June 22, 2022

Film Noir

Hello! I am back with another outfit and with one of my FAVOURITE thrift finds of the Spring! (I know its technically summer but just go with it) Its a suit set.... yes a suit set.  I have never been drawn to suit sets for women. I think they look amazing on other people but my style is so feminine that I didn't think they worked well with my style... not to mention I never wear pants lol. Then I saw this dress suit set and realized this is how I can wear this trend!  The set reminds me of something a woman would wear in a film Noir movie, there is something in the structure that reminds me of the 1940s or even late 30s. The dress and jacket are both black, The jacket has these beautiful needlepoint flowers on the left shoulder-heart area, and also on the bottom right by the hip. The dress has the same flowers on the entire chest. 

I paired the set with this black mini bag that also has a flower embroidered on it and gold hardware. I think it works really well even if its not the same flower, the colours are similar enough that it works!  I also wore my T-strap heels which I've been wearing all year it seams haha they match everything! And to top it off I am wearing this black velvet 1940s hat. I love that its tilted to the side because it adds to that film noir look! This outfit was perfect for walking in the city on a spring day.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

4 comments on "Film Noir"
  1. Wow, that outfit looks amazing. Very classy.

  2. That outfit looks great on you. It's very classy. And I really like those shoes.

  3. This is such an elegant look which is very becoming on you Carolina! I adore the outfit, and the embroidered floral detailing on both the outfit, and the handbag.

    It's a timelessly beautiful look that will always be in style.

    It's been lovely following your blog and seeing your new content. Keep up the good work!

    Saba x

  4. I love Film Noir and you did capture that fascinating era in your photos. Very well done ..
    Pink Pearls xo