June 30, 2022

June 2022: Film and TV

8/10. Starting this months Film and TV post with the much anticipated new Elvis movie!  I went to see it on opening night, the first showing!  I've been looking forward to this movie since the trailer came out! I love Elvis, his music, his movies... I mean he's iconic for a reason! My mom is also a big fan and grew up watching his movies so we were really excited to see it. 

Right off the bat I just want to say that Austin Butler did an AMAZING job!  He better win an Oscar for his performance. The voice, the mannerism, he even got Elvis's general bigger-than-life presence, he NAILED it, it was spot on!  I remember being obsessed with Austin Butler when he was in The Carrie Diaries, I thought he was so cute lol. But OMG seeing him as Elvis! *swoon*. You know all of those photos of girls screaming and fainting at Elvis concerts, and we all make fun of them because it's so dramatic? I UNDERSTAND NOW.  Truthfully he was the best part of the movie and thats why I gave it a 8/10... if it wasn't for him my rating would be much lower... let me explain. 

I might be alone on this but the movie itself was underwhelming. I know it got rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, and I want to believe it was because of Austins performance. It's a Baz Luhrmann movie so I was hoping for more The Great Gatsby but it was more Romeo and Juliet. It's a very distinct style and I don't think it's for everyone. I don't think there was much of a story? at least it didn't feel like there was? For the first 30 minutes of the movie I thought I was watching a trailer, it was like a long montage. Very fast paced and not many interactions between characters. It was like being on a rollercoaster the entire time. 

I also really didn't like Tom Hanks performance. Thats why I didn't include photos of him in my review even tho he's a main character (Thats how much I didn't like it lol) Tom Hanks is an amazing actor so I'm sure it was the direction he was given but it honestly felt like a joke. I couldn't take it seriously and all I could see was Tom Hanks in a costume. He annoyed me the entire movie and I wish that character would be written out and we focused more on Elvis. I know that doesn't make much sense because the whole movie revolves around him. The movie focuses on Elvis's relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker. But I thought it would be more of a biopic of Elvis. It just wasn't what I expected, the movie is not told from Elvis's perspective its from his managers.  I don't want to give any spoilers so thats all I'll say about it. I do think its worth watching for Austin Butlers performance alone, I'm still in awe at how perfectly he played Elvis. 

10/10. Ah a 90s classic! I have a handful of movies that I like from the 90s and this happens to be one of them! I mean its Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe ! 6 months after the movie premiered they were married! and of course it also stars the ICONIC Sarah Michelle Geller. You might recognize Sarah Michelle Geller and Ryan Phillipe from I know what you did last summer (1997), Another one of my favourite 90s movies... but I'll save that for another day.  

The movie depicts two step siblings, Katherine and Sebastian.  They make a bet to see if Sebastian can "deflower" the new principals daughter before school starts. A girl who happens to write an article for a magazine talking about virginity and saving herself for marriage. Katherine also takes a girls named Cecile "under her wing" essentially using her as a toy for her entertainment. Cecile is played by Selma Blair, who would later star in  Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon! 

The movie takes place on The Upper East Side... and if you haven't noticed, the parallels are pretty similar to Gossip Girl. Not sure if it was actually used as source material for the books/show but if you are a fan of Gossip Girl you'll love this!  It's filled with amazing preppy 90s fashion, manipulation, seduction and twisted relationships. I love this movie and watched it a lot growing up, the characters are so interesting and I love the chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe.... although It's probably an awkward movie for their kids to watch. 

8/10 I think this is the only new movie I watched this month (Except Elvis) and I really enjoyed it!  I watched it while sipping a big cup of coffee.  Staring Fred Astaire (Who you all know I love!) and Ginger Rogers! Two big names from the golden age of Hollywood. 

It was exactly what you would expect from a musical of the 1930s... pure elegance!  It tells the story of a woman wanting to getting a divorce from her husband, but the only way to do that is for her to have an affair. So with the help of her lawyer she cooks up a plan to fake an affair. It was tremendous fun! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in musicals or movies from this time period. 

Of course there was magnificent fashion, Ginger Rogers could wear a plastic bag and look fantastic but there were a lot of beautiful outfits in this movie, I feel so inspired to find some 1930s pieces! 

I even got inspiration from The dancers in the musical numbers! especially this one with the bathing suits!  However I think my favourite scene in the whole movie is when Ginger Rogers has her dress stuck in the suitcase. it was perfect! 

And as a side note- I am OBSESSED with these ballerina finger puppets!! The legs are your fingers! if anyone knows where I can find one let me know!  I'm so obsessed I'm tempted to make one myself! 

7/10.  This is a new Netflix Documentary focusing on the FLDS and Warren Jeffs.  I think we are all fascinated by cults. How can someone fall into a cult? or worse... not realize they are in one? Some people could argue that all religions are cults, they are just more accepted in society and its less controlled so you are free to be a part of it or not (Not saying I agree or disagree). However in the case of the FLDS it does stem from religion but its a much more controlled. It's a smaller group of people all living in one general area, you can't come and go as you please. The members can't have opinions on the teachings, they just follow what the "prophet" says, no questions asked.  

