February 25, 2016

Black cape and green stripes

Hello, i hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!  i have just finished watching the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix... now i know it came out in 2014... but i was yet to watch it and let me tell you! i feel so completely inspired! She is such an amazingly interesting women and to think that all of her success and all the work she has achieved is all due to her being herself (and her hard work of course.) She has such a different way of looking at the world and doesn't let anyone tell her whats "in" and whats out. She likes what she likes and people applaud her for it (as do i!)  One part of the documentary that i wanted to touch upon was probably the most interest to me, the fact that she will buy clothing and jewellery anywhere. Being such a high profile person you would of assumed she has access (and the money) and only buy things from high end designers but no!  she will go through thrift stores, farmers markets, vintage store and even buy things from people who make their own jewellery on the street. if she finds it interesting she will buy it. As she so perfectly puts it "fashion you can buy, but style you possess" and i think that is such a great way of saying it. in the world we live in, the world of instagram and all these famous bloggers, we get stuck on the idea that wearing high end designers makes you fashionable. As well i find fashion is hitting a rut where everyone is simply copying each other because its what we see online and what we see all of these "famous" people wearing, as Iris put it in her documentary "downtown they think they're stylish, but they all wear black. Thats not really style. Thats a uniform." after watching this documentary i am definitely going to be making bolder fashion choices and wont be afraid to  wear the things i like. "You have to try it. you only have one trip, you've got to remember that." - Iris Apfel

For this particular outfit i am wearing a longer cape with arm slits, with a green and blue stripped sweater underneath,. i think its such a fun combination having the stripes poke through creating some interest ,especially because the pants are black as well. i matched the bag to the green striped of my sweater. i love small structured bags i think they make any outfit look more elegant (as well as prevents you from carrying too much stuff in your purse...which i am guilty of!!) for shoes....ahh i am obsessed with these new boots! i have wanted to buy a pair of quitted knee high boots for a long time now but every time i see a pair i like, they are flat, and i was about to give in and buy a pair but then i found these heeled ones and i feel i love! i think they are so cute and can be worn with so many different kinds of outfits.

Cape: Zara
Sweater: Forever 21
Purse: Aldo
Headband: Little miss matchy
Boots: Globo
Blouse: H&M
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