Monday, December 05, 2016

Giant Earmuffs and Purple Argyle

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ! I wanted to share my favourite look from my fall/winter lookbook (if you haven't had a chance to see it yet click here) Its no secret that i love navy coats that have gold buttons on them, i probably have about 5 different ones... that literally looks the same....why ? don't ask because I have no idea! lol This particular coat is from H&M, I got it back in the summer when they had they end of season sale for $40 you cant say no to that ! (I'll try to link similar ones below so that you get the same look ! ;) ) Another thing i've been really into this winter (wellI I guess its technically still fall... but its really cold out so just roll with it) is earmuffs! Since I got my bangs I haven't been able to wear my berets to keep my ears warm, they are more of an accessory just because of the way I place it on my head.... well i mean  i could wear them normally by tucking my bangs into the hat but them I wouldn't be able to take the hat off due to my bangs being misshapen.. anyway. Earmuffs have been a life saver ! I can wear them without my ears getting cold and my bangs stay perfectly shaped, they are a great way to avoid hat hair!  Due to their shape I just dangle them from my purse strap when I take them off :) What is your favourite winter accessory this year ?

Friday, December 02, 2016

Toronto Christmas market 2016

It is that time of year again! The time of joy and cheer, and the time to wear all the red outfits you have in your closet lol. Christmas is a magical time where anything is possible, Not only from the colours and decorations but there is something in the air during the month of December where everyone is filled with happiness. I even love the crowded malls just because I know people are shopping for their loved ones and I instantly pictures familys gathering together around the tree. One of my familys tradition in December is to go to the Toronto christmas market in the distillery district. There is so much to see and eat (my favourite is the potato tornado, you HAVE to try it) there is also the beautiful christmas tree and the stands that sell the nicest ornaments. As you can probably tell I am currently filled with christmas cheer and I cant wait to share some more festive outfits throughout the month ! :) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The prettiest earrings

I wanted to do a quick blog post to share with you guys the prettiest earrings i have gotten in a really long time. I am not much a jewelry person when it comes to day to day wear, you know I tend to stick to a few specific pieces (like my beloved locket of course ) But for fancy/special occasions I love to take out my statement earrings, they can really elevate and outfit and make it look much more elegant. These particular earrings are from Happiness Boutique which is an online jewellery store from Germany. They sell necklaces, earrings, rings and more at affordable prices, and the best part is that they also offer free shipping ! The first pair of earrings I got was the Winter wonderland chandelier earrings  which look so elegant on and would be perfect for any holiday party or even new years eve! They really do look like a beautiful chandelier. The second pair of earrings I got (which is probably my favourite of the two) is the drop earrings in red wine colour, these would be perfect for any holiday party as well, I love the red and gold tones together. With the  holidays fast approching (less than a month .... ahh!) I actually have a coupon code for you guys ! just enter the promo code: carolinapinglo at the checkout and you will save 10% off any purchase of 19 euros or more! (valid till December 25th). Let me know which of the who is your favourite as well as i would love to see what jewelry you guys get!  :) 

A/W 16 Lookbook

Here is a little fall/winter Lookbook that I created in collaboration with Mikayla Kuehn and Adrienne Naval. I find that fall/winter is a great time for fashion, you can do so much with it ! There are so many factors that can totally change up a look such as a scarf/hat, a fun pair of tights or a statement coat over a plain outfit. We had so much fun making it so I hope you guys like it and get some inspiration from our outfits :)  Make sure you check out their lookbooks as well, just click their names :) 

Friday, November 25, 2016

(Faux) Fur Scarf

One of my favourite things to wear in the fall/ winter is fur (faux of course!!) wether it be on the collar of a coat, as a scarf or my favourite... fur hats!! (more on that later). For this look I grabbed one of my more unique pieces, I recently got this fur scarf from the H&M sale section for $5! (I was shocked!  so glad I found it !) This scarf paired with this suede skirt gives me such strong 70's feels, which i've been so into lately ! I am trying to explore that era a bit more and see what outfits I can put together that suggest the 70's but don't look completely dated and costume like.  I am also loving that there are still leaves on the ground, I know so many people spend time trying to get rid of them but I think the look of a yard covered in leaves is so beautiful. What I don't love is a yard covered in snow, we had flurries on Wednesday and let me tell you... I was not impressed, but I don't to talk about snow. For the rest of the outfit I wore this navy military style coat with gold buttons at the front, and  for my shirt I wore this ribbed shirt that has some ruffles on the collar which add a bit of  femininity. As a finishing touch I put on my locket because an outfit wouldn't be complete without it <3 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Houndstooth coat and pom pom hat

I can't believe November is almost over and Christmas will be here before we know it!  I've been so busy planning all my Holiday posts I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!  I do hope to have it all done by mid December.....we'll see what happens haha. But for now i'll try to enjoy the rest of November! We're still enjoying some nice weather which means my light jackets are still getting put to use!  This particular coat is  perfect for this time of year, its lightweight if you live somewhere were it doesn't get too cold, but its also roomy enough to be layered with a knit sweater for extra warmth. You guys know how much i love houndstooth and when I saw this coat in stores I got major love story vibes so I had to have it!  Since we've been having nice weather I wore it over a blouse with a black bow tied on the collar and pixie black trousers (are the pixie tho? or are the pants just too short for me? we'll never know) Of course I wore some black heels but to top off the outfit I put on this pom pom hat from H&M that I recently bought, so recently its not even on the website yet! (I linked similar ones below if you can't live without it) I hope you guys like this post and are looking forward to a bunch of holiday looks!  leave any festive requests in the comments!

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