February 18, 2016

Tweed and Chanel

Tweed is such a classic texture that i find most people don't wear anymore. Tweed jackets have occasionally come back into style but never fully stay, and sometimes nice tweed pieces are hard to find.  i personally love tweed! i mostly own tweed jackets but i would love some tweed skirt and jacket combos... think jackie O. Whenever i think tweed my mind (and i am sure most peoples minds) automatically goes to Chanel. Chanel is famous of their tweed and i think it's the epitome of classiness and femininity. And as you guys know if its girly and feminine i am automatically drawn to it !  i paired with fitted tweed jacket to a black pencil skirt, matching to the black detailing on the buttons and pockets. under the jacket i wore a cream chiffon blouse that ties up at the front to form a bow, and for the final touch i added this Chanel brooch. ooooh and big pearl earrings, because pearls and tweed kinda go hand in hand :) 

if you were hoping for an update on the snow situation... it still hasn't melted (for someone who lives in canada i complain about the snow a lot... i am aware of this lol.) it's suppose to be warm all weekend so i have high expectations that it will all be gone by monday. I don't have much planned for the rest of the week, just working and a friends birthday dinner on friday.....hopefully do some shopping over the weekend, although all of the spring stuff is starting to come out and i would have to force myself to not buy pastels. In the past i have bought tons of spring stuff when the first wave of spring clothing comes out and then once it actually starts getting warm out... the second wave of spring stuff arrives and i buy that and then neglect the original stuff i bought... why do i do this!! its not that i don't like the original clothing i bought, maybe its because i have been looking at it in my closet for a couple of months... who knows.. all i know is that i cannot buy spring clothes during the first wave. 

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