May 08, 2022

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show! Spring 2022


THE best event of the season is here! The Toronto vintage Clothing show is my Christmas!  I look forward to this event all year long (They have a fall show and a spring show). Follow them on instagram so you can get updates for the fall show! The spring show was this weekend and I spent  the entire day yesterday just walking around and shopping at the the show. If you are not familiar with the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show its an event where a bunch of vendors come together and they all sell vintage clothing, accessories and home decor.... Its basically a fantasy world! 

Its a great place to shop for all of those hard to find vintage pieces and to build your vintage wardrobe all in one place. It also helps support small and local businesses. This is the first vintage show since before the pandemic and the vendors were busy stocking up their inventory.... and it shows! The building came alive once the doors opened and all of the vintage lovers filled the room! 

Since its a vintage show, you see a lot of people dressed in a vintage style, myself included ! It's funny I posted a tips and tricks video on my Youtube channel (Check it out here) And one of my tips was to not over do it with the accessories...yet I showed up with a vintage hat and gloves (don't be like me) I mean, I felt great in the outfit! LOL but it was tedious to hold them when I wanted to try on other hats and gloves. As you can see in the photos above, I had to remove my black hat to try on that beautiful pink hat! Also please ignore my handbag being wide open lmao...

My first purchase of the day!  A black velvet hat from Sophie Dabishire. She said she thought of me when She put it out on display and a few minutes later I walked by and grabbed it haha ! It was such a coincidence! I know I'll get tons of wear out of it all year round! 

This was probably My favourite stand to look through because they has some amazing antiques! Tons of vanity pieces, and HAT STANDS! if you scroll up to the first photo in this post you can see some of the hat stands because its from the same stand.  The vendor is Vintage J and J 

You guys know I cant resist a hat and this one was calling my name ! Yes I bought it.... Don't worry a haul is coming to my Youtube channel in the next couple of days so make sure you are subscribed to me on there! (link here). These hats are from statement house! I love trying on vintage hats and seeing what works with my head shape. Not only is your face shape important for hats, the shape of you head is also important! For example My head is a bit more point-y at the top so flat hats (Saucer hats) don't work as well, but round hats  that sit at the back of my head work perfectly. 

I loved these vintage Talcum powder packages, I wish they will made beauty items with this type of design it looks so luxurious and beautiful on a vanity. And also that green hat stand... a dream!   

There was a stack of vintage magazines, patterns and prints. They were so beautiful to look through ! I wish I had a place to properly display prints and magazines. If I did I probably would've picked some up because there were some really beautiful ones in there.  

This was the full outfit that I wore... except I forgot to put my white gloves back on after I tried some on some gloves at the previous stand, but you get the idea. I wore a new-to-me vintage1940s wool dress.... Which I spontaneously decided to cut off the pockets and sew it back up at 11pm the night before. I RARELY alter vintage items but I hate dresses with pockets and I couldn't stand the bulkiness of them. It turned out perfectly and the silhouette is much nicer after removing the pockets. I got the dress from etsy (SeptembersSister) I paired the dress with some semi sheer tights with the seam at the back (Sorry I didn't get a photo of the back) and some black T-strap heels. To cinch in my waist I wore this little black belt with a rhinestone buckle. My purse was a little needle point/tapestry type bag, you can get a glimpse of it in my hand over my shopping bag.  And of course my black hat and white gloves. 

Ah this vendor had a bunch of bakelite handbags which I LOVE. I think they are so fun. Unfortunately they are always so pricey (Not from this seller specifically, In general they have a higher price point) I only own one because I found it at an amazing price but I dream of owning another. One day! I love that beige one at the front of the photo with the snowflake  design at the top. 

I stopped at Victory girl vintage I wish I would've had a chance to take more photos but It was SO crowded at the vintage show. I knew it would be busy at the show, since its the first in two years but WOW the vintage community turned up! I had to go to the car half way through the day to drop off shopping bags because it was so crowded I was hitting people with my bags. 

