February 05, 2016

Plaid coat and red backpack

Good Morning and Happy friday! it is finally the weekend and i have been looking forward to it all week as i am sure all of you have. We have actually had great weather all week long..minus a little bit of rain...but hey! it better than snow. Snow may look cute in pictures and it might be great if you are in a chalet somewhere but its not so convenient for everyday life. Everything becomes wet and slushy and the salt... omg the salt... if it limits what shoes i can wear i don't want any part of it. i for one am happy we have only been getting a little bit of rain. Rain is also an excuse to pull out my umbrellas, i have been really into using umbrellas as accessories lately and i am trying to collect some for the spring. I only like bit umbrellas and not those small ones you can stuff in your purse i don't know why i just think they look so much cuter.

I matched my umbrella to my red backpack (which i am obsessed with!!) and paired it with this royal blue plaid coat...very paddington bear inspired haha. Of course i had to wear a white chiffon shirt...i seriously live in these i am not even joking i probably own 20 plain white/cream chiffon shirts.  I als wore these small little black kitten heels which are perfect for the daytime! definitely added to the "school girl" look haha as i was walking around i actually felt like i was hanging out after school...i haven't worn a backpack since i was in elementary school, and i have to say...i am so into it! i need more colours! :)

Coat: Old Navy
Backpack: Winners
Blouse: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
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