October 17, 2018

Red Tweed Dress

Another day another tweed look! Today we have this stunning red, black and white tweed dress from Shein ! it is the Tie neck tweed dress (Link here) As you all know red is my favourite colour to wear to whenever I see a red tweed piece I have to get it!  This piece is so girly and classic and can be worn so so many occasions and seasons just by switching the accessories. Since it it getting a bit chillier here I wore this dress with a black coat from H&M that has these cool gold clasps instead of buttons, it gives it a unique look. Instead of tights I wore these sock tights in red, a year ago I was totally agains socks and heels but I think when the sock is actually tights it gives it a completely different look. I've actually been loving that look lately and I've bought one too many pairs lol.  This particular pair is from Forever 21. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!
October 15, 2018

Tweed and Fur

You guys all know I love a matchings set, especially if its tweed. I'm always on the hunt for matching pieces because I think it always looks pulled together and effortless. Really nice matching sets are hard to find because a lot of stores don't carry them, which I always find odd because it seems like people really like them ? Whats not to love about them ? you can wear it together for a complete look OR separately and create completely different outfits. I got this particular matching set from Shein  and it is the Zip front faux fur plaid coat and skirt set (Link here). Not only is it tweed but it also the the cutest (and softest!!) faux fur trim on the skirt and the jacket making this the cutest matching set ever ! I am seriously obsessed with it ! and its perfect for this time of year because its warm but still light enough for a warmer fall day. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit minimal so I wore a plain white turtleneck underneath and a black beret. For accessories I just went for these silver circle earrings that I wear all the time!  Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below! 
October 10, 2018

Plaid In the City

Plaid skirts are an essential part of my fall/winter wardrobe. I've been collecting them for years and I'm always looking for new colours to add to my collection. This particular skirt is red, black, blue and white so I decided to pair it with this black mock neck shirt from H&M. To add a little interest to the outfit I opted for some red tights which i actually haven't worn in soooo long. I used to wear coloured tights all the time and I started to slowly stray away from them... until this year ! I think its a fun way to add some colour to your outfit. To bring the red back around I topped the look off with a red beret ! I also wore a pair of black heels. let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below 
October 08, 2018

White Flowers

I've been waiting for the fall to arrive so that I could finally wear this jacket ! It's honestly STUNNING!  I love the white flower print over the camel coloured suede. I got this coat from El Corte Ingles, the brand is Amite and ahh you guys I am actually obsessed with it ! I wore it over this ruffly knit dress from Zara, its so cozy and warm so its perfect for this time of year. As for shoes I just opted for a pair of dark nude heels to give myself  a little lift. But the main focus is definitely the coat. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!
October 05, 2018

Falling for Orange

I've found this love for the colour orange over the past year, I've talked about this on my blog before because I've never understood why everyone hates on orange. Even when walking around the mall you wont find a big selection of orange clothes, which I find really odd.  For me personally red is my favourite colour to wear, but orange is a close second. I can acknowledge that people are slowly starting to wear more colour than they have in the past few years. There was a point where everyone walked around like they are at a funeral, black clothes everywhere. I've never been one of those people I've always loved colour and constantly obsessed with matching my outfit perfectly! Something I inherited from my mom and grandmother, I feel like its something that people valued a lot before. In 2018 you have a bit more freedom with clothes and colour combinations, Where as a few decades ago everything had to perfectly match (Think of the 50's-60's) While that may be a little limiting, I find it really fun!  I feel proud when I made the right colour combinations to perfectly match an outfit... its like solving a puzzle ! For this particular outfit, I pulled the orange from the plaid on the overalls and but also wanted to add some interest so I layered the sweater over a white button up shirt (Again pulling white from the plaid overalls.) I also added some white knee high tights for extra warmth. But I think my favourite touch to the outfit are the saddle shoes... I have been looking for saddle shoes for SOO long ! They are the perfect shoes for the fall, pretty much matching everything ! let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below ! 
October 02, 2018

Blue Velvet

I've never been a huge fan of velvet, I'm not really sure why it just never drew me in. That is until I found this beautiful royal blue crushed velvet dress! The colour is stunning, and of course super on trend right now because its a jewel tone. I got this dress from Pull and Bear and and didn't think much of it seeing as its a plain dress... that is until I layered it over a white button up shirt! It completely transformed it into the perfect retro look. I've actually had this button up shirt for a while (It used to belong to my mom) I lucked out that it had oversized cuffs because it added the perfect finishing touch. For my shoes I had to wear my favourite white boots, you guys have seen these numerous times because they are my favourite shoes!  let me know what you think of the look in the comments below ! 

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