January 30, 2017

Perfume Highlight : Coco Noir

Earlier this month I posted my perfume collection and wishlist for 2017, Coco Noir is a new addition to my collection, My boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas (if you want to see what else I got for Christmas click here) What originally drew me to this scent is that it smells really similar to Coco Mademoiselle, my signature scent. Coco Noir is a bit darker, sexier, definitely something I wear at night, in my opinion its the perfect date perfume (Valentines day is coming up ! that would be perfect for that). The Notes are grapefruit, Bergamot, rose, jasmine, Indonesian patchouli, and sandlewood which creates a very dreamy feminine scent. Perfume can say so much about you and can often complete and outfit, I love adding a perfume based on the theme of the outfit and the season, it's such a fun way to take your outfit to the next level. 
January 27, 2017

Same Coat, 2 Different lengths, 2 different looks

This fall/winter I got the same coat in 2 different lengths from H&M, mainly because I couldn't decide on which one I liked better haha. For todays post I thought I would show you 2 different outfits and how i styled them based on their length!  For the first look I am wearing the shorter blazer version which hits about the upper thigh. I like to wear this length of coat with shorts and tights because I find that the shorts ending around the same length as the coat makes your legs appear longer and I am all for anything that will give the illusion of hight (I stand at 5'5) I am wearing these dark grey shorts from Forever 21, paired with a white chiffon blouse which is also from Forever 21 . I've been really into ivy league fashion lately, especially from the 70's, so I added this argyle sweater vest from Brooks Brothers . I love the combination of the houndstooth plaid with the diamond print on the sweater vest, I think its a great way to mix prints without it being overwhelming. For a pop of colour I added a maroon cabby hat which you guys know I've been obsessed with this season ! I think its the perfect accessory!
For the second look I am wearing the longer version of this coat  which hits about the knees, I'm not much of a long coat person but this one was so cute I couldn't resist! I paired this with some black high waisted pants from garage , I find that long coats tend to make me look shorter so the high waisted pants help to elongate the legs. I wore a white chiffon blouse with white knit sweater from H&M which coincidentally has a similar diamond print on it like the first outfit (I just this noticed while writing this post) To add a pop of colour I grabbed this burnt orange scarf which is the same colour at the orange on the coat ! This scarf was actually knit by one of my great aunts (skillssss!) For some odd reason i've been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately I'm not really sure why... I just think its so cute and works perfectly with a beret! This particular one is no stranger to this site, you have seen this Coach one countless times! Due to a desire to fit in (LOL)  I wanted to try out the faux glasses trend, this has been around for a couple of years but I feel like lately everyone and their grandma is wearing them (ok maybe grandma has real glasses but you get my point) These ones are from WearMe Pro  they are the Blaine Round metal clear glasses in gold. They are the prettiest pair of clear glasses and go perfectly with this look ! If you want to see these looks on video make sure you check out the video below ! :) 

January 25, 2017

Ruffled Sweater

Ruffled tops have been in style ever since the beginning of the fall and it seems like they've  transitioned into sweaters this winter ! I simply cannot get enough of them ! This particular sweater is from Shein if you are interested here is the exact product link!  Ever since I got this sweater I've been wanting to wear it non stop ! Its such a twist on the plain white sweater and it adds so much interest to an outfit. I paired the sweater with a denim skirt with buttons on the front and topped the look off with this green cabby hat. You guys know how much i've been loving cabby hats lately so every time I see a unique colour I have to have it ! As for shoes I went for these knee high boots which are actually a little out of my comfort zone when paired with a skirt,  but I really like how it looks all put together with the rest of the outfit. This outfit was perfect while walking around the city and getting coffee :)

January 23, 2017

Window To The World : Toronto

Toronto, Canadas largest city is often referred to as a smaller version of New York (it sometimes does play New York in movies haha.)  Toronto is actually growing at a steady rate, the number of skyscrapers has more that tripled in the past 10 years and If you like the city as much as I do you love that it's expanding! I think my favourite part about Toronto is the fashion, people dress differently in the city than they do in the suburbs, is a bit more elegant and people experiment a lot more with their clothes and create really interesting outfits. I love just walking around the city, especially while shopping on Bloor or in the fashion district and just looking at everyones outfits. Another thing I love is city lights I could just sit at a window and look at city lights forever, I don't know what it is, it just feels like magic to me, the darkness filled with little lights... its perfect.  Toronto is also the most multicultural city in the world which means you can find authentic food from practically anywhere ! There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from sometimes its hard to pick where to go! Toronto has a lot of beautiful architecture and ranges from modern to a more classical style... just look at the ROM building ! its classic on one side and modern on the other! If you ever need a break from the city and buildings you could hop on the ferry and head on over to the island, in 15 minutes you could be sitting on a beach and surrounded by greenery!
For this particular outfit I chose a more modern dark building which highlights the yellow lights inside. I am wearing this striped chiffon blouse with an army green sweater vest on top ! I feel like people don't really wear sweater vests anymore which is a shame in my opinion!  I think they are so classic. I paired it with this denim skirt that has gold buttons on the front with black tights and knee high boots. It is winter here in Canada so a coat is definitely needed I went for this dark peacoat with gold buttons. You have seen this coat repeatedly on my blog, it matches everything ! and in my opinion is a must have in everyones closet! To top the look off I wore these Army green tortoise print sunglasses from WearMe Pro  (if you are interested click here!) I love the gold metallic detail between the lenses I think it works perfectly with the cat eye shape and it really does give the look of designer sunglasses but for a much lower price! They are perfect for just strolling around the city ! 
January 20, 2017

Oretta Toronto | Italian Restaurant

The Newest Toronto Blogger hotspot is Oretta, An Italian restaurant located on 633 King St West. The first thing that catches your eye is the decor. I am sure if you are from Toronto/GTA or follow any bloggers from Toronto you have seen pictures of the Pink and gold decor on the wall.  I'm not going to lie that's what first drew me and the reason I wanted to go.  But the food was actually DELICIOUS and I highly recommend it !  I had the Pizza Margarita, as you saw in the photo above and then I had a cappuccino.  If you are planning on getting any pictures (even for insatgram) I would recommend going for lunch because the whole right hand side is windows so the lighting is perfect.  If you are in the area I highly recommend you check it out ! The restaurant itself is spacious  and the staff is friendly and attentive!  Great Addition to the Toronto restaurant line up.