And the main culprit was statement house ! (Peep the logo on the shopping bag!) This was hands down my favourite stand for shopping and where I did the most damage! I went back to her booth 4 times and bought something every single time! I told her I needed to be cut off haha! Yet I kept bringing my friends to check out her booth! The most diverse items from numerous decades and at very reasonable prices. They actually have a store in Peterborough and I might have to take a trip there this summer to pay her a visit! 

Ah I was obsessed this corset! This year I've taken a bigger interest in undergarments to structure my outfits. What I love about vintage clothes (Pre-1960s) Is the importance of the silhouette. Of course before the turn of the century it was even more important and thats where you see the trends changing. But in the first half of the 20th century silhouette is still important. I realized that I wont be able to get an authentic look just by wearing vintage clothes and accessories, I need the right pieces to wear underneath. I've always worn dress slips and half slips under my dresses and skirts but I've started to explore corsets and garters! I haven't found many in my size YET but my search will continue! 

In this photo you can get a better idea of what my hat looked liked from the back, I really wanted to find a hat like this in white but I didn't see one.... but thats Ok I got 3 other hats! Overall I had an amazing day at the vintage show! I got to see some friends and meet so many of YOU which was so fun! You guys kept showing me your finds and wow you guys found some amazing gems! It also felt great to be around like minded people and just to feel the energy in the room! It was like a big reunion. I can't wait for the fall show on September 24th and 25th, and I hope to see even more of you there! 

May 01, 2022

April 2022 - Film and TV

Wow another month went by! It's time for another film and television post. If you are new here or have rediscovered my blog I started a new series were I share new or notable movies and Tv shows I watch every month.  I love movies and the film industry so I thought I would share that with you!  

9/10. I haven't seen this movie in AGES! I really enjoy Biographical films  (I also love reading biographies) I think as a society we don't take enough time to get to know one another. I have a theory that you can care very deeply about anyone if you just get to know them better. What makes them happy or sad, what makes them nervous, Seeing what they are passionate about, seeing the little quirks that makes them who they are. Everytime I watch or read a biography I have a soft spot for that that person. Does that happen to you too ??

 If you haven't seen La Bamba I highly recommend it, I think its wildly underrated. Its a biographical film about Ritchie Valens. Richie Valens was an American guitarist, singers and songwriter, he is regarded as a  rock and roll pioneer. However his career came to a tragic end when he died in a plane crash, along side Buddy Holly when He was only 17 years old. Although his career only lasted 8 months, his songs La Bamba, Donna, and we belong together are still classics to this day. The film showcases his rise to fame and his passion for music. 

Ritchie Valens came from humble beginnings, his mom was Mexican but living in Los Angeles, and they struggled to make ends meet. despite that, she was really supportive and its amazing to see him going after his dream of being a musician. There is brotherly conflict throughout the movie, and I think Esai Morales (Bob) did a phenomenal job in this movie, you really feel the hurt in his voice when he compares himself to Ritchie. Bob is not a good person and treats Rosie horribly, but its not hard to understand why he is the way he is. its quite heartbreaking.  

The movie is set in the 1950s and the costumes and set design really transport you back in time. There is amazing chemistry among the cast it feels like you are watching a real family. This is actually one of my favourite movies, I can't believe its been this long since I've watched it. I gave it a 9/10 ONLY because Lou Diamond Phillips doesn't look like Ritchie Valens and it slightly bothers me... I try not to think about it lol but other than that 10/10! 

10/10 Easter Parade is a masterpiece !  I mean.... Fred Astaire and Judy Garland ? You can't go wrong. If you read my history of The Easter Parade post  You saw that I mentioned this movie and its importance in bringing the Easter Parade into pop culture. I look forward to watching this movie every Easter its so charming and fun. A lot of the jokes are quite modern and their comedic timing is perfect. 

