March 18, 2023

Spring/Summer 2023 Toronto Vintage Clothing Show Shopping List

The Toronto Vintage Clothing show is two weeks away and I already have a list of things I'm shopping for!  If you don't know The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show is a bi-annual event filled with sellers selling... you guessed it... Vintage Clothing and Accessories. It's my favourite event of the season and it's where I buy most of my vintage clothes.  I'm not even joking this is my Christmas! If you've never been I highly recommend it! There is something for everyone, Men, Women, Kids,  and antique enthusiasts. Even if you don't plan on buying anything it's fun to walk around and be around like minded people who also love vintage! Here is some info on the show:

It takes place in Toronto, Canada 
at the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition 
Saturday April 1st and Sunday April 2nd 

If you want more information here is a link to their website and here is one for their instagram, make sure you give them a follow so you can be up to date on everything happening regarding the show! I hope to see you there :)  


Delicate 1930s/1940s Dresses 
At the top of my list I have delicate 1930s and 1940s dresses. This is something I look for every time I go into a vintage clothing store. I also always search for them at the Toronto Vintage clothing show. Ideally Short sleeve dresses with a flower print, little buttons and lace trims. I also love dresses that have a colour block details like the ones in the first photos I posted.

1930s Knit/Crochet Dresses
I've been in love with 1930s/early1940s knit/crochet dresses since last year. I have a 1970s does 1930s dress, but I've been on the hunt for a real 1930s one. I think they are so beautiful and perfect for day to day wear. So it's something I'll keep my eyes open for at the vintage show this season.

1940s Skirts
1940s skirts so are flattering, something about the tailoring looks amazing on everyone. I don't really have a particular pattern in mind, ideally some plain colours so that I can wear them with multiple tops in the summer. I have plenty of wool plaid ones so I don't think I'll be buying anything like that, I'm looking for lighter fabrics.

Matching Sets 
Either Suit Sets or matching summer sets. Now.... I've never been a big suit girl. I don't like shoulder pads and I tend to prefer softer more feminine silhouettes, so you can see why I would shy away from structured blazers. However I came across a 1940s blazer at the thrift store this winter. and it fits beautifully! The shoulder pads are small so they don't bother me. Since then I've tried on a couple of suit sets and I've been really liking them !  So It's something new that I'm trying out. Last year at the Toronto Vintage Clothing show I found a 1940s rayon summer matching set (Similar to the pink one in the last photo above) and its beautiful ! My favourite purchase from the show!  So I would love to find something similar again this year. 


1930s-1940s Wide Brim and Halo Hats
I LOVE these style of hats, I don't have too many in my collection and thats something I really want to change. I find them incredibly flattering for my face shape. They balance out and soften my features in the most flattering way. I especially want hats in the following colours: Bright White , Navy Blue, Grey, and Chocolate Brown. 

1940s Gold-toned Charm Bracelet
I have been on the hunt for a gold toned charm bracelet for years!  It's something I've been obsessed with since I was little (Along with heart shaped lockets, and music boxes) I specifically want a WWII era, but I'll settle for a charm bracelet from the 1940s (or earlier). Fingers crossed I find one this year! 

Knit/Crochet Brooches
Knit/Crochet brooches is something I don't have in my collection, However I would love to add some into my wardrobe for the Spring and summer. I think they look so beautiful on summer dresses or on a lapel on a coat /blazer. I have so many metal brooches so I think this would be a nice change ! 


Heart Motifs
I love anything with hearts!  I think they are so dainty and romantic! They look amazing on jewellery, but I don't own any clothing pieces with hearts (Thats a lie... I have a sweater lol) but I just want to find clothes with hearts in unexpected places, like the white dress above. Or a 1940s Heart halo hat.... that's something that has been on my wish list for years! 

Those are basically all of the things I'm actively searching for at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. I'm sure I'll find a million other things that I didn't know I needed while I'm there because It's always filled with amazing pieces!  There are a few things I am NOT buying at the show because I already have too many: Black hats, Black dresses, needlepoint/tapestry handbags, wool plaid skirts, White Summer gloves.  However if you are looking for those items I'm sure you will find them at the show! Whats on your vintage wishlist? 

See you there on April 1st and 2nd! 

March 14, 2023

Golden Girl

Hello! I've missed you, It's been a while since we last spoke. I've been hiding away in my house all winter... as if I'm an old Hollywood star between pictures. The cold and snow really limits my actives this time of year. However the days are getting longer and spring will be here before we know it. During this time I've been sorting through my wardrobe and trying to narrow down the decade I pull inspiration from. As you know my style has gone through numerous changes over the years so my collection has pieces from basically every time period. The 1940s and 1930s are my favourite and have been for over a year. I'm ready to channel my inner old Hollywood starlet (lol) and I'm exciting for a new season of outfits. I'll be back to posting looks regularly very soon.... well as soon as all this snow melts lol.