Thursday, August 25, 2016

CNE | Carnival outfit

Yesterday my sister and i has the best summer day ever! We went shopping all day and then to the CNE!  i love carnivals they are filled with games and delicious food (lots of food!) we didn't get too adventurous we stuck to the classics like cotton candy and deep fried cookie dough..... although part of me wishes we tried the hotdog with crickets (just to say i've tried crickets...ew) Neither of us won anything in the games...which was actually kinda disappointing lol i wanted a giant teddy bear !!!  but i'm not the most athletic person so i always suck at those kind of games (where is my boyfriend when i need him), i think the guy at one of the ring toss stations felt bad for me and gave me free rings to toss in hopes that i could win something (i didn't...) we also took a ride on the flying chairs that overlook the whole carnival and i had a moment where i thought to myself "what if my shoe falls off...?" i would be shoeless the rest of the day!! and walking barefoot on city streets...not cute needless to say i tried to grip my shoes as best i could the rest of the ride! i should of worn something with laces instead of plain flats. For the rest of the outfit i tried to keep it in theme (am i the only one that does that??) so i wore this striped chiffon blouse that ties up into a bow at the front, i got this shirt at the beginning of the summer and it is still in stores!  i don't know why but when i think carnival i think stripes, maybe its because of circus tents.  To keep it casual i paired it with this denim A-line skirt and an aqua crossbody bag. As for my hair and makeup i went for a vintage kinda look because carnivals are so indicative of the 50's so i really wanted to embody that without it looking like a costume. This hair style is so easy to do !  i just curled my hair and basically put it in pigtails, i know traditionally this hairstyle is done with hair clips but i knew that wouldn't last all day especially if i was shopping and trying stuff on at the beginning of the day. all and all it was a great day!  

Monday, August 22, 2016

Zane Barläs SS17 | Toronto Mens Fashion Week

On Friday night i attended the Zane Barläs SS17 runway show for Toronto Mens Fashion week, It was an amazing show! i was blown away by the beautiful textiles and colours. I would totally want my boyfriend to live in these clothes because they were so elegant and classy... think Chuck Bass. There was a great energy at the show, you could tell all the attendees were in awe with the collection. If you didn't catch the live feed here is a link to where you can see pictures of the show. As for my outfit i wanted to wear something that was very distinctly me and since it is still summer i wanted the outfit to be very light in colours. i wore this beautiful floral satin skirt that has this luminance to it whenever the light hits it. But i think my favourite part is the colour its such an interesting lavander/gray colour and in some lights part of it looks brown. i knew i wanted the skirt to be the center of attention so i kept the rest of the outfit really minimal with a white ruffly blouse and a white cropped jacket draped over my shoulders. The look didn't feel complete and so i added this small white beret and bam!  its funny looking at pictures of the show i can spot myself so fast on the front row because most people were wearing black so i stick out. If you want to create a similar look check out the links below. The skirt i wore is still in stock and on sale  so act fast because the summer ends! :) 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Rose Gold Studs

Something i've been experimenting with a bit lately is wearing matching colours and just letting the details speak for themselves. In this case the deatails are in this beautiful pale pink lace bodysuit, i don't normally wear body suits but this was such a perfect colour i couldn't pass it up. I think my favourite part besides the colour is the  the collar detailing (underneath i just wore a nude coloured cami.) i mentioned at the start of the summer that i was going to embrace my paleness and not bake myself in the sun to get a tan, so with that in mind i wen'f for an all pale look and kept the shorts the same shade as the shirt, even the shoes are the same pale pink colour. This allowed for the rose gold studs to pop and be the center of attention.   As i was wearing this outfit i realized how much i liked wearing a tight shirt, i normally opt for chiffon blouses which tend to be a bit looser and i just sinch in my waist with a high wasted skirt or shorts. There will definitely be more tight sweaters featured on my blog this fall ! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pond scene skirt

