May 31, 2018

Yellow and Grey

I can't believe its june tomorrow.... I'm shocked at where the first half of the year went ! It also doesn't help that we went straight into summer and skipped the spring weather. The warm weather makes me want to pull out all of my lace dresses, I've always been obsessed with lace dresses I think they are so feminine and always look elegant. This particular dress is from Metisu and it is the grey colour block guipure lace midi dress. I love the grey and yellow combination, its something you don't really see very often and I think the lace pattern is very unique. It almost makes these leaf patterns which makes this dress perfect for the spring or the fall ! I paired the dress with this vintage yellow beaded bag, I think its so beautiful and matches the dress perfectly. As for shoes I just wore these simple beige coloured kitten heels that have a buckle detailing at the front! Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!
May 24, 2018

Pastel Lookbook

Pastels are a staple for the spring and summer, no matter what colour looks best on you there is always a pastel version you can rock!  I rounded up some of my favourite pastel looks that I know I'll be wearing a lot this season ! Starting with Pink of course!  As you all know red is my go to colour but I usually substitute it with its pastel version when the weather gets warmer. For this outfit I'm wearing an amazing pink and lavender dress from H&M, It sorta has a 90's 12 year old dress vibe to it (Like what the younger sister would be wearing in a 90's movie) I love the double collar especially with the pleated detailing I think its a really nice touch and I appreciate that it was replicated on the sleeves. I paired the dress with some simple strappy heels from The bay and a silver cross body bag from Aldo. Typically I'm not a crossbody bag person... but this one is such a statement that I made an exception (Also the straps are removable!)

The Second look might be my favourite of the bunch ! I got this cardigan at the thrift store a few months back (Click here if you want to see my thrift with me video) and I envisioned myself wearing it with a matching skirt, so I made it my lifes mission (LOL) to find a matching baby yellow skirt! Zara came through with this amazing pleated skirt, that was 10x better than the one I had imagined (Link here) I think the styles match perfectly and I love a super coordinated outfit. Under the cardigan I wore a lace blouse, which I also thrifted and its one of my most worn tops! To give it a victorian touch I added a brooch that has some baby yellow flowers on it !  Talk about matchy-matchy !  As a final touch I added a thin scarf to my hair, that has yellow and pastel green on it which added to the girlyness of the outfit.

The third outift is a little different for me, I found this dress on etsy from Rax clothing (Link here) and it reminded me of a dress Twiggy wore for a photoshoot in the 60's, while not exact it definitely has the same vibe and colours. Houndstooth is such a classic print but its very rare to find it in a pastel colour so of course I had to have it !  The dress is wool so its great for a chilly spring day (Not so much for summer) I did add a blouse underneath for extra warmth, I love this blouse it has a scalloped edge on both the collar and the sleeve which give it some detail (From Kate Spade.) Since I had the collar had a decorative edge on it I opted for a brooch instead, that I actually got from Ebay (LOL) It has a little bird family!!!!!!  

The last look is the most casual of the bunch!  We have these... Grandma on vacation pants (Which I Love, super comfy) They are this beautiful light Aqua colour which makes them perfect for the spring and summer!  I wanted to keep the outfit really light in colours so I paired it with this lace top that I thrifted (Same top as the second outfit) I think since the pants are so plain the lace just sorta elevates the whole look. But I still felt like it needed something so I added this scarf to my ponytail that has light blue and pastel pink, I love tying scarves in my hair I think it adds such a feminine touch and can easily complete and outfit. Let me know what you guys think of these outfit, if you want to see more check out the video below !

May 18, 2018

The Most Beautiful Cardigan

I've never been a huge cardigan person but I couldn't resist this cardigan from Joanie  which is a modern brand that is inspired by vintage fashion, I'm pretty much obsessed with everything on the website!  This cardigan is the Ilona crochet stitch cardigan in the blue colour  I love this particular shade of blue especially mixed with the red flowers, it also has this amazing criss cross pattern that elevates the look of the cardigan. I paired it with this A-line denim skirt from H&M and layered a scallopped blouse underneath the cardigan from Kate Spade. But I think what really completes the outfit is the small mary-jane red shoes from Forever 21, paired with these ruffled white socks! Let me know your thoughts on this outfit in the comments as well as there is exactly 2 weeks until my birthday so make sure to follow me on instagram to see what I'm up to ! 
May 16, 2018

Green Floral Dress

I know I say that I fall I love with dresses all the time... but this dress has the most 1950's look to it and I can't get enough ! As you guys know I am largely inspired by vintage fashion especially from the 50's, 60's and 70's and I'm always looking for pieces that are reminiscent of those eras. This particular dress is from Shein and it is the Random Florals circle dress (Link here). It has this beautiful floral print all over the dress which makes it perfect for the spring and summer. Since its not quite summer weather I decided to wear the dress with this little lace quarter sleeve little jacket from Maska and I think the colours went perfectly together ! for a bit of interest I added a small silver brooch on the collar which also added to the vintage feel of the outfit. But I think the added touches that really gave this look a 1950's feel to it is the petticoat under the dress, it really gave the skirt part some lift which was very common in the 1950's. As well as the small white gloves that I got from a vintage market. Let me know our thoughts on this look in the comments below ! 
May 14, 2018

Pink Flowers and Bows

This has to be the most perfect spring dress ! It's flowy, light pink, and filled with bows ! I got this dress from Shein and it is the Bow embellished placket shirt dress (link here). It is a long sleeve dress but since its so light weight its perfect for the spring weather when the wind is a little bit cold. I wore this dress to walk around the city and stumbled across these stunning pink flowers, its nice to see the trees starting to bloom after the harsh winter we just had. Let me know your thoughts on this pink dress in the comments below!
May 03, 2018

1970's Spring Lookbook

For the first look I am wearing one of my favourite dresses ever! I got it from Winners this past winter and I've been waiting for it to get a little bit warmer out so that I can wear it without a coat! I love the warm tones and the print, it sorta reminds me of a kaleidoscope. But what I think makes the dress is the white collar and cuffs, which is something that I find hard to find (Unless its a black dress.) I paired the dress with these snake print maroon heels that scream 1970's! 

The second look is a bit more casual, I am wearing my beloved denim overall dress from Simons!  I've worn it way too many times this season already and its only the beginning of May. I paired it with this blue floral print blouse from Zara, something I would typically wear in the fall but it can be worn all year round. To add a bit more colour I wore these knee length boots from Forever 21

For the third look I am wearing this amazing skirt that I got at a vintage store downtown its such a unique print that you normally don't see. I also love that the skirt is really heavy and stiff because it helps give the outfit a structured look. For my top I just wore this Grey turtleneck from Le Chateau that I wore numerous time this winter as well as some silver statement earrings. 

The fourth look is also a bit more casual I wore these brick slightly flared pants that I got for $5 from Winners, yes $5! and I paired them with this striped turtleneck that had the same brick colour on one of the stripes. For shoes I wore a simple pair of black platform shoes from H&M

For the final look I am wearing this sand coloured skirt from H&M, I love the cutouts and the print on the skirt I think its really unique and gives it that 70's vibe I was looking for. I paired the skirt with a simple black mock neck top, but I think what makes the look is the scarf I tied in my hair. The skinny scarf is Balmain and I just tied it to make it look like a headband but kept the bow on the side for some interest. For shoes I wore a simple pair of black platforms to tie the whole look together.
let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below as well as if you want to see more of these looks, check out the video below!