November 29, 2017

Last Days Of November

Its the end of November which means its the end of fall, ok not officially but we all know December is the start of the holidays and winter. Although this has been the warmest fall (In my memory) I'm still sad with the lack of automnal coloured trees. The trees all turned incredibly late because of the extended summer weather and now we are right on season bundeling up to go outside. For this last fall look I wore one of my favourite coats, i've actually worn it non stop this year !  Its this houndstooth plaid coat from H&M, I paired it with a tan A-line skirt that has buttons going along the front. Underneath I wore my go to grandma cream sweater, I seriously wear this way too often. To keep warm I wore sheer tights and black knee high boots. I'm sad fall is over but way more excited for the Christmas season !  Let me know of nay special requests you have for different posts/ videos ! 
November 26, 2017

Vintage Houndstooth

If there is anything I wish I could find more of it's dramatic fit and flare dresses. It is such a reminiscent look from the 1950's that you rarely see in stores today. I've always loved vintage fashion, but as most people I am worried about it looking like a costume.  I love hints at a certain style or time period mixed in with modern pieces for a more seamless look. This particular dress/jacket combo is from Shein and it is the bow neck tie houndstooth two piece dress, the dress and jacket are separate pieces but they are sold together, along with the belt (for an amazing price!)  The dress is made out of this really heavy wool blend / knit material so it is fairly heavy and warm. The flared part of the dress does flare out on its own but I wanted it to be a bit more dramatic.  I decided to wore a petticoat underneath, I recently bought a petticoat of amazon after doing some research on good affordable petticoats. This was my first time buying and wearing one so I wanted to try and find something at a more reasonable price to see how I liked it first. I bought one off amazon (link here) and I am so impressed! It really made a difference when it came to the lift and shape of the dress and it is definitely something I will be incorporating into my wardrobe (Might get another colour!). Since the dress makes such an impact I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple so I wore these black patent kitten heels (to keep in line with the 1950's style) and added a simple black beret from coach to complete the look. Let me know what you guys think of this vintage style look, I for one am obsessed with this dress and I already want to wear it again !  This coming up year I really want to incorporate more vintage style pieces like this one into my wardrobe, so if you know of any websites you think I should check out let me know in the comments below or you can always reach me on Instagram.
November 24, 2017

Yellow-Green Coat

Finding fit and flare dresses is easy but when it comes to jackets thats a different story. I'm always on the hunt for some feminine pieces with a structured silhouette. I don't know what it is but I love a cinched in waist and a flared out skirt I think its such a timeless piece and its flattering for everyone. So of course when I saw this yellow coat on the Shein website  I knew I had to have it, it is the pleated ruffle neck self tie skirted coat (Link here). I love the greenish-yellow colour because it is so unique compared to everything else that you see in stores, also the pleated detailing in the back is probably my favourite part. I paired with with some minimal colours to ensure that the jacket was the main focal point of the outfit.  I opted for a cream blouse form H&M and some grey shorts with grey tights. With that in mind I though I would show you some other fit and flare style coats from Shein. starting with (1) The contrast faux fur collar double layered hem coat, this coat is perfect for the winter months coming up and the beige colour will match just about anything ! the second one is more of a cape (2) and it is the self tie wrap cape coat, it is a stunning camel colour and it has such an interesting shape to it! The next jacket is a more dramatic look (3) it is the single button high waist skirted maxi coat, this coat is reminiscent of something from the victorian era with the long and beautiful silhouette. and last but not least its another coat and it is the contrast faux fur shawl collar self belt coat, another great addition to a winter wardrobe, this beautiful faux fur tim coat would look perfect walking around in the snow. In addition to those coats Shein will be having sales all day for Black Friday so make sure to check out all they have to offer. 

November 22, 2017

Matching Plaids

Matching is definitely my favourite part about putting outfits together. I love combining prints and colours to create more interesting outfits. If you've been following my blog you know that sometimes I can get a little too obsessed with matching colours perfectly so I thought I would switch things up and matched a print instead. I got this trench coat from Stradivarius (Link here) that has a beautiful houndstooth plaid, with a slight red line detail. I layered this trench coat over a burgundy knit sweater (With a white collared blouse underneath) and some grey and red plaid shorts. To match the jacket I wore this cabby hat that has the same houndstooth plaid print on it, This hat is also from Stradivarius (link here). Since it is a bit chillier now I opted for some patent leather booties from Bershka (Link here) . Let me know what you guys think in the comments ! 
November 20, 2017

Stripes and Overalls

Although winter doesn't start will mid December I think we can all agree that the end of November is the end of fall. All the stores are filled with holiday decor and we start pulling out all of our heavy winter clothes. I'm trying to enjoy the weather as much as I can before winter officially arrives. For this outfit I wearing the newest overall in my collection and this one is from Topshop, it has a slightly "painter quality" to it, like I look like I am about to paint your bedroom walls but hey its cute! (this explanation is not helping...) I paired it with this colourful striped ribbed top from Forever 21 (Link here). It has the most perfect fall colours with burgundy, navy, green and cream. I paired this look with a burgundy beret and some braids that I tried some small ribbons in the shape of a bow. As I mentioned the holidays are fast approaching what type of posts would you guys like to see?? gift guide? lookbook??? let me know ! 
November 17, 2017

Girly Pink

Ok but how perfect is this light pink dress?? I am OBSESSED with the ruffled collar with the pearl buttons going along the front. I've been trying to switch up my colour pallet this fall to prevent myself from constantly wearing black and navy, which is what I usually end up doing. This ultra girly dress is from Metisu and it is the pink mini dress with ruffle detail (Link here). I paired this dress with a pair of cream coloured tights and nude heels that have a strap going along the front. I felt that since the dress is such a light colour I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit fairly light.  Since I didn't want to take any focus away from the collar,  I opted for some dangly pearl earrings instead of a necklace.