The Movie of course has many fun Easter Bonnets, especially a the beginning of the film. Actually the fashion in the movie is quite swell! The movie is set in 1912 so the fashion is from that time period with some 1940s references thrown in (the makeup is especially 1940s)

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes musical from this time period. They really don't make them like this anymore.  The colours, the dance numbers, the singing! It just doesn't compare. I mean of course we are talking about Fred Astaire and Judy Garland who are LEGENDS but you don't see that type of talent anymore. 

10/10. I watched this movie again after a few years of not watching it and omg its the most charming movie. Honestly if you haven't seen it I'm jealous because I wish I could watch it for the first time again.  The movie follows Toms life after his father tells him that all the men in his family can time travel after they turn 21. It has that science fiction element but the movie doesn't come off like a typical science fiction movie. It's more of a romance/joys of life type movie. I love the dynamic  between Tom and his dad (Played by Bill Nighy) they have great chemistry. 

However the main relationship is between Tom and Mary (Rachel Macadams). What I LOVE about this film is the way they show Tom falling in love, its written all over his face. In a lot of movies they just pair two people together and you assume they are in love and accept it. In this movie you feel it! One of my favourite scenes in the movie is the subway montage after they start dating. It's so cute! and so relatable to the average person.  

Another memorable scene is the montage where he relives his days, one normal, and the other one noticing life more. It's really eye opening and it makes you want to appreciate your everyday life more. But I think what makes the movie is Domhnall Gleeson he is SO perfect for this roll! He is so endearing and you cant help but smile when he smiles. He makes the movie, he is the movie lol. 

8/10. This movie is a much heavier topic, but before I get into the story I want to talk about how beautifully its filmed. They really captured the time period, the clothing/hair and the sets were perfect. The whole colour palette of the movie is amazing, tons of pastels and bright colours in the "before" portions of the movie and the cool tones and greys in the scenes in the concentration camp. The movie flips back and forth between the two time lines so it makes the contrast that much more jarring.

It's a dutch film but I watched it dubbed in english on Amazon Prime,  you can watch it in its original language with subtitles if you prefer. The film tells the story of the friendship between Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank.  It is told from the perspective of Hannah Goslar, the movie used the book Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a childhood friend, written by American author Alison Leslie Gold as reference. I haven't read the book so I don't know how accurate its portrayed on film. I assume some creative liberties were taken to portray the story but I just wanted to mention the source material. 

Of course we all know the tragic story of Anne Frank, But its refreshing to hear the story from another perspective. You almost dislike Anne for most of the movie. She can be a bit selfish and self centered and doesn't value Hannah as much as Hannah values Anne. however  in the movie they are 13 and most 13 year old girls are a bit selfish. The story mostly follows Hannah and its a testament of her endurance, strength and courage. It also shows what an amazing friend she is, something that I find rare (especially these days). Whats crazy to think about is that Hannah Goslar is still alive today! I'm glad she became a nurse!  Something she dreamed of becoming as a child.  The movie is heartbreaking but so beautifully done! Highly recommend it. 

These are all the movies for this month!  I want to have all new movies next month so if you have any movie recommendations let me know in the comments!  I've been a bit busy this month so I haven't looked for new movies to watch. The only new one for me was my best friend Anne Frank. Let me know if you've seen any of these movies!

April 25, 2022

Opening weekend at Aberfoyle Antique Market

    It was the opening weekend for the Aberfoyle Antique market!  One of my favourite things to do when the warm weather arrives. It runs every Sunday starting April 24th all the way to October 30th! It's an outdoor market so its a great way to enjoy the nice weather and to spend the morning/afternoon surrounded by antiques. They also have a hotdog and ice cream stand in case you want to stick around and make a day of it (Trust me there is plenty to look at) I always find something to bring home every time I go. 

The Aberfoyle Antique market is Canadas oldest antique market. It started in 1961... which is crazy to think about the types of items they were selling back then !  Probably some amazing Edwardian and victorian pieces and maybe even older. These days you can find some items dating back to the late 1800s all the way to the 1980s... probably early 2000s, I'm just refusing to believe thats considered vintage lol...

