August 24, 2019

Light blue Gingham

How darling is this gingham dress! its the perfect daytime dress to walk around in the garden. I've always been drawn to tablecloth print dresses in the summertime, If I look like a picnic then I'm happy! This particular dress is from shein, I've had it in my closet since the middle of the winter and I FINALLY took it out for a spin! I love the small buttons going along the front as well as the matching belt. I actually appreciate that its an actual belt vs just a string that you tie into a bow, I think it gives it a more put together/elegant look. I paired the dress with some white kitten heels (Which seems to be my summer staple this year) and for a more romantic look to it I pinned my hair up on the sides with these cream flower clips. Fun fact: I used to wear this hairstyle pretty much every day in my senior year of high school, I have clips like these in numerous colours. Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below as well as make sure to check out my suburban summer lookbook  down below! 

August 20, 2019

Gingham Picnic Dress

Summer isn't summer without a gingham dress. I got this dress from Etsy about a month ago and I was surprised at how amazingly it fit! its an amazing little shift dress that hangs on the body making it incredibly comfortable. I layered the dress over a white puffy sleeve blouse from zara. For accessories I chose this little wicker bag that resembles a picnic basket, and some red slingback block heels!  
If you want to see more check out my suburban summer lookbook ! 
August 12, 2019

Suburban fit and Flare

I love a good fit and flare dress! I got this stunning vintage dress on etsy and its been one of my favourites this summer. It has a beautiful check plaid print in purple and white, with some criss cross stitching for some extra detail. I think this dress is the perfect day dress for just going on a walk in your neighbourhood. It truly made me feel like I was from a different era haha.
August 09, 2019

Candy Stripes

This is one of my all time favourite dresses ! it has such a fun "cotton candy from the circus" vibe ! I love the bold print mixed with the puffy sleeves!  Purple isn't a colour I wear very often, mainly because I find it difficult to find in stores, but in this dress it works perfectly ! This outfit is part of my suburban summer lookbook, if you want to see more check out the video below!

August 07, 2019


I wanted to share some photos from when I went to Ladurée in Yorkdale recently. You guys know I love macarons and coffee so I was in HEAVEN. The location is beautiful (and matched my outfit perfectly lol) as well as everyone was incredibly friendly. I highly recommend going if you haven't been especially if you like macarons! 
August 05, 2019

Neon Gingham

I've had this vintage neon green gingham dress in my closet since January and I'm so happy to finally wear it !  I was waiting to get a bit more of a tan so  the green really pops. I spent a lot of time outside at the end of july so I took this dress out on the town. I love the combination of green and white especially when mixed with a gingham print! and how adorable are those little pockets! so cinch in the waist a bit I added a white belt with a square buckle, which I think matches the retro vibe of this outfit perfectly! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! 
July 22, 2019

Green Pillbox Hat

I can't get enough of this outfit. I got this green pillbox hat a few months ago from a movie wardrobe sale and its hands down my favourite hat!  I really want pillbox hats to come back in style so that I can buy more of them. This is always something that I struggle with, I'm not one of those people that follows trends so I'm always looking for things that I want  to wear but if its not "in style" this season then I can't find it in stores *Giant dramatic sigh*. I always end up finding my favourite pieces in vintage stores but even then its always random.  But anyway back to the outfit lol... I am wearing this dress from H&M that i've had in my closet for YEARS its one of my favourite dresses because its so versatile you can wear it with just about anything.  I layered this little lace cropped jacket from maska, I've had this little jacket for a few years too and I don't wear it too often but its a great statement piece. I was thrilled when I saw that it was the same shade as the pillbox hat! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below! 

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