In the documentary they talked about the previous "prophet" Rulon Jeffs, and how things changed for the FLDS once he passed away and his son Warren Jeffs took power. The FLDS always believed in Polygamy, The more wives a man has the higher up he is in society and the closer he is to God. (Wild I know... ). *TRIGGER WARNING* But things took a turn for the worst when Warren Jeffs became the new prophet. underaged girls started being married off to the men in the community which sparked questions of trafficking and abuse. It's crazy to see that communities like this still exist which such backwards beliefs.  And it's sad to see all of these women having no value in their community other than for sex.... and as a  ticket for the men to go heaven. It's even worse to see these woman putting their own daughters in the same situations. If you re interested in these types of topics I highly recommend it! it was really interesting and its really short, only 3 episodes!  

And that pretty much wraps this months Film and TV round up! There is a little bit of something for everyone lol my interest in what I watched this month was all over the place. I didn't watch many new movies the past two months because I've slowly been watching Mad Men. I've tried to watch it 4 times and its taking me a while to get through it. I'll do a review with all of my thoughts once I finish it! If you have any Movie recommendations let me know! 

June 28, 2022

Sunday Night Out

Hello! Summer is officially in full swing! The hot weather is finally here and I'm ready to spend all of my  time outside. Something I love about summer is getting dressed up and going to dinner! Sitting on a patio and enjoying the warm summer night with friends. Patio season is huge here in Toronto....probably because its so hard to go out in the winter. It's far too cold and it gets dark so early, so we like to spend as    much time on patios as we can. For me it's not only about sitting on a patio its also walking through the streets in the evening and seeing people dressed up, and smelling peoples perfume/cologne as they walk by (Honestly that probably my favourite thing ever!). On Sunday I went to dinner with a couple of friends  I went out with my friend Mikayla (Which most of you guys know) and My friend Neguine who finally came back from Spain after being gone for like 3 years. 

This is THE dress!  I am seriously so obsessed with it! I thrifted it a few months ago It was finally warm enough for me to wear it out. The dress is 100% silk and its in this beautiful milk chocolate colour, it has all of this amazing beading on the side. Its a major flapper moment!  While I was getting ready I kept looking it at hanging on my bathroom door and it felt like the dress was from a different time. 

As a rule on a night out I only use a small bags, whether its a small structured bag, a clutch or a small vintage beaded bag like this one. I personally find them more elegant for the occasion, and they pair better with my going out clothes. But since my bags are small I can only bring the bare essentials ! I switched to a card holder because its smaller and I only brought what I needed (credit and debit cards, health card, drivers license and Presto). If you want the same card holder you can get it here! I have to bring My lipstick of course!  (Chanel Rouge Coco 444 Gabrielle). A compact to touch up my makeup and a comb, Sometimes I bring a hairbrush instead but this handbag was too small so I opted for a vintage comb that  has a mirror in the floral case. 

If you know me you know I cant go anywhere without perfume! It's the final touch and I don't think my outfit is complete without it. My Every day perfume is Chanel Mademoiselle, but at night I choose Coco Noir. It's almost like the darker sexier version, its the perfect night out fragrance! 

Before dinner we took some phots of our outfits, and here we are just goofing around as we attempt to take a cute photo of the three of us haha. If you want to check out their instagrams you can click on their names!  Mikayla on the left and Neguine on the right

This is one of my favourite entryways in the city. its so intricate and has the most beautiful gold art deco doors.... and look at the colourful mosaic at the top! there is so much to look at! This building is the concourse building (Concourse to symbolize gathering) and it was designed in 1928 by Martin Baldwin and the detailing was creating by J.E.H MacDonald, who was a member of the group of seven.  The entryway is two storeys tall with a roman arch and filled with beautiful mosaics depicting air, fire, earth and water. The mosaics on the arch represent different Canadian industries and also Canadian wildlife. Unfortunately it's only a facade because the interior of the building has been demolished and redone on the  so only two original entryways  remain. 

For dinner we went to King Taps, Smack dab in the middle of the financial district (First Canadian Place, at King and Bay). I've been here a couple of times and its great for a casual hang out, drinks and appetizers type thing. I got the crispy chicken sandwich... I've been craving a crispy chicken sandwich for WEEKS! Specifically the one from Hemingways in Yorkville. It was good but I think It needed a bit more sauce. I love the hamburger sliders (Minimacs) its usually my go to at king Taps, so if you are going to go I highly recommend getting them as a starter to share!. Mikayla got the chicken tacos and Neguine got pizza. I also got a black coffee with my dinner because it started pouring! We were sitting in the patio and luckily they put the roof out.  They had been calling for rain all day and we were worried about having to walk outside if it was pouring but I kept saying "it will only rain while we are eating at the restaurant" and what do you know... thats exactly what happened!  

Here is another building from the Art Deco era. Located at 320 Bay street, The Canada Permanent trust building was built in 1931 by architect Henry Sproatt . I love the detailing on the rotating doors! You just don't see that type of detail anymore.  Unfortunately Toronto has a history if destroying its heritage building and replacing them with "modern buildings" as in ugly glass buildings with no details.  It's really unfortunate and I wish more would be done to preserve them. But I guess thats a topic for another day !  For now lets just enjoy the beautiful details from decades past.  

