June 03, 2021

Birthday at the Castle

I just spent the most relaxing couple of days enjoying my Birthday (its on June 1st!) On my birthday I went out to take some photos with a little floral party hat I made! It looked perfect with my floral dress.... that kinda looks like a grown up version of a kids party dress haha ! I took some photos at the castle and then had dinner with my family. We ordered Chinese food (My favourite!) and had a floral themed table... which coincidently matched my dress perfectly ;)  after dinner we watched Marie Antoinette, and had some cake (Which was in the shape of a flower... there was a theme lo)

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, my best friend Adrienne surprised me by showing up at my house with a birthday gift ! I was SO SURPRISED! She also brought a gift from my friend Mikayla (The cookies above! Thank you Mikayla!) Adrienne and her boyfriend stayed a while and we sat in the backyard drinking wine, eating cookies and we ordered a pizza! It was so lovely to see her and to actually be able to hang out!  They just lifted the full lockdown so you can gather with up to 5 people outside. 

Overall I had an amazing Birthday ! 
May 25, 2021

Spring has Bloomed

 Wow it seems like it's been a lifetime since I've written on here... in reality it's been since December but thats almost half a year which feel liked forever. I think with the really harsh winter and third wave of lockdowns it really took a toll on me creatively.  My overall energy level is very dependent on my creativity, if I feel creatively blocked I am unmotivated and feel completely drained. But after a long wait the spring has finally arrived bringing beautiful flowers with it! This caused my brain to sparkle and I had a huge wave of new ideas! I actually want to start posting on here again and maybe a few times a week? even if its small posts and little reviews of new products I try. 

I used to look reading blogs on the daily a few years ago, and I feel like with the rise of social media that has gotten lost. Things like TikTok and instagram are definitely the powerhouses for influencers now. But I don't think there is much room to connect with your audience, at least not in the way I want to (or it used to be). I was looking back at old videos (Interviews) and posts from when fashion bloggers were just starting to make waves in the fashion industry and getting invited to fashion week.  I remember that being a HUGE deal and looked forward to their fashion month blog posts with reviews of the collections.  It was glamorous and those girls WORKED so hard to produce high quality content, some even looked like magazine spreads. And thats what got me inspired in the first place and want to bring more of that back. So if there is any type of post you would like to see let me know in the comments! 

As for the outfit I am wearing... I recently got this cream pleated skirt and I already know its going to be my most worn piece this spring and summer ! it matches practically everything and its super light weight. I actually did a video recently where I styled it 10 different ways which you can find at the end of this post! (Youtube I've been consistent on so if you are not subscribed to my channel check it out because I post weekly on there!). I paired the skirt with this light pink blouse with puffy sleeves. For accessories I wore this floral scarf tied around my head and a wicker handbag. The perfect feminine spring outfit! 

December 15, 2020

Sunset at the Castle

Christmas is fast approaching meaning the cold weather is here ! Fall has been wonderful and as much as I would like the weather to stay like this I know its not going to happen. It will soon be cold and I'll be hiding inside. This look was part of my Christmas Lookbook (You can find it below!) but it was the perfect outfit to wear while walking around Dundurn Castle. The skirt I'm wearing is thrifted, as is the blouse. My (faux) fur shawl  is from Winners and my beret is from Coach. Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! 

December 14, 2020

Red Tartan Scarf

My newest scarf in my collection !  I got it a few weeks ago and I've been so excited to wear it!  Its form Lochcarron of Scotland, A brand I've personally loved for years! If you are interested click here to shop this scarf . You guys know red is my favourite colour so this pattern caught my eye right away! I paired the scarf with a long camel coloured coat and brown accessories. to get in the christmas spirit  I also added a wreath brooch. If you want to see more of this look check out my christmas lookbook below 

December 11, 2020

Pale Green and Brown

It's the holiday season and its a different one this year. No big parties or events, and as I'm sure you've read over a million times now, its a holiday season so spend at home with our loved ones, whether that be with the people you live with or through zoom. I personally love to do things around the holidays I look for activities and make plans with friends but this year that changed. I've been looking for things I can do locally and at home. I have a few vintage holiday recipes I want to try and tons of movies to watch. I did take a small day trip to Stratford last week and it was lovely ! It was nice to look at all the decorations and go to the stores to support those small businesses. 

The day was a bit chilly but I was nice and warm in my outfit. I wore this pale green fit and flare coat and paired it with brown accessories.  What kept me the warmest were these gloves from Cornelia James! They are made from Merino wool so they kept my hands really warm, they also have the feature so that you can use them with a smart device so I don't have to take my hands out of my gloves to take a photo or answer a text. If you want to get yourself a pair (Highly recommend!) click here to check out their page . I also paired the outfit with a vintage brown bag that matches the gloves perfectly! And a (Faux) fur hat to tie in the (fauz) fur trim on the gloves. It was the perfect outfit to wear for a snowy day of window shopping! if you want to see more check out my Christmas Lookbook below! 

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