December 27, 2022

Santa Made my Childhood dreams Come True!

I woke up on Christmas morning and one of my biggest Childhood dreams came true! I'm sure you can already tell what my dream is from the photo above but I won't get ahead of myself. 

To start off the morning my Dad made his famous hot chocolate ! He makes it from scratch by melting chocolate and its a secret family recipe (So secret I don't even know it) The entire house smelled of melted chocolate and marshmallows. And we all sat around in our Christmas Pyjamas!  Mine is from lanz of Salzburg! I Love it so much and I always wear it on Christmas!  I dont see it on their website anymore but here are four similar ones that look similar (Each number is a different link!) . One . Two . Three . Four . 

After having a slow morning with hot chocolate and warm bread for breakfast we opened the rest of our gifts. My family usually opens all of the gifts on Christmas eve and then we reserve some special gifts for the next morning, we refer to these gifts as Santa gifts. As you can tell I got a couple of vintage hats!  You guys know I love a good hat! You can never have too many.

However the real show stopper is this vintage victorian doll house!!!  I could cry ! My entire life I've always wanted two things. 1) A makeup vanity with a big mirror and 2) a victorian doll house. I remember being a little girl and seeing them in movies and old photographs and dreaming that one day I would have one. Every time I'm with my parents or friends and I see one in a store window I will point it out and stare it for a few minutes. This has been a life long dream of mine and I can't believe it came true. I'm getting teary eyed just writing this. It is everything I've ever dreamed of and I will treasure it forever. 

And this wraps up my final Christmas blog post of the year! If you want to see everything I got for Christmas this year you can check out my What I got for Christmas video below!  

December 25, 2022

Christmas Eve 2022!

Christmas Eve! The most magical day of the year!  My family being of Latin American Heritage celebrates Christmas on Christmas eve. Everything we've been doing for the past month has been leading up to this day. The presents are under the tree and a new outfits are ready to be worn.... well in my case its a vintage dress but I'll get more into that later. 

Started off by getting ready!  I took my time setting my hair the night before so that it would looks absolutely perfect for the occasion. I also tried a new hairstyle with a vintage scarf that matched the dress and created a little bow at the top of my head. I love the way it turned out, it matched the style of the dress perfectly! This dress is a maroon velvet dress and it's vintage from the 1940s. It has a built in double lace collar, side snaps and built in belt. I recently bought it from Etsy so I could wear it on Christmas Eve. For perfume I went with Chanel Noir. A beautiful fragrance, typically I wear Chanel N.5 for Christmas but I just finished my bottle. 

I set the table the day before so it was already ready. I chose a dark plaid tablecloth and red accents. In the centre I put a piece of wood and a Christmas train on top with some greenery with holly.  I put some battery operated candles (I have a super hyper young cousin... if I didn't, I would use real candles).  For decor on the plates I added a wreath made from red berries. 

My family gathered! My parents, my sister and her bf, my aunt and uncle and two cousins. we started with an appetizer. Something simple so we don't get too full for Christmas dinner. I spent 30 minuted putting this little spread together. Now I can't fully take the credit, I got the idea from Pintrest but I tried to make it my own. I struggled with the hat because I  didn't know what to use to make it but it ended up being my favourite detail!  I made it with 3 prunes and prosciutto. The snow man is made of Brie for the base and Boursin cheese for the face. Cut up dried cranberries for buttons and for the face details, and of course a piece of carrot for the nose! To the board I added; holiday shaped crackers, Mustard and onion flat pretzels, grapes, almonds, honey roasted cashews, and dried apricots (A staple at Christmas at my grandmas when I was growing up) and on the end of the board there is a salami rose.  

Appetizer and a few drinks later it was time for our Christmas dinner!  Like I said we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve so this was our main feast.  I'll give you a quick beakdown of everything we had!  Starting with Turkey and gravy of course!  Cheesy mashed potatoes, Caramelized carrots, Rice with noodles (Its a Christmas tradition in my family), creamed onions (My favourite food! and my grandmas recipe!), apple sauce, and coleslaw! Come to think of it everything is very beige.. lol not a single fresh vegetable lol. but It's Christmas so its ok haha. Everything was Delicious!  I am already dreaming of the leftovers! 

After dinner we opened all of our presents and chatted for a while until it was time for dessert!  For dessert we had Flan. Its a lighter dessert than pie and we all prefer it for Christmas after a big meal.  I love flan I could eat it every day its one of my favourite desserts. Its always interesting to see what every family has for Christmas dinner. I had an amazing Christmas with my family, it always goes by too fast but there is still Christmas day !  Which I will share in another post! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I will see you in my next post! 

December 22, 2022

Waiting for Santa

The days right before Christmas always seem to fly by!  I can't believe its already Thursday and Christmas eve is on Saturday! Since my family has Latin American heritage we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, which is the best way to celebrate in my opinion. We open all of our family gifts on the 24th and have a big Christmas dinner with my extended family. Then my immediate family of 4 open"Santa" gifts on Christmas day. It gives you two occasions to open/give gifts and to gather as a family. On Christmas day we eat left overs and stay in our pyjamas all day and eat left overs. Honestly its the best day of the year! It feels like Christmas extends over two days. 

How do you usually celebrate Christmas? 

December 19, 2022

Blue Christmas

There is nothing quite like walking through the city during Christmas time. All of the buildings are decorated, even the smallest office building. I was walking around this weekend and there were carollers dressed in victorian clothes singing down Bloor street! I've been wearing all of my red clothes all month but I wanted to wear one of my new coats! I recently thrifted this little blue coat with brown details. It's a but shorter than I would buy but it paired perfectly with the skirt I was wearing when I tried it on. I am wearing it with a vintage brown skirt, a white blouse and a brown beret. I kept the rest of the accessories brown. Not the most festive look but it was perfect for looking at the Christmas decorations!  

I also wanted to show you some photos of the BEAUTIFUL display at the Fairmont!  They made an entire hall way out of gingerbread!  in it they put some window displays with different festive decorations like bears, Santa, a nutcracker. It is magical!  It also smells like gingerbread which is a huge bonus! 

December 16, 2022

Candy Cane

I'm almost done my Christmas shopping but time is ticking and I still have one more person on my list! I've been trying to have a more relaxed Christmas season, I wanted to take the time to enjoy all of the little things that make Christmas special. I loved looking around and taking in all of the decorations. Wearing all of my red clothes and eating festive treats. Not to mention all of the Christmas movies I've been watching! Earlier this month I spent the weekend in Niagara on the lake. The Prince of Whales hotel was all decked out in Christmas decor (inside and the outside) it was a beautiful start to the Christmas season. 
This is what I wore one of the days, A vintage style coat (Thrifted), layered over a 1950s skirt and a red sweater. But I think what gives this look a more festive touch is the red accessories. I had this ear cover made from a seller on Etsy and I paired it with some red gloves to match. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below!