February 29, 2016

Baby blue

Spring is just around the corner and i could not be more excited! i am so tired of this cold weather and short days. i keep seeing all of these dresses and pastel coloured clothes in stores and i want to buy everything! it was a warm weekend but we are suppose to get a snowstorm tomorrow (ew) i am hoping it melts fast, because i don't want to deal with all of that. Although i shouldn't be complaining its been a rather warm winter. Another reason why i am so excited for spring is because i recently watched "a testament of youth" its a movie set around world war 1,  its a biographical movie about Vera Brittain. The movie itself is incredibly sad but it's brilliantly filmed, Alicia Vikander (who won an oscar last night !) did an amazing job. The first half of the movie is mostly centered around her going to school and how her and her fiance got together (the scenes when they are on their chaperoned dates are the cutest) this is all before the war started.  The fashion in the beginning of the film is beautiful, dainty dresses and hats...simply beautiful. i definitely recommend this movie, its on netflix (at least on the canadian one)

i was inspired by all of the spring clothing that has come out i have been leaning towards lighter coloured pieces in my wardrobe, such as this coat. i paired it with a similar coloured sweater underneath and i loved the effect it gave, they just kind of melted together. of course i added my gold locket <3 To avoid adding the harshness of black tights i decided to go with navy blue ones as well as a navy blue skirt. To tie it all in together i grabbed this tweed crossbody bag because it has all of the colours that are in the outfit. and for a final wintery touch i added this gray pom pom.

Coat: Forever 21
Sweater: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Bag: Aldo
Headband: Forever 21 
February 25, 2016

Black cape and green stripes

Hello, i hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!  i have just finished watching the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix... now i know it came out in 2014... but i was yet to watch it and let me tell you! i feel so completely inspired! She is such an amazingly interesting women and to think that all of her success and all the work she has achieved is all due to her being herself (and her hard work of course.) She has such a different way of looking at the world and doesn't let anyone tell her whats "in" and whats out. She likes what she likes and people applaud her for it (as do i!)  One part of the documentary that i wanted to touch upon was probably the most interest to me, the fact that she will buy clothing and jewellery anywhere. Being such a high profile person you would of assumed she has access (and the money) and only buy things from high end designers but no!  she will go through thrift stores, farmers markets, vintage store and even buy things from people who make their own jewellery on the street. if she finds it interesting she will buy it. As she so perfectly puts it "fashion you can buy, but style you possess" and i think that is such a great way of saying it. in the world we live in, the world of instagram and all these famous bloggers, we get stuck on the idea that wearing high end designers makes you fashionable. As well i find fashion is hitting a rut where everyone is simply copying each other because its what we see online and what we see all of these "famous" people wearing, as Iris put it in her documentary "downtown they think they're stylish, but they all wear black. Thats not really style. Thats a uniform." after watching this documentary i am definitely going to be making bolder fashion choices and wont be afraid to  wear the things i like. "You have to try it. you only have one trip, you've got to remember that." - Iris Apfel

For this particular outfit i am wearing a longer cape with arm slits, with a green and blue stripped sweater underneath,. i think its such a fun combination having the stripes poke through creating some interest ,especially because the pants are black as well. i matched the bag to the green striped of my sweater. i love small structured bags i think they make any outfit look more elegant (as well as prevents you from carrying too much stuff in your purse...which i am guilty of!!) for shoes....ahh i am obsessed with these new boots! i have wanted to buy a pair of quitted knee high boots for a long time now but every time i see a pair i like, they are flat, and i was about to give in and buy a pair but then i found these heeled ones and i feel i love! i think they are so cute and can be worn with so many different kinds of outfits.

Cape: Zara
Sweater: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo
Headband: Little miss matchy
Boots: Globo
Blouse: H&M
February 22, 2016

Desert colours

AAAnd just like that the snow is gone and we are were sitting at around 7 degrees all weekend with none stop sunshine!  You have to love canadian weather, we have had the mildest winter and i could not be happier.... they are saying we have seen the worst of it (that one snow storm lol) i hope you all had a wonderful weekend !  i went out for dinner for a friends birthday on friday we went to a greet restaurant and it was delicious!!  on saturday i had a quiet family night, we watched movies and ate snacks, on sunday i was up early to shoot some pictures and went to coffee, the rest of the day was spent editing.

