February 22, 2016

Desert colours

AAAnd just like that the snow is gone and we are were sitting at around 7 degrees all weekend with none stop sunshine!  You have to love canadian weather, we have had the mildest winter and i could not be happier.... they are saying we have seen the worst of it (that one snow storm lol) i hope you all had a wonderful weekend !  i went out for dinner for a friends birthday on friday we went to a greet restaurant and it was delicious!!  on saturday i had a quiet family night, we watched movies and ate snacks, on sunday i was up early to shoot some pictures and went to coffee, the rest of the day was spent editing.

This outfit is very "beige" i don't know another way to describe it, its all desert colours. i am obsessed with these mustard leaf print pants from zara... i got them from the zara sale for only $12!! they are so comfortable and just have a really flattering shape. i paired it with a cream knit sweater just for a little extra warmth (its was warm out but not quite spring yet haha) this is one of my favourite sweaters because it has such a cozy look and feel to it. And you guys know i have been obsessing with backpacks! i think its really hard to find ones that compliment my style but this one is perfect!  i love how structured it is and the colour matches everything! and not going to lie... when i was walking around i felt like i was hanging out with my friends after school because of the backpack. To add to the beige-y-ness i added this gold and taupe headband. i own this headband in a few different colours and i love the touch of elegance it gives!

Sweater: Zara
Pants: Zara
Backpack: Winners 
Heels: Target 
1 comment on "Desert colours "
  1. Totally love the backpack and the pants...totally gorgeous