October 30, 2022

Seville - My home away from home

My final day in Seville started out as a rainy one. So much so that a few of my curls didn't set properly (Hence the braids) AND I had to be an outfit repeater because the outfit I originally packed for this day was long, white and sheer. I wore the same dress I wore on my first day in Paris, a vintage brown dress with a white collar. 

By 11am the rain disappeared and the sun started to peak through the clouds. It turned into one of the nicest days of my trip. I spent the morning walking through the streets of the city and going to my favourite spots. 

I had a quick on-the-go lunch which consisted of chicken bites (Seasoned with oregano) and french fries. I knew I had to have an early dinner because I had to wash my hair and re-pack my suitcase (too much shopping lol). I also had an early flight to catch in the morning. After lunch I went to this little sweets shop that I walked by every day on my way to the hotel. They had glazed fruit in the window and I had been meaning to try them since I first saw them! I have this old wooden box from the 1890s from an old candy shop (The name is escaping me, it was once the most beautiful candy shop in America, I'll have to dig it up to find the name!) and the box was for glazed fruit!  They don't really sell glazed fruit in Toronto, at least not that I've seen. So I've been wanting to try some so that I know what the candy tasted like from that box. Of course its not the same one lol but at least I'll get an idea of what it was like. Now I'm more of a chocolate girl, I don't like fruits in my dessert but I fell in LOVE with these glazed fruits!  wow !  I got a pear one and a strawberry one... wow wow WOW! It's my new obsession!  I will be going on a hunt in Toronto to find a place that sells glazed fruit! If you know of any place that sells it in Toronto or the GTA please let me know! 

The only shopping I did on my last day in Seville was at this paper shop. I walked by it on my first day and they had a Zoetrope in the window. I went inside the store every day to look at it and ask questions.... I was so conflicted on if I should buy it. I have never seen one in person before, only in movies and photos. Zoetropes are considered the first "animation", and its done so by an illusion (Similar to a flip book) it spins around and you see the "animation" reflected in the mirrors. Every time I tested it out it took me to another time period. It was magical and I was in love with it. The problem is I don't have a place to properly display it and the box was a bit big for my suitcase. But I ended up buying it. It comes with a few different "film strips" Including a couple dancing, men hammering, a ballet dancer and more. 

After buying my Zoetrope I happily hopped to the hotel to drop off the bag and spent the afternoon walking around the ENTIRE city! I walked by the horse and buggy area. I regret not going on a horse and buggy ride, I've only done it once in all of the times I've been in Seville. Maybe next year I will go on a ride. The weather was perfect and the rain disappeared. The perfect afternoon to finish off my last day in Seville.  

After walking around all day I went to dinner. I went to this pub style restaurant and had Pollo a la plancha with chimichurri and french fries. Yes.. I realize I had chicken and fries for lunch... I didn't think this through lol. But my favourite part was the hamburger sliders with caramelized onions. As you can tell from all of my food photos I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food. If I had someone with me that could recommend things I would be more willing to try them. I do like to try new things but they are usually not far from my comfort zone, something I'm hoping to change. So if any boys from Seville are reading this... Hi <3

After dinner I went back to the hotel, it was about 8PM. I washed my hair, poured myself a glass of sherry wine and sipped it while I repacked my suitcase. I didn't do too much clothes shopping but I bought the most random things on my trip (haul coming soon!) and I had to find a way to make them fit in my suitcase. Then I went to bed and got on a flight to Barcelona early in the morning! Its always sad leaving Seville but I know I'll be back again soon. 

October 29, 2022

Dinner in the Spanish Rain

My second day in Seville was an unforgettable one. Like I've said before I really do feel at home in Seville, I know most of the streets and have my favourite spots!  On this day I wore my vintage brown floral dress, perfect for transitioning into fall fashion. I added a vintage lace collar under the dress collar because I find it get lost in the pattern and you don't really notice it's there. I also wore these pearl barrettes that I bought the day before. 

I started the morning with some shopping. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold AND it wasn't raining. I started out at this "accessories" store. They have a bunch of hats, jewellery and also tons of artificial flowers to decorate or create things with. I picked up a bunch of  flowers to make brooches with matching hair clips. These were very popular in the 1940s but I haven't been able to find any that are already made so I figured I would make my own. Then as I was walking around I found a VINTAGE STORE!! Like I said I've been coming to seville at least once a year for the past 10 years and I've never seen it before? not sure if its because I didn't wear as much vintage before? or if its new? but I RAN inside. And what do you know... I found a vintage pleated grey skirt that fit me perfectly!  and only 20 Euros.  It was meant to be! 

After a morning of shopping I went to lunch, I forgot to take a photo but I had mini sandwiches. One was Chicken with caramelized onions and the other chicken with lettuce tomato and mayo. For dessert I went to La Campana to get a sweet treat. I got a piece of birthday cake and a Tocino De Cielo. Then I continued to walk around the city, did some light shopping and I came across another pastry shop that had the most beautiful tins on display in the window. I went inside because I wanted to buy one but they were sold out.  

Then the evening rolled around, I started walking to dinner at around 8:30 ish and It had just started raining. I knew I wanted to have some Paella while in Spain, but the problem is that I don't eat any seafood. My dad makes a delicious chicken paella with no fish stalk (He uses chicken broth) and thats the kind of thing I was looking for. I ended up going to La Casa De Maria right across the bridge. There were no tables available inside but they have massive umbrellas on the patio and the rain was pretty light so we sat outside. I started the meal with a glass of white wine and a Tortilla de Papa (One of my faves!) For the main meal we had the Vegetable Paella (They didn't have chicken) it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it was delicious either way!  For dessert I had some Sherry wine (A treat from the waiter, thank you!!) and some rice pudding. The rain started to get heavier as time went by and I had to run across the bridge all the way to my hotel in the pouring rain. We weren't the only ones, a group of guys were running from umbrella to umbrella trying to take cover haha, it was pretty funny!  It was a memorable night and I honestly found sitting under the umbrella with the fire heaters rather cozy, especially with the sound of the rain hitting the umbrella.