So I grabbed my saddle shoes and headed to the market!  I went in with an open mind, since its opening weekend I just wanted to look around and see what caught my eye. As always I have my eyes open for hats. Aberfoyle has such a nice mix of items; jewellery, home decor, furniture, records, books, and some fashion items. There is a little bit of something for everyone! 

I saw a bunch of paintings, if you are looking for paintings in a more "traditional or classic style" this is the place to look! I love paintings with faces and people I don't know why I just really like them. I  love the rococo era so anything in that style always catches my eye. I also really love round paintings and frames, I don't see them very often at thrift stores or regular stores for that matter, but I think they are SO elegant and much more interesting than square/rectangle ones. 

Here are two items I regret not buying...I saw tons of these flower "figurines" (I'm not sure what the proper name is, but there were a bunch of them) I see them at thrift stores occasionally but they are always chipped or have broken petals. The ones I saw at the market were in much better condition and there was a variety of designs and sizes... They were actually cheaper than thrift store ones too. I should've bought one I don't know why I didn't.... I guess that means I will have to go back again this summer!  
Another item I regret not buying is this wall mount picture frame!  I saw it right when I walked in, which is a blessing and a curse because I wanted to see what else there was. So I took a photo to remind myself to go back for it at the end... not that it worked because I forgot. Now It might look like a typical frame but what I loved about it was the curved glass. I think it's stunning. Hopefully it's there next time I go back. 

This little desk is completely impractical as a regular desk in the modern age because we use laptops and the writing area is on an incline, but how amazing would it be for drawing!  Some of you know I love to draw portraits, it's something very personal to me,  I have to be in the right head space to draw but its a big passion of mine (I once thought I would turn it into my career) Maybe this is why I like paintings with faces? anyway... how perfect would it be as a drawing desk!  I could store my supplies on the side drawers and my most used items on the top storage area. Unfortunately I don't have the room for it so I left it behind.. one day I will own a little drawing desk! 

I HAD to stop at my favourite booth! Monica'S Magical Trove! This seller has a few booths around the GTA including the Hamilton antique mall, and a stand at the Toronto Vintage Clothing show. But I most frequently visit them at Aberfoyle. It's a girls DREAM they have everything you could want. Hats, Jewellery, scarves, gloves, items for a vanity, teacups, art and much more! I'm not exaggerating when I saw I could spend HOURS looking around.  

One of my favourite things that I saw was this white wicker handbag, I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in, in perfect condition. Unfortunately it was a bit out of my price range so I left it behind. But how perfect would it be for summer!! I hope it goes to a good home! 

Here are more photos of the same booth, look at all of those handbags on the wall and the jewellery boxes on the stand... oooh and the rack of gloves by the leather jackets. This is what I mean there is just so much to look at! You could get lost just in this booth alone.  

There is this one booth that sells more refurbished pieces in a shabby chic style, not my particular taste but its very popular. However On the outside of that booth they had some regular vintage furniture and THIS BEAR! I have 4 stuffed animals already and I don't need any more. so I didn't check how much he was... but now looking at the photo I'm regretting it! He is such a distinguished gentleman with his little outfit and his little chubby body is adorable. If he's still sitting there next time I go I might check the price.

That pretty much wraps up my day at the antique market!  I had so much fun shopping around, it was actually quite busy because the weather was beautiful. I also got so many compliments on my outfit! I was shocked because I wore something casual due to the nature of the market but a few people stopped me saying they liked my style. The sweetest older gentleman said I reminded him of being in High school, which as anyone who dresses in a vintage style will agree, is a top tier compliment!  


