January 31, 2020

Seville Day 4

The last day in Seville was a rainy one. Out of all the times I've been in Seville this is the first time I'e seen it rain. Seville still looked beautiful in the rain and it was fun seeing what everyone wears to walk around in the rain. People had the prettiest umbrellas !
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January 30, 2020

Seville Day 3

Here are some photos from my third day in Seville! Mostly spent walking around, checking out local shops and eating ice cream ! If you want to see more of my trip check out my Seville Travel Diary: 
January 29, 2020

Seville Day 2

Here are some photos from the second day I spent in Seville. This was a shopping day! Shopping outside is such a much different experience than shopping inside a mall. I didn't do as much shopping as I normally do when I go to Spain but I did get a few things on my trip. Be on the lookout for my Spain haul coming later this week ! 

January 28, 2020

Seville Day 1

Hello! as some of you may know I spent the last week in Spain ! Mostly in Seville but also in Madrid. I decided to leave my DSLR camera behind and just take photos on my phone so that I am able to easily document my trip without it being as contrived  (Also so I don't have to lug my big camera around all day  haha) These are some pictures from the first day !  I arrived on Saturday night, so these are from the Sunday. All the stores were closed that day so we spent most of the day walking around and we went to the art museum. It was a pretty laid back and relaxed day and the weather was absolutely perfect for walking around.  If you guys want to see more of my trip check out my travel diary below! 
January 26, 2020

Eating At The Oldest Restaurant In The World

Sobrino de botin 
I just got home from Madrid and I went to the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness book of world records. It was founded in 1725 (Almost 300 years old!) and has remained with the same name and even has preserved the original wooden oven. It's a four story building and is reminiscent of an old inn with the narrow staircases and cozy interior. It has even been mentioned in one of Hemingway's novels. The building itself is older than the restaurant as there are record of its existence in 1590, but it didn't become a restaurant until 1725. During the turn of the 20th century the restaurant ended up in the hands of the Gonzalez family who still owns and runs the restaurant today. At the time only the first floor was used as a restaurant, the cellar was for storage and the second and third floors were the family dwellings.  When the family took over they only had 7 employees including the couple and their three children. During the Spanish war the restaurant served many members of the military in their dining room. After the war and the terrible times that followed, the the control of the restaurant was passed on to the two sons, who turned it into what it is today. They have done their best to preserve the atmosphere and traditional tavern style. It is in an incredible location near the plaza mayor. 

It was one of the best meals I've had! I ordered the pollo campero en pepitoria and it was DELICIOUS.  It was chicken with an egg and nuts sauce served with rice. It was slightly chilly outside the day I went and it really warmed me up form the inside out. The building itself is stunning and you can really see the tradition and history behind the restaurant. It was also an experience to be able to go to the oldest restaurant in the world and I highly recommend you to go if you are ever in Madrid. 
If you want to learn more, see the menu and look at the virtual tour of the building here is a link to their website

If you want to see more of my madrid trip check out the video below
January 10, 2020

Beige and Lace

It's the start of the new year which always brings a fresh new start. I'm personally trying to declutter my life. I've accumulated to many things over the years and I want to have a less cluttered space and only have pieces I love and use.  Right after new years I decluttered my entire bathroom and got rid of so much makeup and beauty products I don't use and organized them! This allowed me to organize my stuff in a beautiful (more "vintage") way instead of "the most efficient way to store large amounts of products". I filmed a whole video on how I decluttered and reorganized so that will be up next week. I'm excited to do the same with my room/closet. I'm also trying to be more conscious of what things I buy, in 2019 I really focused on cutting out fast fashion and being more responsible with WHERE I was shopping, I'm happy to say I've practically cut out fast fashion from my life (With the exception of shoes). I'm not saying I'll never shop in a fast fashion store again, thats unrealistic,  But I am making the effort to avoid it unless its a necessity (Or for gifts). In 2020 I am focusing more on WHAT items I buy. If you've been following my blog/youtube for a while you would know I'm a huge shopaholic, I love clothes and being able to be creative and express myself through them. But there have been times where I buy things that I love and only wear them once or twice. It doesn't matter if the item is second hand its still a waste to buy something for the little amount of wear as well as it causes clutter in my closet, which stresses me out whenever I open it. I'm going to try to set a more strict budget and I think making lists of things I NEED would be helpful so that if I add new things to my closet its because I need them and not just a random purchase.The whole thing is a work in progress lol but its a start!  What are your goals for the new year??