January 20, 2017

Oretta Toronto | Italian Restaurant

The Newest Toronto Blogger hotspot is Oretta, An Italian restaurant located on 633 King St West. The first thing that catches your eye is the decor. I am sure if you are from Toronto/GTA or follow any bloggers from Toronto you have seen pictures of the Pink and gold decor on the wall.  I'm not going to lie that's what first drew me and the reason I wanted to go.  But the food was actually DELICIOUS and I highly recommend it !  I had the Pizza Margarita, as you saw in the photo above and then I had a cappuccino.  If you are planning on getting any pictures (even for insatgram) I would recommend going for lunch because the whole right hand side is windows so the lighting is perfect.  If you are in the area I highly recommend you check it out ! The restaurant itself is spacious  and the staff is friendly and attentive!  Great Addition to the Toronto restaurant line up.  
January 17, 2017

Whats In My Bag : Vintage Bag Edition

I recently decided to start a 'Whats in my Bag' series on my youtube channel. I'm the type of person who changes their purse everyday, I find that a purse can compliment and sometimes even complete an outfit. My purse choice and whats inside it depends on ...well the outfit...but also the occasion and where i am spending the day. Other videos from this series will include 'Whats in My - Beach bag, Date night bag, walking around the city bag etc!  If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below ! I think its so interesting to see what other people carry in their bags, mostly because I end up finding new things I want to carry in mine! Whats something that you always have to carry in your bag ?? 
January 16, 2017

Orange you in Love with my Beret

If you haven't already noticed I am slightly obsessed with berets, they are the perfect fashion accessory! They are also a great way to add some colour to your outfit! In this particular outfit I went for a more unusual colour. I find that orange is a colour a lot of people don't wear very often and i'm not really sure why... although have you ever tried to find something bright orange in a store? its pretty hard... even around halloween. I actually got this beret on Amazon (link below) and I think it is is a perfect pop or colour to a simple outfit. Plaid skirts are also something i've always had in my closet, they are a guilty pleasure of mine and I cant stop wearing them ! Although I typically wear pleated plaid skirts (I am a sucker for  ivy league style) I decided to spruce things up a bit and picked this tighter fitting plaid skirt from Hollister, it is currently on sale ! and it comes in 2 colours! if you are interested click here! To keep myself warm I wore this thin white turtleneck that pretty much much matches with everything !  definitely a must have in everyones closet! This outfit is perfect for just hanging out and walking around the city! ALSO I wanted to add that I recently created a facebook page ! feel free to check it out ! I will link it right here!

January 13, 2017

Snow Leopard

Its that time of year where christmas is over and you realize that winter is sticking around for a few more months. I for one am not a fan of winter, its not the cold that I hate, its the snow and the wind. The snow looks beautiful while its falling or when its fresh, and yes if I was in a chalet in the mountains i'm sure it would be great. But in daily life the reality of snow is slush, salt and ruined shoes. Lucky for us we haven't had many days of snow so far this winter, we'll have one day where is snows , we'll get like 10 cm and by the next day its melted. I am always unsure of how to dress for the snow I don't own any snow boots and haven't since I was in ... probably...elementary school, my idea of snowshoes is high heeled booties. I have also been known to be that person who wears flats or loafers with no socks in the winter (even when there is snow on the ground).... no wonder i've been sick in bed the past few days... As for this outfit this is something casual I wore to keep me warm in the snow. This is an oversized leopard print coat i've had in my closet for a couple of years and what I love about it is that since it is oversized its perfect for layering chunky pieces underneath. I wore this thick white knit sweater with a long sleeved white shirt under it for warmth. Kept it simple with a pair of black high rise pants and for shoes I added a pair of high heeled black booties. Since its winter there is a lot of wind (ugh..) I have to keep my ears warms so I finished the look off with a cabby hat, which you guys know i've been super into this year! I hope you guys had a great week and an even more wonderful weekend ahead! If you live in a colder climate like me...keep warm.

January 10, 2017

Perfume collection + Wishlist for 2017!

If there is anything I love more than clothes its perfume !  There is something about putting on perfume that makes me feel so feminine and like an old hollywood actress.  As someone who loves classical films (its all I watch) There is always a scene of the woman sitting at her vanity putting makeup on and finishing off her look with a spritz of perfume.  There used to be such an emphasis on femininity and glamour in past decades that is not as prominent todays society, which is fine, Today women can wear whatever style they want and are not constrained to one specific look. For me personally I love Anything Vintage, girly, frilly and the idea of sitting in a vanity getting ready to go out on a date (it might even be more fun that the date itself.. lol just kidding.) I also love that perfumes can add an extra 'something' to a look and really finish it off.

When I was a tween/teen I went through this phase where I would buy whatever perfume I could get my hands on, mind you they were all from the drugstore because it was all I could afford.  In my last two years of highschool I went through another phase where I wanted to be associated with one particular scent and have a "signature scent" that I would wear for every occasion, The scent I chose was "love spell by victorias secret" (not technically a perfume- body lotion and body mist- but lets just roll with it)   My Boyfriend still recognizes the scent because its all I wore when we first met/started dating,  i'll occasionally wear it when we just lounge around at my house. When I was in college I realized how crazy it was that I would only wear one scent, I loved going into Sephora or any department store and smelling all the perfumes and realized that different occasions call for different perfumes. I decided to start buying them up again but not in the amount in which I did before, but only the ones I truly loved. I still have a "signature scent" perfume that I wear day-to-day which is  Chanels "Coco Mademoiselle" I've gone through I don't know how many bottles of it. If you want to hear more about all of the perfumes in my collection I have linked my youtube video  below where I talk about each one and what I love about it. Followed by links to the perfumes I've been eyeing!

“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ” 

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