July 31, 2017


Is there anything better than a vintage inspired dress? if you've been following my blog for a while you know my style has always been influenced by decades from the past. This dress in particular screams 1950's and I couldn't be happier with it ! This dress is from Shein  and it is the all over florals rabbit ears details swing dress (link here). I am completely obsessed with the colour, I don't really have anything in these shades so I was over the moon when I saw it on the website ! When wearing it I was spending the day in the downtown area of my town and there are a bunch of cute little houses with white picket fences and I felt like I was transported back to 1950's suburbia. The bunny ear flaps on the sleeves add to the vintage vibe of the whole outfit and I actually didn't have a dress that has that on it so I was looking forward to giving it a try. I keep saying that I want to try new things and different trends but sometimes I get sucked right back to my vintage roots. I'm trying to find ways to incorporate that aspect of my style with more modern pieces. Let me know your thoughts on this type of dress in the comments below ! as well as make sure to follow me on instagram and other social media which is always links at the top of the side bar! 
July 28, 2017

70's vibes

Hello Happy Friday !  I'm back again with another gingham look... I know I know... there's been a bit of gingham overload on my blog lately but I'm just utterly obsessed with the print this summer (don't worry new things coming next week !) But if you're as into gingham as me! a gingham lookbook just went up on my youtube channel today so make sure to check that out! (link here) For this look I am wearing this oversized red and white dress from Zara. It's not something I would typically grab, you guys know I love more fitted pieces especially at my waist. I actually saw a girl on instagram wearing a similar dress and I just had to try it (influncers are the best advertisements)  I feel so carefree and comfortable when wearing it ! Since it is a little bit more on the loose side I wanted to elevate my height so I wore these extra high heeled nude shoes (get that platform going! ) This makes my legs look longer which balances out the excess volume going on at the top. I finished the look off by adding these gold and brown circle sunglasses, because everyone looks cool when wearing sunglasses. I hope you guys like this look ! let me know your thoughts in the comments below ! 
July 26, 2017


I think we can all agree that 2017 has been the summer of gingham ! I don't know how many gingham pieces I've collected over the past month but I am more than obsessed ! I got this little dress from the Zara Sale (I had so many great finds last month! check out my haul!) As soon as I saw this dress on the rack I knew I had to have it !  it reminds me of something I would've worn when I was a little girl so I felt very youthful while wearing it. To keep going with that vibe I added a white bow to my half up half down hairstyle which I think matched the dress perfectly ! For shoes, since the dress is a bit on the shorter size I went for these little white flats that have flower cutouts on them, a rare sighting of me in flats haha. Instead of a necklace I grabbed this little eiffel tower brooch that I am obsessed with !! I feel like it matches so many different outfits and definitely pulls together the look.  I wore this little dress to hangout at Casa loma with Adrienne and it was great to wear on a hot summer day !  Let me know what you guys think of the dress in the comments below ! 
July 23, 2017

1950's Dream

Hello ! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ! If you've been following my posts the past few weeks you would've noticed my obsession with gingham, I think its such a beautiful print for the summer and I've been able to find it in so many different colours. For this look I am wearing this gorgeous royal blue and white gingham print midi skirt from Make Me Chic and it is the Blue Gingham Pleated Midi Skirt (Link here.) It is made of a really light material which makes it perfect for summer! As well as the colour is perfect for a warm sunny day.  I feel like it has a very 1950's vibe to it which is why paired it with a simple white blouse from Kate Spade, that has this beautiful scalloped edging on it. scalloped edged makes everything look so much more feminine. Sticking to the 1950's trend I wore my hair in a high ponytail and tied it up with a ribbon. I've recently been getting bak into wearing ribbons and bows in my hair, It's something that I did a lot a few years ago and I'm not really sure why I stopped. It must be the summer air making me feel more youthful that is making me gravitate towards these type of accessories. As for shoes I went for these royal blue kitten heels that just so happen to match perfectly to the skirt (don't you love it when that happens.) I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple so instead of a necklace I added a small gold bow brooch to my collar for a final girly touch. I hope you guys like this look and if you've been obsessed with gingham as much as I have this summer check out some other gingham pieces from Make me chic below !  

July 21, 2017

Princess Living

Happy Friday !  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned and get to relax and hopefully spend time outside enjoying the beautiful weather! I wanted to share the outfit that I wore on Wednesday that I am OBSESSED with ! I've been seeing a lot of sheer dresses on social media lately and I always wonder where people buy them because I find them really hard to find in stores and even online!  (Let a girl know! send me some links lol) Most of the ones I've seen are black or really wide at the waist which isn't really my style, you guys know I love anything that's tailored especially when it comes to my waist. When I saw this sheer dress I knew I had to have it ! its from Forever 21 actually and I love the beautiful lace detailing on it particularly on the bottom hem. It is such a beautiful dress to spin in because the lace on acts as a weight so it spins beautifully. Seeing as the dress is sheer I had to wear something underneath (duh) so I grabbed this navy blue slip dress, again from Forever 21 and layered it underneath.  Its a bit of a longer slip which I really like (although I would've liked it to be longer) I'm currently on the hunt for a nude slip or a rose coloured one so that I can wear this dress while I'm in Spain in august. To cinch in my waist I just tied a bow with this black chiffon belt which I think pulls the look together perfectly. The accessories are what really make this outfit look put together I grabbed this gold floral headband from Forever 2, you can honestly find so many gems there take a look next time you go to forever 21. For a Dolce and Gabbana inspired look I opted for some statement earrings and these ones are from Express and I am in LOVE with them ! They are dainty but are also a big statement! For shoes I just went for these strappy black heels for Agaci which I think adds on to the already "lingerie" inspired looks which was completely not intentional but I defiantly got those vibes while wearing it and I was all over it ! I hope you like this look let me know what you think in the comments below !