This outfit is very "beige" i don't know another way to describe it, its all desert colours. i am obsessed with these mustard leaf print pants from zara... i got them from the zara sale for only $12!! they are so comfortable and just have a really flattering shape. i paired it with a cream knit sweater just for a little extra warmth (its was warm out but not quite spring yet haha) this is one of my favourite sweaters because it has such a cozy look and feel to it. And you guys know i have been obsessing with backpacks! i think its really hard to find ones that compliment my style but this one is perfect!  i love how structured it is and the colour matches everything! and not going to lie... when i was walking around i felt like i was hanging out with my friends after school because of the backpack. To add to the beige-y-ness i added this gold and taupe headband. i own this headband in a few different colours and i love the touch of elegance it gives!

Sweater: Zara
Pants: Zara
Backpack: Winners 
Heels: Target 
February 18, 2016

Tweed and Chanel

Tweed is such a classic texture that i find most people don't wear anymore. Tweed jackets have occasionally come back into style but never fully stay, and sometimes nice tweed pieces are hard to find.  i personally love tweed! i mostly own tweed jackets but i would love some tweed skirt and jacket combos... think jackie O. Whenever i think tweed my mind (and i am sure most peoples minds) automatically goes to Chanel. Chanel is famous of their tweed and i think it's the epitome of classiness and femininity. And as you guys know if its girly and feminine i am automatically drawn to it !  i paired with fitted tweed jacket to a black pencil skirt, matching to the black detailing on the buttons and pockets. under the jacket i wore a cream chiffon blouse that ties up at the front to form a bow, and for the final touch i added this Chanel brooch. ooooh and big pearl earrings, because pearls and tweed kinda go hand in hand :) 

if you were hoping for an update on the snow situation... it still hasn't melted (for someone who lives in canada i complain about the snow a lot... i am aware of this lol.) it's suppose to be warm all weekend so i have high expectations that it will all be gone by monday. I don't have much planned for the rest of the week, just working and a friends birthday dinner on friday.....hopefully do some shopping over the weekend, although all of the spring stuff is starting to come out and i would have to force myself to not buy pastels. In the past i have bought tons of spring stuff when the first wave of spring clothing comes out and then once it actually starts getting warm out... the second wave of spring stuff arrives and i buy that and then neglect the original stuff i bought... why do i do this!! its not that i don't like the original clothing i bought, maybe its because i have been looking at it in my closet for a couple of months... who knows.. all i know is that i cannot buy spring clothes during the first wave. 

February 16, 2016

Navy and white fur

it has been SO cold the past few days its not even funny.... feeling like -40 (dramatic sigh!! ) although i really shouldn't be complaining seeing as we have been blessed with a very mild winter with barely any snow. i can deal with the cold by bundling up but the snow is hard because it ruins my shoes. Even with the cold weather i will not stray away from my skirts/dresses and tights it is definitely my go to look and i just think it is such a perfect way to have that winter look.  i get a lot of winter inspiration from winter fashion from the 1900s, it a time period i wish i would of been born in (well one of... wouldn't be upset if i woke up in the victorian era lol)  at the time women only wore skirts/dresses with tights and fur coats when they were outside in the winter, in order to keep warm. Mind you their tights were probably made from a thick wool material, but that would get extremely hot once you go inside a store/house/restaurant. In my eyes this style is so feminine and i just love the silhouettes and lack of bulkiness.

If there is anything i hate more in this life its bulky fashion. i just hate the look of a bulky puffy jacket, snowboots and thick pants... i think thin layers create a much more pulled together look and can actually be quite warm. i am not going to lie and say that regular tights are just as warm as pants because obviously they not... but beauty is pain lol and i am the sort of person who will silently fight the cold...mind over matter.  of course if i am going to spend long periods of time outside i opt out my fleece lined tights.

