November 29, 2016

A/W 16 Lookbook

Here is a little fall/winter Lookbook that I created in collaboration with Mikayla Kuehn and Adrienne Naval. I find that fall/winter is a great time for fashion, you can do so much with it ! There are so many factors that can totally change up a look such as a scarf/hat, a fun pair of tights or a statement coat over a plain outfit. We had so much fun making it so I hope you guys like it and get some inspiration from our outfits :)  Make sure you check out their lookbooks as well, just click their names :) 
November 25, 2016

(Faux) Fur Scarf

One of my favourite things to wear in the fall/ winter is fur (faux of course!!) wether it be on the collar of a coat, as a scarf or my favourite... fur hats!! (more on that later). For this look I grabbed one of my more unique pieces, I recently got this fur scarf from the H&M sale section for $5! (I was shocked!  so glad I found it !) This scarf paired with this suede skirt gives me such strong 70's feels, which i've been so into lately ! I am trying to explore that era a bit more and see what outfits I can put together that suggest the 70's but don't look completely dated and costume like.  I am also loving that there are still leaves on the ground, I know so many people spend time trying to get rid of them but I think the look of a yard covered in leaves is so beautiful. What I don't love is a yard covered in snow, we had flurries on Wednesday and let me tell you... I was not impressed, but I don't to talk about snow. For the rest of the outfit I wore this navy military style coat with gold buttons at the front, and  for my shirt I wore this ribbed shirt that has some ruffles on the collar which add a bit of  femininity. As a finishing touch I put on my locket because an outfit wouldn't be complete without it <3 

November 23, 2016

Houndstooth coat and pom pom hat

I can't believe November is almost over and Christmas will be here before we know it!  I've been so busy planning all my Holiday posts I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!  I do hope to have it all done by mid December.....we'll see what happens haha. But for now i'll try to enjoy the rest of November! We're still enjoying some nice weather which means my light jackets are still getting put to use!  This particular coat is  perfect for this time of year, its lightweight if you live somewhere were it doesn't get too cold, but its also roomy enough to be layered with a knit sweater for extra warmth. You guys know how much i love houndstooth and when I saw this coat in stores I got major love story vibes so I had to have it!  Since we've been having nice weather I wore it over a blouse with a black bow tied on the collar and pixie black trousers (are the pixie tho? or are the pants just too short for me? we'll never know) Of course I wore some black heels but to top off the outfit I put on this pom pom hat from H&M that I recently bought, so recently its not even on the website yet! (I linked similar ones below if you can't live without it) I hope you guys like this post and are looking forward to a bunch of holiday looks!  leave any festive requests in the comments!

November 21, 2016

Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie | Toronto Restaurant

Last weekend I had a blogging weekend with Mikayla and Adrienne, we shot a lookbook for youtube (still to come!) and of course we blogged the whole weekend! click here if you want to see my vlog, and look in the description box for Mikayla and Adriennes vlogs!  On the Sunday we wanted to get brunch so we went to Cluny Bistro  which is in the Distillery District in Toronto. The actual restaurant is stunning, we sat in the lounge/bar area which has brick walls filled with old vintage mirrors (which i wanted to take home with me haha) The food was also incredible, I ordered classic eggs Benedict (which isn't actually on the menu, they have eggs Benedict that has other stuff on it, but you can ask for a classic one) Mikayla and Adrienne ordered the baked vanilla and chocolate french toast which was also delicious !!  Overall it was a wonderful restaurant and would 100000% go back, although I will say if you are planning on going there for brunch,especially with more people, I suggest making a reservation. luckily we were seated right away but the restaurant was full (because its so good !) 
November 18, 2016

70's bangs

So today I wanted to share a more artsy post than I normally make. As you saw from my haircut post (click here) you would know that I got bangs !  I am loving them !  and feel like part of myself I different... I know how dramatic that sounds, but sometimes a little change can do that. I've always been a very artistic person, growing up Art was definitely my favourite subject in school although sometimes we didn't have much time for art class especially in elementary school.... I don't understand why art classes were always the first to go, art is so important !  Kids need to know that its ok to be good at something other than math and science and those classes should be taken more seriously. Once in high school you could take art every year and it was obviously the first class I always signed up and was my favourite (followed by media classes and cosmetology)  I loved drawing portraits and still do!  I also really love art history and classical film. if I ever need to pull inspiration for personal projects whether they be photoshoots or everyday things like how I want to decorate my room I always look to the past for inspiration and not what everyone around me is doing in this moment. I always tell people I wish I was born 100 years earlier, and I know that is super cliche and that everyone says that  but I am being dead serious when I say it to the point where i've cried over it on multiple occasions (don't judge me.) As of right now I've been very really into 70's fashion, there was a certain preppyness at the time that really draws me in as well as 70's in paris which is so different than it was in the west. That was a huge inspiration to me when i decided to get my haircut i knew I wanted 70's parisian vibes, jane birkin was a huge inspiration I just tailored the look a bit to frame my face better.  I  am still getting the hang of styling these bangs but I am really liking them!  If you guys would like to see more of this part of me let me know, I can share my favourite movies, songs because I think you'll be be surprised at the lack of modern songs on my itunes haha. 
November 16, 2016

Plaid coat and burgundy beret

Can you guys believe it is already mid November !! i feel like time is really flying by and the holidays will be here sooner than we know it (5.5 weeks !) But so far we have been blessed with the weather because it is still beautiful outside! you can definitely get away with a thin-ish coat. Although this being Canada the nice weather wont last much longer, once December hits it will be colder and you'll be able to see some winter outfits as well as holiday themed posts! let me know if you guys have any requests for that :) For this outfit i paired this coat from guess with black shorts and burgundy tights because i wanted to pull the burgundy that's on the jacket as well as wore the same coloured hat to tie it all together. Since i was going on a walk in the forest trails i oped for flats, i'm feeling like heels would not be the best idea haha. i hope you guys liked this post and are looking forward to some holiday posts!