January 09, 2019

Cream and Beige

First outfit post of 2019 ! I always forget that winter technically starts at the end of December, meaning the worst months are ahead. But to be honest I can deal with the cold its the snow I can't handle. You can always add more layers if you are cold but the snow limits what shoes you can wear. So far we've bene really lucky and its been fairly mild (I didn't even wear socks with my shoes yesterday). For this outfit I am wearing this this cream coloured double breasted jacket (Link here!) and it is from Shein its the perfect jacket when you want to wear lighter tones but its winter! Just so you know I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but you can use the code Q1carol10 to get 10% off the Canadian Shein website ! (Send me pictures if you buy anything I want to see your outfits!!!) I wore this thick knit turtleneck sweater that kept me nice and cozy, this sweater is from Forever 21 and its perfect for walking around the city OR any upcoming ski trip you have coming up! As for pants I wore these straight leg printed pants from H&M that I've had for a few years, they are seriously the most comfortable pair of pants I own! For a little pazzaz I grabbed this faux fur shawl and draped it over my shoulder and of course no winter outfit is complete without a hat! Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below 
January 05, 2019

2018 Favourite Posts

2018 Was a strange year for me, the first half was a amazing !  Filled with fun projects and opportunities and just a great time all around. The second half was a little more difficult in my personal life, which made it difficult to post content sometimes. However on the second half since I wasn't able to post as often I focused on creating some more creative content and focused a lot more on the photography aspect of it. I thought I would do a roundup of my favourite posts of 2018!

My favourite look from January is Jukebox baby (Link here) Had such a great time shooting at Sonic Boom, a record store in the city.

For my favourite post from February, I chose Red and Audrey (Link here) it was one of the first posts of the year that I shot myself which allows for more time being spent on working on the photos and gives me an opportunity to get the photos I want to create.

March was a bit of a warmer month so we got a little glimpse of Spring, My favourite post was Gingham and red (Link here). You can never go wrong with wearing red, blue and white!

 April I pulled out this Orange look for Orange Coat (Link here). Orange is such an underrated (And sometimes looked down on) colour, but I personally LOVE it!

With the flowers blooming in May it inspired this 1950's inspired look ! Green floral dress (Link here) might be one of my favourite looks of the year! 

Whats better than a vintage looking white dress filled with detail? Absolutely nothing ! I am obsessed with this dress and I cant wait to wear it again ! June favourite is definitely Vintage feels (Link here)

In July I had the opportunity to visit the HMCS Haida, A boat that participated in World War 2. It was an incredible opportunity so of course this was my favourite post of the year.  Visiting the HMCS Haida (Link here)

At he end of August I went to Spain ! One of my favourite places in the world! So of course this yellow dress had to be mentioned! Yellow Dress in Seville (Link here)

In September it remained warm for most of the month so I had the end the season off with a princess dress, because who doesn't love a good princess dress! This one is form Metisu and its one of my favourite dresses! Lace Princess (link here)

Octobers Look is so GROOVY !  I love it ! This crushed velvet dress paired with a white blouse and white gogo boots is the perfect combination !  Blue Velvet (link here) is also one of my favourite looks !

As a bonus look I wanted to share my halloween costume just because I was really proud of how it turned out ! I did the makeup myself, I'm not a makeup artist but I think it turned out great! if you want to check it out click the link here 

Gahh ! This photo!  I am sooooo happy with how this turned out ! As you may have noticed this because my new profile picture across all social media !  it also inspired the new Logo you see on the top of my blog! Red on Red (link here) might be my favourite post of the year!

Ending the year off with the new years post!  It was so fun to shoot!  My favourite outfit from the lookbook was the matching set!  It's so fun ! and not something you see very often ! if you want to check it out click the link here 

It was a good year overall but I hope 2019 is even better ! If you want to see a bit more of my year make sure to check out the video below (link here) Let me know if you have any Blog post/video requests for this year !