Thursday, October 20, 2016

Navy coat and burgundy cabby hat | Collab with Adrienne Naval

Make sure you check out Adrienne's blog to see her outfit details ! 
It is mid October and its a weird time in which the weather can be really warm or really cold, it's also a time where the leaves are changing and you get excited for halloween  but retail stores completely forget about it and skip straight to christmas (stores have had ornaments and trees out for a couple of weeks now) is it just me or do they put out christmas stuff earlier each year?? As much as i love Christmas, i think i'll hold off till November to get excited....Although i already have some collabs in the works for November and ideas for holiday related photoshoots. This particular shoot was in collaboration with Adrienne Naval  from Beyond the exterior. She is a fashion and beauty blogger as well, make sure you guys check out her blog to see the rest of her outfit! well as her instagram. We began talking through social media, instagram and twitter, we officially met in person at the the NYX Toronto imats after party (if you haven't seen my vlog from the night, check it out here! Adrienne makes and appearance :) ) We had such a fun time shooting, talking about clothes and future collabs. As for this outfit i wore this thin navy blue coat with gold buttons (exact coat!), this is probably my favourite style of coat i think i own 4 different navy coats with gold buttons.... i don't know what it is but i cant help myself when i see them! What i love about this particular one is that its thin! it's perfect for his time of year. i paired it with a black pleated skirt, a cream ribbed mock neck shirt, burgundy tights ... and to top it off i added a Burgundy cabby hat (my favourite accessory this season.) the colours and location where we shot this look makes me think of a tommy Hilfiger ad and i love it ! let me what you guys think of the look as well as (super random) thoughts on what i should be for halloween this year ! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Casual Ruffled sleeved blouse

As you guys saw from my last post i have been really into bell sleeves/ruffled sleeves i think they are so fun on their own or peaking out from under a jacket. This particular one is from H&M and only $14.99 !! (link below) i paired it with these frayed tweed shorts from Zara (but they are unfortunately from last season but i linked similar ones below!) since it it getting  a bit colder tights were necessary and a light coat on top :) life has been steady getting into fall and enjoying the last few days of beautiful weather outside. i've been trying to post more regularly on my youtube channel (link to my latest vlog!) i am also attending another event hosted by NYX tomorrow night so make sure you follow me on instagram ! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cabby hat and flared sleeves

This is probably one of my favourite posts i've done on my blog, i am utterly and completely obsessed with this outfit and i kinda want to wear it every single day..... Cabby hats are my favourite accessory to wear at the moment and i am so glad i am able to find really cute ones in stores. I think that all i need is a cabby hat with some sort of crest or embellishment on it and i will be set. I don't know why but i felt like i needed to wear braids with this outfit which is something i haven't done since i was a little girl but it really pulled the whole outfit together. Bell sleeves are huge right now and bigger the bell the better! i got this sweater from Zara at the end of the summer so it's no longer in stores (wehhh!)  but i did find one that looks the exact same (yay! link below!) i paired it with these black trousers that are slightly flared out at the bottom but not enough that it competes with the sleeves which i think is important. As for accessories i am wearing a vintage locket, this was actually my grandmas locket and it got passed down and now it's mine :)  i love it so much i just don't wear it enough in fear of ruining it but i really should take it out of my jewelry box more often. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are excited for the weekend  to come ! i am so happy that it was a short week this week (it was Canadian Thanksgving on Monday) i've got some new things planned for the blog and i cant wait to share them with you ! i also went to 2 different events yesterday one was the Sanuk SS17 preview at the spoke club, And then at night i went to the trendsetter and cocktails event hosted by mapleview mall, if you want to see more day to day life activities make sure you follow me on instagram !  link here ! :) 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Denim overall Dress

As some of you may have noticed i have found a new appreciation for denim, i used to never (and i mean never) wear it because i always related it to casualness and thats something i tried to stay away from for some reason. Since the ending of the summer denim has been everywhere ! i wasn't able to stay away from it and bought myself a few denim pieces. One of my favourite buys was this denim overall dress, i think its so cute and femenine and somethin i probably never buy. i of course paired it with a red favourite colour to wear but once i looked in the mirror all i could see was Mario and i found myself wondering where Luigi was. That was not exactly the look i was going for so i had to add something else to break up that vision haha i added this silk Hermes twilly i thought the colours worked really well as well as added a little touch of elegance to a simple outfit. As for shoes i just wore these simple blue block heeled shoes.

Friday, October 07, 2016

#NYXCOSMETICSAFTERDARK | IMATS Toronto after party hosted by NYX

I had mentioned in Mondays post that i went to the IMATS after party hosted by NYX Cosmetics this past weekend. It was such a great night i met up with Adrienne and Mikayla who are fellow fashion/beauty bloggers, i linked their names to their instagrams for you guys to check out. We seriously had the best time and hopefully will be working on something together very soon. I hope you guys like this mini vlog of the night, we talked, met other bloggers as well took photobooth style pictures in the booth. The event was at the wildflower club at the Thomson Hotel, which is an amazing hotel in the city.  For my outfit i went with something really simple, i avoided black because i find that i always end up wearing black when i go to events haha so i opted for an all cream look instead. i paired this long sleeved ribbed shirt with this cream ruffly skirt. i love a skirt with ruffles it adds a certain femininity and flirtyness to an outfit. To top the outfit off i created these soft waves to my hair and put on my favourite red lipstick.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Embroidered Blouse

i have never been one to wear jeans.... i always felt is was too casual and not really my style, and i'm not going to lie i still feel a little out of place wearing them. i've been wanting to experiment with my style a little bit the past couple of months but i also don't want to stray too far from what i enjoy. i am obsessed with this shirt its gorgeous the embroidery on it is everything ! i got it from zara this month and is still in stores, link here. But as for the pants... i am not too sure i am comfortable wearing jeans. Not because they are uncomfortable on the contrary this high wasted pair is very comfortable i just don't really feel like myself. i was a little unsure about posting this outfit because i am not all too crazy about it, but since i wanted to share my experimentation with you guys i thought i would be real and show you some misses. i don't really like my body in tights pants that why i tend to wear more loose shorts or skirt because i find it more flattering.i don't know let me know in the comments below what you think, for me this is a miss but i would love to hear your opinions.   

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