Of course you guys know I can't go to an antique market and come home empty handed. I spent about 2 hours at Aberfoyle and found some amazing gems, I'm sure if I took my time I could've come home with a lot more haha. Anyway here is my little haul: 

The first thing that I found was this little pill box, I have been looking for a new one for my purse for a while now but I haven't been able to find one that I like or at a reasonable price. This one immediately caught my eye! Its a square little box in a gold tone with a pearl layer on the top, it has these thin hand-painted purple lines and tiny crystal gems. But my favourite feature is the embroidered flowers on top, I'm not sure how they got that on there! it looks like its actually embroidered on to the pearl (Obviously its not, but its so well done it looks like it is) I forgot to take off the price tag but as you can clearly see it was $12. A bit expensive for such a tiny item but it's so intricate and unique that I think its very reasonable. The lady from the shop said it was from the 1930s. 

Ok before you start judging and commenting that this looks like a sea urchin please look at the photos below because it will make sense... and to be fair the hat would photograph better on my head or a proper hat stand instead of flat on top of my bed haha. 

Here are two photos of my beautiful Grandmother! These are actually my favourite photos of her. Before she passed she gifted me the fur collar she is wearing in these photos, she even fixed up the lining for me so its good as new! Its one of my most prized possessions. Since then I have been on the lookout for a hat like the one she is wearing so that I can recreate this exact look. Now I know its not the exact hat, my grandmas was most likely all cream to match the fur and it looks like a thicker feathers, but this is the closest I've been able to find! The seller was super kind and sold it to me for $20 which I thought was a good deal. I have seen a hat like this at another antique market in a bright orange colour and it was $60 so I'm happy with the price I paid. I think its a really fun hat and I'll get some wear out of it, i'll keep an eye out for a more exact replica of the one my grandma is wearing in the photo but in the meantime this will do great! Oh and it also fits my head perfectly, I don't need to pin it to keep it in place,

I've been talking about how gloves are going to be huge accessory for me this spring and summer, I have a few cotton white gloves but I wanted to add a few more sheer ones. I got these for $8 each which isn't a bad price....however I have bought some at other antique markets for $3-$5. These ones were a but more unique so I decided to splurge. The one on the left is plain sheer with a ruffle cuff that closes with a little faux pearl button, super elegant. The one on the right has little pin stripes! I've never seen one like this before so I grabbed it. they are both in excellent condition!  The seller at this stand had tons of gloves ranging from $5-$25. There were some GORGEOUS ones but of course they were on the more expensive end haha. 

This was my biggest splurge of the day, I got this late 1940s SILK VELVET  dress. It is absolutely stunning. If you don't know silk velvet is the epitome of luxury fabric. It's been woven from silk since medieval times and has been worn by royalty for decades. The difference between silk velvet and regular velvet is in the weave. Velvet is short and dense while silk velvet (which is woven from silk) creates the silk velvet (you can read more about the process and more information about silk velvet here). Silk velvet is the most expensive velvet available because of its shine and softness. And honestly I can tell you this is the most beautiful fabric I've ever touched, its so soft and sturdy, it is literally velvety smooth. It's really hard to photograph but in person it looks so plush and the light makes it shimmer in the best possible way. It has these two strands on the neck to tie a knot or bow and it also comes with a small "belt". The belt is a bit too big for me so I'm torn on if I should add another clasp to cinch in a waist more or if I should leave it. I showed my mom and she said to leave it but I'm not 100% sure yet, maybe I'll create a poll on my story and see what you guys think. 

Last but not least!  I got this fur brooch. The lady said it was real fur (its quite obvious when you touch it) but she didn't remember what type of fur it was. It's original from the 1950s, the lady actually said I should put it on with the outfit I was wearing because it would match my whole look haha. I love these little fur pins I think they are a great accessory for winter. I  have another brooch exactly like this in a dark brown that I found at a thrift store. Funny enough I paid $10 for this one at Aberfoyle which is the same price I for the other one at the thrift store.  And for a real fur brooch from the 50s in perfect condition I think its a great price! 

Overall I had an amazing day at the antique market! It was the perfect weather and I'm really happy with everything I found. I have a feeling I will be back again this summer to see what else they add to the market!  Have you ever been to Aberfoyle??