February 12, 2016

Valentines Day

It is here..Valentines day weekend ! i for one am a huge fan of valentines day, there is just something about showing the person you love how much you appreciate/love them that just makes me so immensely happy. i know people are constantly saying "you should show the person you love that you love them every day" or that valentines day is just another reason for stores to make a profit.... while yes i agree you should show the person you love that you love them every day, and in some way or another we do that, writing a little note in their lunch or sending them a cute text randomly throughout the day, are things we try to do daily just to make them smile. In this day an age especially we live such busy lives that we don't always have time to do go out for a lengthly dinner or to get  dressed up just to go to a movie.  its a nice way to get out of your usual routine and just spend time with the person that you love.  And i don't know about you but ,just the fact that i know its a romantic  holiday it makes me feel all giddy and butterfly-y inside. And for the people saying that valentines day is just an excuse for stores and flower shops to make money.... its not about how much money you spend, i am sure your significant other would much rather have something you put thought into than something you paid for, bake them their favourite dessert or get them a single rose simple because they love roses or maybe a box of their favourite chocolates... anything that will make them smile and to show them that they are being thought of.

Love is such an amazing and powerful emotion. i love seeing people who aren't afraid to show how much they love someone... because if you truly love someone who cares what strangers think.. i don't know maybe its the hopeless romantic part of me talking (and no i am not talking about that couple making out in front of your locker in high school, not exactly the sort of display of affection i am talking about) i mean seeing an older couple holding hands, or  a guy sneaking a kiss in the middle of a store just because in that moment his girlfriend's hair fell perfectly and she looked lovely.  I melt every time i see a guy/man buying  flowers because i know that in that moment they are thinking of the person they wanted to buy those flowers for. Its the same sort of feeling i get late at night when i drive past houses i sometimes look out the window into peoples homes and i love seeing snippets of other peoples day...someone taking a group picture, two people watching a movie, kids dancing for their parents, people laughing at the dinner table... wonderful parts of the human experience we should all try to value because in the end those are the most important moments, And i find that as every day moments we don't tend to value them as much so having holidays like valentines day are a great way to remind someone you love how much you mean to them.

Anyway i hope you have a wonderful valentines day whichever way you spend it whether it be with your significant other, family, or friends. Just go the extra mile to show them just how much you care and that you love them :)


Carolina :) <3 

Coat: Zara
Skirt: Dynamie
Blouse: Kate Spade
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Headband: H&M
2 comments on "Valentines Day"
  1. The best Valentines Day outfit I've seen so far! Super lovely! Swooning over those white tights and all the pink! Gorge!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thank you so much!! yeah i love wearing white/cream tights i think its so fun!!! :)