August 31, 2020


Wow looking back at my previous post I realized its been a full month since I posted. I've been taking  some time and rethinking the type of content I want to be making.  Last year I was really embracing my love for 60's fashion, and I was having so much fun ! The sixties is a decade that has always inspired me... even if I didn't even realize it when I was younger. But last fall I really dived in and was experimenting with full on 60s fashion and I created some of my favourite content. Then this summer rolled around and I don't know why I started going for a more 1940s style. I've always loved how elegant and feminine the 40s were and since I love movies from that decade I started to emulate that (You can thank the virus because I was stuck at home binge watching movies from the 40s) This lead to huge amounts of frustration.... I couldn't get the style I wanted and I didn't feel like myself. I realized that I was much happier in 1960s clothes and fund it easier to express myself, and thats the whole point of fashion. For the past week I've been filming and planning new videos once I had an overwhelming wave of inspiration for the fall ! I'm so excited to share new things with you guys in the upcoming months!