June 14, 2022

Covergirl Exhibitionist stretch & Strengthen Mascara Review

Hello Lovelies! Today I'm bringing you a review for this new mascara I just tried!  I have never been one to buy high end mascara. Actually...there was a time when I was really into watching beauty gurus and felt like I had to buy high end/expensive mascaras. But the truth is I go through mascara so fast (I wear it every day) thats it's honestly not worth it for me. I would rather splurge on a high end lipstick because the formula and the shade makes such a huge difference for the type of look you are trying to create. So that is my #CareTip of the day (lol) 

 I've been using the same drugstore mascara for a couple of years now (Maybelline lash sensational) but I noticed that it started to dull out by the end of the day....which it didn't used to do before? Not sure if they changed the formula? or what happened.  I personally like my lashes to look really dark because it frames my eyes and I really like them to POP. So I decided to try something new!  I grabbed this Covergirl Exhibitionist Stretch and Strengthen mascara (Very black) which according to covergirl it stretches your lashes to new heights. It's infused with peptides, biotin, and pro vitamin B5. Also the packaging is really sleek! I love the black and gold! Thats the downside to buying drugstore mascara, the packaging tends to be colourful and bulky, luckily this one is similar in packaging to a high end mascara. 

I have naturally long curly eyelashes, I have never purchased an eyelash curler (Tbh they scare me lol). However my eyelashes aren't super thick so I always look for something that will make them more noticeable. This mascara has more traditional "natural" bristles (as in.... not the plastic/silicone ones) Which I liked! The mascara applied really easily and I had a bit of time to layer it before It started to dry, which is really important if you have long lashes. However I do think if you add tooo much it will start to clump (Which happens with all mascaras). It made my eyes look really awake! I paired it with some black eyeliner because there is nothing I hate more than when black eyeliner looks darker than the mascara (eek!) Thankfully this mascara was very dark and pigmented and looked just as dark by the end of the day! Overall I really loved the mascara and will continue to use it!  I had no issues removing it with cold cream at the end of the night! 

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