October 30, 2017

Red Wine

Another weekend has come and gone, I was lucky enough to spend it with the people thats I love and to have a bit of downtime. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to an antique market, we love going to antique markets to browse around and look at all the furniture and other interesting pieces we can find. This particular antique market had a lot of jewellery and brooches and that sort of thing which made me so happy ! I've always been interested in the past and how people lived, mainly because I don't feel as connected to the era that I live in. I know that sounds super cliche and so many people say that but I genuinely feel so out of place sometimes. But anyway I'm side tracking..... For this outfit I decided to keep it all in one tone and have a very monochromatic look. If you haven't noticed I love Matching its probably my favourite part about creating outfits, so its only natural that I love the monochromatic trend. I am wearing this big A line midi skirt from Mendocino that has a lot of pleats at the waist making it very flared! its such a not to the 50's and a feminine classic. As for my top I wore this sheer polka dot shirt from Sfera that has these beautiful fluted sleeves. To make this look even more burgundy I added a burgundy beret and heels. What do you guys think of monochromatic looks ? 
October 27, 2017

Halloween Orange

I have actually fallen in love with orange this fall. I feel like orange gets such a bad rep and no one really seems to like the colour but this season I've been so drawn to it and I think its a really fun colour to wear. I recently got this sweater from H&M and I think its THE perfect orange sweater, I think the thick crew neck detailing creates such a cozy look (and feel) its probably my favourite kind of neckline. I paired it with these brownish taupe trousers from Uniqlo that have orange and brown stripes on them, and you know me I love matching colours! For my shows I grabbed this little orange sling heels, which to be honest I've never been a fan of sling shoes I find that it looks a little awkward but in this shade of orange it just works for me. To top the look off I added this cream coloured beret that has gold detailing all over it, and the beret is from Winners. Let me know what you guys think of the colour orange!  This sweater is also part of my October haul which is coming to my channel very soon ! 
October 24, 2017

Baby Yellow Coat

Hi guys so today I'm sharing a more casual look! I bought this jacket in the summer from Zara and I've been so excited to wear it ! I am obsessed with the colour and the cut of it so you know you'll be seeing it a lot this season. layered the coat over this grey and white plaid skirt from Forever 21 which is such a great piece for the fall because its made out of this really really nice thick wool material. As well as you can never go wrong with plaid in the fall. As for my top I went for something a little simpler and I wore one of my favourite sweaters which you guys have seen countless times and it is this cream "grandma like" sweater that has a pearl detailing at the front. And of course I finished the look off with a cream bow in my hair for some added femininity. 

October 20, 2017

Tweed Bow

Hi guys happy Friday ! I wanted to share one of my favourite little jackets of the moment ! its this little red, bue, white and black tweed jacket that I got while I was in Spain. It is from a store called Sfera ! and I think its so pretty and you guys know I love anything tweed. I paired this jacket with a plain white chiffon blouse that has all these buttons on the front from H&M as well as a navy blue mini skirt from Forever 21. To bring out the red colour from the jacket I grabbed my red tights which always add an interesting detail to an outfit. To keep it simple I just wore these plain black heels that I wear constantly you guys have probably seen them a million times by now. But what I think really tops the look off is the tween hair bow, From far away it looks like its the same print as the jacket. I also found this hair bow while shopping in Spain and I think its so beautiful !  
October 13, 2017

Falling in Love with Orange

This fall I've found myself looking for some orange pieces to add to my wardrobe. I've always loved wearing red and it will be forever my favourite colour to wear but orange is such an underrated colour. I'd even go as far as saying some people hate the colour orange and I really don't understand why ! its a great colour especially for the fall ! Like this dress I got from Forever 21 its is made out of this really pretty silky material. I also love the print on it, its floral but still very much appropriate for the fall with the dark brown tones and the birds. I grabbed this (faux) fur jacket that I also got from Forever 21, I love that it pulled the camel colour from the birds and some of the flowers on the dress. For shoes I just grabbed these nude colours boots to add a little hight to the outfit haha. I hope you guys like this outfit let me know your thoughts on the colour orange (No I'm not disturbed orange is not the new pink) 
October 10, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

And just like that Thanksgiving came and went, it's weird I feel like it just sorta sprung up on us because its been really warm outside we haven't been thinking much about thanksgiving. The weather is getting a bit better and the leaves are finally starting to turn ! I was worried that with the heat they would all just turn brown and dry up which would be so sad! I wanted to show you and outfit I wore on Thanksgiving Monday and it is this pair of overalls from Romwe and they are they Pane Plaid wide leg Jumpsuit (link here) I love that they have removable straps do they are really easy to adjust!  I personally chose to have it criss cross at the back so that the straps wouldn't fall when I moved around and that was perfect for me ! I layered that over a mustard yellow turtleneck from Ardene. For a fun accessory I did my hair half up half down and tied a bandana of the same colour on it which reminding me of Bridgit Bardot. For shoes I just wore something simple and stuck to small plain black heels. If you want to see what I was up to on thanksgiving and the day after make sure to watch my Vlog linked here