This coat has been my obsession this winter, i got it as a christmas gift from my parents and the silhouette reminds me of something i would of worn as a child (think 1994 miracle on 34th street) it has a bell like flare at the bottom and its accentuated by wearing a flared skirt underneath. i don't know why i am so obsessed with this sort of look, again it might be the femininity aspect of it. The (faux) fur on the coat also acts as a scarf and adds a nice touch to the outfit! the world knows i will be needing it because we are in the middle of a cold wave and it will be freezing till the end of the week!  wish me luck!


[edit: i wrote this blog post last night to have it ready for you guys this morning.... and when i woke up there was so much snow on the ground! i am going to go hide]

Coat: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Headband: Ardene
Skirt: H&M
Gloves: Local Boutique 
February 12, 2016

Valentines Day

It is here..Valentines day weekend ! i for one am a huge fan of valentines day, there is just something about showing the person you love how much you appreciate/love them that just makes me so immensely happy. i know people are constantly saying "you should show the person you love that you love them every day" or that valentines day is just another reason for stores to make a profit.... while yes i agree you should show the person you love that you love them every day, and in some way or another we do that, writing a little note in their lunch or sending them a cute text randomly throughout the day, are things we try to do daily just to make them smile. In this day an age especially we live such busy lives that we don't always have time to do go out for a lengthly dinner or to get  dressed up just to go to a movie.  its a nice way to get out of your usual routine and just spend time with the person that you love.  And i don't know about you but ,just the fact that i know its a romantic  holiday it makes me feel all giddy and butterfly-y inside. And for the people saying that valentines day is just an excuse for stores and flower shops to make money.... its not about how much money you spend, i am sure your significant other would much rather have something you put thought into than something you paid for, bake them their favourite dessert or get them a single rose simple because they love roses or maybe a box of their favourite chocolates... anything that will make them smile and to show them that they are being thought of.

Love is such an amazing and powerful emotion. i love seeing people who aren't afraid to show how much they love someone... because if you truly love someone who cares what strangers think.. i don't know maybe its the hopeless romantic part of me talking (and no i am not talking about that couple making out in front of your locker in high school, not exactly the sort of display of affection i am talking about) i mean seeing an older couple holding hands, or  a guy sneaking a kiss in the middle of a store just because in that moment his girlfriend's hair fell perfectly and she looked lovely.  I melt every time i see a guy/man buying  flowers because i know that in that moment they are thinking of the person they wanted to buy those flowers for. Its the same sort of feeling i get late at night when i drive past houses i sometimes look out the window into peoples homes and i love seeing snippets of other peoples day...someone taking a group picture, two people watching a movie, kids dancing for their parents, people laughing at the dinner table... wonderful parts of the human experience we should all try to value because in the end those are the most important moments, And i find that as every day moments we don't tend to value them as much so having holidays like valentines day are a great way to remind someone you love how much you mean to them.

Anyway i hope you have a wonderful valentines day whichever way you spend it whether it be with your significant other, family, or friends. Just go the extra mile to show them just how much you care and that you love them :)


Carolina :) <3 

Coat: Zara
Skirt: Dynamie
Blouse: Kate Spade
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Headband: H&M
February 10, 2016

Orange knit sweater

Can we discuss the fact that its february and i was able to hang out outside in a knit sweater without being cold!!  i loved the weather we had last week...but all good things must come to an end... this weekend is suppose to be freezing, so i will probably be hiding inside my room avoiding the cold. valentines day is this sunday and the cold weather is really inconvenient when i try to plan a cute outfit. But anyway i will cross that bridge when i get there. As for this outfit i wore a thick cable knit sweater, something i normally don't wear...i am more about dainty cashmere sweaters but i loved this colour and just had to buy it!! once i saw that the weather was going to be nice i took the opportunity to wear it and to go outside and take some pictures. Let me tell you it was great to be able to spend time walking around outside and getting some fresh air!

Sweater: Mendocino
Shorts: H&M