Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Blue polka dot dress

Hello happy Wednesday everyone ! i hope you are all having a great week!  Here in toronto we are near the end of a  heat wave... and of course all i've been doing is buying fall clothes lol There have been so many amazing sales lately i just cant help myself... how do you say no to $15 sweaters... you cant.! i know.. i know.... i complained all winter and begged for summer, and now that its summer i can't wait for fall... lol. In the meantime i am enjoying summer the best i can with flowy dresses and sun hats. i've been loving this blue polka dot dress, the print its so girly and it being made out of chiffon gives it such a feminine look. This hat is the perfect touch to any dress, don't you just love the bow at the back, it's definitely my favourite part ! below i linked some dresses and hats to get a similar look :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sephora store opening party!

Sephora  opened its doors at Oakville place this weekend ! On Thursday night i attended the store opening party which was a night filled with makeup, shopping, and treats. They had these pastries that had mini macarons on them and let me tell you.... they were amazing i could easily eat 100 haha. As for the store it was huge!  definitely bigger than the one i am normally go to.  all the shelves were  nicely organized and clean but i think my favourite part were the black and white stripped columns... perfect for selfies lol.  It was hard to not buy up the entire store.  For my outfit i tried to keep it in theme so i went with a red lace romper... i've been looking for an occasion to wear it haha what i love about it is that the top section had no liner so when paired with a nude bodysuit (or tank top) it looks like you hade nothing on underneath, it's a really nice look. For the shoes i kept it simple so i went with these strappy nude heels and a gold clutch :) look below to recreate this outfit as well as for some of the products photographed in this post ! 

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lacoste polo

Happy friday ! i thought i would share a casual outfit with you which would be perfect to lounge around in this weekend! i used to be obsessed with polos a couple of years ago and would buy them all the time, i don't really know why i stopped... Anyways... This used to be my favourite polo but can you believe i haven't worn it since grade 9!  The good thing about Lacoste polos is that they never go out of style! and you can buy them in whatever colour you want. i was drawn to this light pink colour because its the most femenine colour and pastels are always fun to wear.  This would be a perfect outfit for hanging out by the water, going to starbucks, riding a bike! Summers in toronto get pretty warm during the day, but it always cools down at night, its always a good idea to bring a sweater with you if you plan to be out all day. I love to tie sweaters/cardigans around my neck because it adds an added touch of preppyness to any outfit. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beige, Black and White on Bloor

Hello! I hope you are having an amazing week so far, Yesterday i went shopping on Bloor St ( this time with my mom, which always means trouble! i end up spending way too much money when we go shopping together haha. Although if you haven't been shopping lately you HAVE to go !!  The sales are incredible ! We spent most of our time in Zara because it is nearing the end of their summer sale so there are incredible deals throughout the whole store! most of the things that are really reduced are jackets, sweaters and pants, so its the perfect time to start staking up for fall! i got so many new pieces and i cant wait for it to get colder!  H&M  also has some amazing deals right now, most of their products are summer clothes (i guess they are making room for their fall stuff) so if you need  new clothes for the rest of the summer now is the time! take a look through their website to get an idea of whats in store! :) It was the perfect girls day we walked around, chatted, picked up some baked good to snack on at Pusateri's, mini key lime tarts and chocolate chip shortbread cookies!

After a long day of shopping we met up with my father and went out for a late lunch at Biagio, a delicious italian restaurant, we ate on the patio, the weather was absolutely perfect. I had ravioli and my parents had the carbonara , i highly recommend it. if you want to see more pictures check out my instagram here. As for my outfit i kept it fairly simple because i knew we were going to be shopping, so i always keep in mind that i'll be constantly trying stuff on.  I went for this taupe crochet skirt with a cream chiffon blouse, with of course, a black bow tried around the collar. i added my favourite black headband to keep my hair in place and a black purse. Also this is a rare sighting... but i wore black flats ! i linked some items below to get a similar look ! :)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Room tour 2016

I recently re-decorated my room so i thought i would give you guys a little tour and show you some details.  As i am in love with fashion i am also very much interested in the art of decoration. Atmosphere is really important to me when it comes to my overall mood and my creative process. My thoughts when decorating was that i wanted it to represent me, this is all going back to wanting everything to be on brand. Prior to this my room was pink and floral, if you want to see what it looked like before click my previous room details post here. I still love all of my furniture and it fits all of my stuff perfectly (it is all form Ikea!) so i just changed around the bedding and frames and other details. i wanted it to be light and airy, a calm enviorment. My room isn't very big so storage is really important to me, i am definitely laking space for clothes and accessories hahaaha. The colour pallete i went with was beige, gray, cream and as a pop of colour i added these 2 orange jewellery boxes. I was in Hermes the other day so that is where that inspiration came from.

 When i saw this bedding i nearly died! it was everything i wanted and more! i love anything with a demask print on it so i just had to have it. This is actually what inspired the whole redecoration process.  To add some personality to my room i added some flowers on both of my nightstands, if you follow me on instagram you would know how much i love flowers haha !  i also have a frame of my favourite painting, The swing by Frangonard. The rococo time era is my favourite and i think my room reflects that. On the inside of my nightables i store notepads, my favourite movies as well as hand cream and body mist i use to go to bed. I added These mirrored picture frames one both sides  of my bed, which have pictures from backstage at an Eli Saab show. I also added one in the entrance of my room which has a picture from behind the scenes at a chanel show.

Some of you have asked how i store all of my clothing, i actually have a fairly small closet but i store all of my out of season clothes/accessories/shoes in my basement, we have a big walk in closet designed especially for it. I store some sweaters, cotton shirts, pants, undergarments, and pyjamas in my dresser and the rest  of my clothes are hanging in my closet. On top of that dresser i have a greek bust and a mirrored jewellery box. As for small purses and clutches i have 2 wooden shelving units underneath my bed which just easily slide out. The white leather ottoman that is at the end of my bed stores all of my summer hats (in the winter this is where all of my scarves and hats live) If you would like to see how i organize everything leave a comment below and i would love to show you ! I hope you enjoyed seeing where i spend most of my time, if you would like to see a video tour and more details on where i purchased everything : 

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