June 25, 2018

Yellow Lace Dress

Summer is officially here! and lately I've been obsessing over Mid calf dresses, I've never been a big long/maxi dress person so its a little strange that I'm so into this length of dress. I've always been a mini skirt girl... still am, I love a good short skirt especially in the fall/winter. Maybe because I can get away with a shorter length because of tights. But in the summer its a bit harder to lazy around in a short mini skirt so I've been grabbing some longer length dresses. This particular dress is from Metisu  and it is the Yellow guipure lace overlay dress (link here). I love that the dress is short sleeved because it makes it a bit more casual and perfect for the daytime, especially with the subtle daisy print on the lace. To give the dress a more feminine silhouette I added a nude coloured sash around my waist and tied a bow at the back. For shoes I grabbed some nude heels just to keep things simple and I also added a pearl necklace and a floral brooch for a vintage touch. its the perfect dress for a daytime stroll .let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below !

June 21, 2018

Vintage Feels

Its almost the weekend so I thought I would kick things off with this amazing new dress that I got from Metisu. It is the Beige embroidered hollow out midi dress (Link here) and I don't I've ever owned such an intricate dress with so much detail, not only does it have the most beautiful lace it also has pearls all along the waist, cuffs, and neckline. The colour of the dress is stunning, it has a romantic vintage feel to it, and actually me it has a "tinted with tea" look. I wanted to mimic the flower lace from the waist in another part of the outfit so I grabbed this gold floral headband from forever 21 which I think worked perfectly! for earrings I went for these gold and pearl dingily earrings which matched the pearls all over the dress. For shoes I just kept it simple and opted for some nude heels, And for the finishing touch I grabbed this small gold bag that my grandma gave me. I've actually been looking for an occasion to wear it and this worked perfectly ! I hope you guys like this look ! I have some exciting things happening this weekend so if you want to see what I'm up to make sure to follow me on instagram !
June 14, 2018

Pastel Green Lace

The excitement is setting in and I can finally start wearing all of my straw hats, I probably have way too many... and I feel like i don't get a chance to wear all of them so I've made it my personal mission to wear them all this summer so be prepared to see a lot (and I mean A LOT) of  straw hats haha. This particular hat is from Forever 21 and its one of my most use hats, it has a very french country side look to it, which I really love. I paired this hat with this amazing pale aqua dress from Metisu  and it is the Green kitten bow cutwork lace midi dress (Link here). And that dress is actually currently on sale which is amazing because its the perfect day time spring dress. As for shoes I just wore a simple pair of nude heels which you guys have seen countless time on my blog! 
June 11, 2018

Prairie dress

Hello Happy Monday, I thought I would start the week off with this amazing blue and white "Prairie dress"  (I don't even know if that makes sense, but its what comes to mind when I see it) it's the perfect dress to spend the day walking in the garden and looking for flowers. I'm obsessed with the blue and white floral print, It reminds me of those blue and white porcelain jars and fine china (Chinoiserie? I think thats the name...)  I've actually been on the hunt for a dress that has this type of design on it because it think its beautiful and not something you see very often. I got this dress from Shein and it is the Single Breasted front floral print dress.  I think my favourite feature of the dress is the matching belt, which seamlessly helps to cinch in the waist, while adding some detail to the overall look. For accessories, I kept it simple because the dress already had a lot going on so I went with my my gold locket and small gold hoops. To top the look off I wore this simple wicker hat that matched the basket!  Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below. 
June 08, 2018

Flutter Sleeve Dress

Is there really anything better than lace dress in the summer ? I always have my eyes opened for any pastel lace dresses that I see so as soon as I saw this one on the shein website I knew I had to have it! It is the flutter sleeve split back belted lace dress. It's this lovely light pink colour but I think my favourite parts are the flutter sleeves because they give the dress such a feminine touch and the open back. I personally don't have many tops or dresses that have an exposed back so this is a nice little change for me! I paired the dress with a light pink beret that almost matched the dress perfectly but because of the distance between the hat and the dress it was passable. As for shoes I kept it simple with some nude block heel shoes. Let me know what you guys think of this look down in the comments !