Pieces for transitioning into fall are in full swing and I, like everyone else has been buying them recklessly (but actually.... i've done too much fall shopping lol) but still summer is very much among us, especially with the heat waves we've been having. That being said i am still as pale as i was in the winter due to my lack of time spent outside. But not to worry i am going to florida next weekend for a week  and i am sure to get some colour... you know...right in time for fall lol (make sure to follow me on instagram to see pictures while i am on vacation! link here) There is sure to be some more posts featuring summer outfits until the beginning of september and maybe some travel ones, whats in my travel bag or something of the sort, what do you think?? For this day i chose to wear a floral print skirt, which almost has a pond scene to it with the cranes and the water.  i love how delicate it is and the painterly feel to it (perfect to wear to walk around an art gallery) i was also intrigued by the unusual combination of colours, the pink and the green. Since the skirt was cream i deiced to pull another colour for the shirt so naturally i went with pink and then added a black bow around the collar for some added interest. For the shoes i kept it simple and went for some black high heeled sandals, i've been wearing these non stop lately! i hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a great rest of your week :) 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Yellow lace dress

Hello! Happy monday ! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was very laid back and relaxing. On friday i just hung out with my boyfriend and we finished watching stranger things on Netflix (whos seen in!?!?!)  On saturday i worked all day and then went to the movies with my sister, we watched lights out. I love horror movies and i'm always on the hunt for good ones,  and since this one is from the makers of the conjuring i was definitely interested (probably the best horror movies i've seen in the past couple of years) But as fas as this one goes, it was ok... there were a lot of jump scares so it made you jump but it wasn't a lingering fear. I love horror movies that are a bit more psychological and will keep you up at night.. so if you have any recommendations please let me know! But enough about my love of horror movies and lets move on to another thing i've been loving lately and that is berets! ok... i've always loved them.... but i only wore them in the fall/winter but i've been liking them as an accessory for the summer or spring (kinda like i would wear a headband) it's gotten to the point where i have to space out when i wear them or i would be wearing them everyday. For this outfit i am wearing this white beret which i thought matched perfectly with this light yellow lace dress (which is still in stores ! perfect for the last few days of summer ! ). I felt like i was ready to go for a stroll in paris, especially with this Chanel brooch.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Denim Street style

Happy friday !  In light of wednesdays post, where i discussed feeling a but restrained in my own (imaginary) fashion rules, i decided to venture off to the mall to find some new additions to my wardrobe. i wanted to grab some of these new trends that are coming out as we transition into fall. For one i am wearing a denim skirt... we can probably count how many times denim has been featured on my page... probably like once. As some (if not all !) of you may have noticed that denim is huge as we transition into fall this year, you can find it in basically any form; Pants, purses, skirts, shoes and even hair scrunchies (yes those are coming back too). This skirt i am wearing is from H&M (and its on sale! check below!) i just really loved the mixture of the different shades of denim, reminded me of justin and Britney (ah... childhood memories.) i kept it a bit simple and just paired it with a cream chiffon blouse and this bucket bag backpack, which just so happens to match the lighter shades of denim on the skirt. And yes i bought them with the intention of wearing them together (The light blue bag isn't on the H&M website but it is this season so check your local store!).

During my shopping excursion i found a lot of awesome transition pieces!  you would have seen some of the things i purchased if you follow me on Instagram, due to yesterdays instagram story.  If you don't follow me on instagram yet... you are missing out on some behind the scenes in my stories or just day to day pictures that i post... i'll leave the link here (shameless self promo..hey girl hey) for those who don't follow me on other social media some of the new things i purchased include a denim overall dress, a navy military style coat, and a small clear cross body literally clear plastic (so 90's i'm dying...ahh memories) These items will be featured on my blog once the weather begins to change, we are currently in the middle of a heatwave and it feels like 40 degrees outside...i complain about the heat now but come february i'll be complaining about winter, it's a never ending cycle. But anyway i hope you have a great weekend! and let me know what your favourite fall trend is for this year :)

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