February 16, 2016

Navy and white fur

it has been SO cold the past few days its not even funny.... feeling like -40 (dramatic sigh!! ) although i really shouldn't be complaining seeing as we have been blessed with a very mild winter with barely any snow. i can deal with the cold by bundling up but the snow is hard because it ruins my shoes. Even with the cold weather i will not stray away from my skirts/dresses and tights it is definitely my go to look and i just think it is such a perfect way to have that winter look.  i get a lot of winter inspiration from winter fashion from the 1900s, it a time period i wish i would of been born in (well one of... wouldn't be upset if i woke up in the victorian era lol)  at the time women only wore skirts/dresses with tights and fur coats when they were outside in the winter, in order to keep warm. Mind you their tights were probably made from a thick wool material, but that would get extremely hot once you go inside a store/house/restaurant. In my eyes this style is so feminine and i just love the silhouettes and lack of bulkiness.

If there is anything i hate more in this life its bulky fashion. i just hate the look of a bulky puffy jacket, snowboots and thick pants... i think thin layers create a much more pulled together look and can actually be quite warm. i am not going to lie and say that regular tights are just as warm as pants because obviously they not... but beauty is pain lol and i am the sort of person who will silently fight the cold...mind over matter.  of course if i am going to spend long periods of time outside i opt out my fleece lined tights.

This coat has been my obsession this winter, i got it as a christmas gift from my parents and the silhouette reminds me of something i would of worn as a child (think 1994 miracle on 34th street) it has a bell like flare at the bottom and its accentuated by wearing a flared skirt underneath. i don't know why i am so obsessed with this sort of look, again it might be the femininity aspect of it. The (faux) fur on the coat also acts as a scarf and adds a nice touch to the outfit! the world knows i will be needing it because we are in the middle of a cold wave and it will be freezing till the end of the week!  wish me luck!


[edit: i wrote this blog post last night to have it ready for you guys this morning.... and when i woke up there was so much snow on the ground! i am going to go hide]

Coat: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Headband: Ardene
Skirt: H&M
Gloves: Local Boutique 
2 comments on "Navy and white fur"
  1. I love the cost! I agree, bulky fashion is not fun at all. That kind of why I don't like winter in general. But you make winter look easy!


    N i c o c o