is the vibe I want to go for this spring and summer!

Funny Face - 1957
A New York fashion photographer is struck by Jo, a bookshop worker, He photographs her by accident during a photoshoot for quality magazine. He believes she has potential to be a big model and takes her to Paris.  Astaire's character was loosely based on Richard Avedon's career, who also provided many Photographs for the film (Richard Avedon is my favourite photographer, he's everyones favourite lol)  This movie is fun and filmed beautiful, its in my top 5 favourite movie list!

Singing in the rain - 1952 
Another one of my personal favourites, definitely my favourite musical.  It documents the transition between silent films and the "talkies." Don and Lina have always been paired as a romantic couple in movies, but only one has a voice for movies. They come up with a plan to fake her voice to be able to continue filming! It's a fun lighthearted musical ! If you are interested in the film industries transition from silent films to "talkies" I also recommend sunset boulevard for a more dramatic interpretation. 

Brooklyn - 2015
A more modern movie for you guys! Still set in the 1950s but filmed more recently LOL (its also on Netflix) A young Irish girl moves to Brooklyn on her own, she soon falls in love with Tony, from an Italian family. A tragedy pulls her back home. Its a lovely movie and I think its filmed beautifully, I also LOVE the wardrobe!

Flipped - 2010
Another modern film set in the 1950s. Its meant more for young teens but I think the movie is so cute and I recommend it to anyone, especially if you like the style from the 1950s. Bryce and Julie are neighbours, Julie has always been very obvious about her attraction to Bryce, while he actively avoids her. That all changes when she stops showing interest in him. its lighthearted and warm and it really makes you think twice about judging others. I love how it shows you the same serious of events but from different perspectives. (Also on Netflix)

How to marry a millionaire - 1953 
Three friends are tired of cheap mean so they use various tricks to try to marry 3 millionaires, however true love gets in the way! Its fun and lighthearted! I think Marilyn Monroe is great in this film! 

How to steal a million- 1966
This is hands down Audrey Hepburns funniest movie! A woman (Audrey) must steal a statue from a paris museum to try to conceal her fathers fake sculpture, all with the help of a man who she hires to help her before its too late.  I rarely hear people talk about this movie but its one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn movies! 

Barefoot in the park- 1967
A free spirited girl marries a lawyer in New York, their relationship struggles due to differences in opinion. Jane Fonda is fantastic in this movie!  its so fun and lighthearted and the clothes are also beautiful and wearable! 

Move over Darling - 1963
My favourite Doris Day film! A man remarries after his wife parishes in a plane crash.... or so he thought! He receives a surprise when he takes his new wife on their honeymoon and his old wife appears at the hotel. Its so funny and it shows the relationship between spouses in a lighthearted way! I highly recommend this movie to everyone!
March 03, 2020

Weekend in Blue Mountain

Here are a few photos from my mini weekend trip to Blue Mountain ! It's actually my first time going to blue mountain and I had an amazing time ! I wish I actually stayed longer, maybe next year! The weather was beautiful and there was tons of snow!  I stayed at the Marriott Westin, (Seen in the background in the first picture, and the second pic) and it was beautiful! I hope you guys like this more casual blog entry