August 30, 2017

Fly with Me

I can’t believe summer is almost over! This weekend is September and kids are going back to school. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE fall it’s my favourite season but I get sad whenever patio season is gone. Living in Canada patio season is very short so once the nice fall weather is gone it’s back t hiding indoors.  I’m currently in the Canary Islands enjoying a little bit more sun before coming home to reality.  For this outfit I am wearing this pale grey sheer dress from metisu and it is the grey embroidered floral swing midi dress (link here) I’ve been loving the sheer dress trend this summer so this is probably my attempt to transition it into the fall. It has a very autumnal branch print on the sheer fabric in dark grey and cream. Some of the branches even have a slight shimmer to them which I think is a nice little detail. I paired the dress with some strappy nude heels from Agaci.  I felt the dress needed a more delicate touch so that is why I opted for strappy shoes. I also tied a silk cream ribbon around my waist, as you know this is how I usually style my dresses. As an added accessory I grabbed this small Lace parasol, which is a very underrated accessory in my opinion, its sad you don’t see many around anymore. I hope you guys like this look and make sure to check out my instagram to see what I’m up to in Spain as well as my youtube channel because some travel diaries will be going up very shortly…. And a very large Spain haul!  

August 28, 2017


Ahh so excited to share this outfit with you guys !  if you follow me on instagram you would know I've spent the past few days in Seville, Spain. I've had the most amazing time shopping (Lots of shopping), eating and walking around by all the beautiful architecture. It amazes me how many beautiful buildings there is in one place, back home you only see skyscrapers and suburban homes. Canada being only 150 years old doesn't have as much history as a country like Spain so historical buildings are hard to find. older architecture is so detailed and decorative making the streets look so beautiful, I don't understand why buildings now a days are so plain and grey (no hate... just personal taste). Seville is definitely my second choice for places I would move to (first being New York) I love the vibe of the city, everyone walks everywhere as well as the social aspect of life is so important and you see people eating out till 2am on the sidewalk patios. Back home restaurants close at 10pm (which.. having lived there for 15 years still blows my mind.) I also love the way people dress here, there is more interest in fashion as a whole, its very rare to see someone underdressed, men women and kids. You see women in beautiful dresses and men always dresses up in button shirts, little girls running around with bows in their hair.
For this outfit I wore this lavender overall dress from Forever 21, and a plain cream coloured ruffled sleeved blouse, again from forever 21. I am wearing a hat from Ardene, I feel like since you do so much walking outside a hat is needed ! (it also makes your outfit look instantly cute!) and for my purse I grabbed this small straw bag that I've been using the whole time I've been here.  For shoes i opted for bringing just flats because I knew the streets were all cobble stone and walking in heels all day might be annoying, I slightly regret not brining a pair of wedges or something. If you want to see more pictures from seville as well as future pictures from the canary islands make sure to follow me on instagram ! 
August 25, 2017

Emerald Lace

Hello ! I hope you all had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend ! I'm really loving rich colours for the fall, maybe its because this spring/summer we've been saturated with pastels that I want a change and want to go for more deeper colours such as emerald green, orange and red. One of the newest additions of my closet is this beautiful emebrald green dress from Metisu and it is the Green hollow out lace mini dress with ruffled hem (Link here) I am obsessed with this dress! it fits me perfectly and the colour is amazing. Its also made out of this really really nice thick lace so its perfect for the fall !  I paired it with these simple black strappy heels and topped it off with a black headband with a bow.  This dress is perfect for an event or for a date (a date would probably be my choice), its super feminine and classic. What things are you loving for Fall? 
August 22, 2017

Gingham Print Roses

I'm leaving for Spain today ! I've been looking forward to going on this trip for about a month now and I'm so excited that the time has finally arrived. But before I get too into that I wanted to show you one of the newest additions to my closet and it is this gingham shirt from Make Me Chic and it is the Embroidered rose applique frill cap sleeve checkered top (link here) as you've been able to see on my blog this summer I've collected quite a bit of gingham, as most people have seeing as it's been everywhere! But what I love about this particular shirt is the embroidered roses on the chest area. It combines two separate trends that have been really in this year and mixed it into one. I also love that its a red gingham print, if you didn't know red is my favourite colour to wear so I was thrilled to see this on the website!  I wore this with a plain dark blue denim skirt from H&M ! I also added a brown belt that I thrifted and a straw hat from Ardene. I think this is such a perfect outfit to wear at the end of summer, the colours work so perfectly together ! Going back to my trip, I leave to go to Spain today and I will be in seville until Monday and then I will be in the canary islands until labour day. So make sure you are following me on instagram so you can see what I'm up to ! 
August 21, 2017

Lavender Farm

I've been trying to enjoy the most beautiful parts of summer before its over. I recently went to a  lavender farm, and it was such a great way to spend the day.  it was nice to walk through all the rows and smelling the lavender ! For my outfit I wore something a little more simple and I went for this pair of lavender shorts from Forever 21, i was so happy when I found these in stores because its really rare to find shorts this colour ! I wore it with this purple ruffled sweater from H&M. I love wearing outfits that are one colour but in different tones, I think it creates really interesting outfits. I tied a purple scarf that has blue and green flowers around my neck to add a little bit of colour ! And of course I grabbed the biggest hat I have to complete the outfit ! Whats left on your summer to-do list?