And this is me signing off for the night! I hope you enjoyed this post ! I want to do more lifestyle posts like this! Usually I only show photos of my outfit, but I want to share the details of what I'm doing that day with detail photos in between the outfits. I took all of these photos on my phone and it just feels more personal. Like a diary entry?  Let me know what you think! But for now.... XOXO Goodnight !
June 22, 2022

Film Noir

Hello! I am back with another outfit and with one of my FAVOURITE thrift finds of the Spring! (I know its technically summer but just go with it) Its a suit set.... yes a suit set.  I have never been drawn to suit sets for women. I think they look amazing on other people but my style is so feminine that I didn't think they worked well with my style... not to mention I never wear pants lol. Then I saw this dress suit set and realized this is how I can wear this trend!  The set reminds me of something a woman would wear in a film Noir movie, there is something in the structure that reminds me of the 1940s or even late 30s. The dress and jacket are both black, The jacket has these beautiful needlepoint flowers on the left shoulder-heart area, and also on the bottom right by the hip. The dress has the same flowers on the entire chest. 

I paired the set with this black mini bag that also has a flower embroidered on it and gold hardware. I think it works really well even if its not the same flower, the colours are similar enough that it works!  I also wore my T-strap heels which I've been wearing all year it seams haha they match everything! And to top it off I am wearing this black velvet 1940s hat. I love that its tilted to the side because it adds to that film noir look! This outfit was perfect for walking in the city on a spring day.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

June 18, 2022

Just in ! - Vintage Goodies I found in St Jacobs

Hello !  I wanted to share some of the vintage pieces I found at St. Jacobs!  If you don't know St.Jacobs is a farmers that is open Thursdays and Saturdays all year round. However in the summer they add an outdoor market and they are also open on Tuesdays. Right beside the farmers market there are two large vintage stores with the most amazing vintage pieces. I took a little day trip on Tuesday and these are the pieces I found!

The first thing that I found was this gorgeous oversized black hat!  I mean look at the beautiful edge!  It's so elegant and perfect for summer. I'm not sure what time period its from but its going to be perfect for some 1940s looks. I own so many black hats already but this is the biggest one in my collection, I can already imagine so many outfits that would look beautiful with this hat. Keep en eye out because it wont be long until you see an outfit featuring this hat ;) 

I also got this beautiful hat with purple flowers!  Normally I don't buy hats with large flowers on them but this one fit so perfectly and the colours were so beautiful that I just couldn't resist!  I think it will look really nice with a plain black 1940s dress and cream lace gloves, that will really make the purple pop! It's in amazing condition which Is always something I look for when shopping for vintage hats.  I cant wait to walk around the city in it! 

Ok this was a bit of a wild card!  Its a children's leopard print bonnet, but it actually fits quite nicely on my head! This will be perfect for the fall with a beige coat and black accessories. I'm not much of a leopard print person but I saw this one on a mannequin and I had to try it on! it's really soft and plush and it ties just under the chin. Perfect for a casual day! 

I also picked up these two brooches, one is a flower and the other a tennis racket. Since the start of the spring I've been searching for some flower pins to wear with dresses. It was very popular in the 1940s to wear flowers and I love how feminine it looks. This one is really small and simple and I think it can work with many different dresses and blouses. The tennis racket ! Ok... so I saw one exactly like this at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show and I didn't buy it. Since then, I have worn multiple outfits where a tennis racket brooch would look perfect....Needless to say I regretted not buying it. I searched online but they were a bit overpriced, the one I saw was $5. BUT I go to this vintage store and there it is!  The same tennis racket brooch for THE SAME price! I grabbed it and didn't let go! Cant wait to wear it the rest of the summer!  (And no... I don't play tennis LOL I'm a poser) 

You guys know I've been loving summer gloves lately!  I've built up quite a collection over the past year, however this is the first time I've seen a brown knit pair!  They are so beautiful with the scalloped edge and small flowers around the cuff. These would be perfect for window shopping around the city.

Last but not least I picked up this BEAUTIFUL vintage magazine from 1939!  I Love getting vintage magazines because they are so fun to look through, it's like getting a glimpse into what life was like in that time period.  Also. the covers are  SO beautiful they make great props for photos! It's funny every time I think of vintage magazines I think of Vogue. But in reality I only own one vintage Vogue magazine! All of my other ones are Life, Teen, Chatelaine and Elle. So for all my fashion girlies out there, don't neglect other Vintage magazines!  I am actually obsessed with this vintage Chatelaine cover, It reminds me of Jamie Beck LOL. Her photography style is very similar and it actually looks a lot like her! Check out her instagram here! 

Those are all of the goodies I found in St Jacobs! I will hopefully be going back at the end of August/ Early September. But I highly recommend you going this summer if you've never been ! The farmers market has tons of amazing food options, You can truly make a day of it! 
Let me know which piece was your favourite :)