February 01, 2016

Furry pom pom

Furry pom pom elastics in my hair are something i used to wear a lot in the 90's as a little girl, and since the 90s are having a comeback (and have been since like 2008) they have been appearing in stores everywhere! Although most of the ones i've found are a bit more on the smaller side... they are still super fun to wear! This Particular pom pom is actually mine from when i was little (my mom found it in a box in the basement) i am so happy she kept it after all of these years because it is such a fun and "wintery" accessory. I decided to pair it with this fuzzy grey coat and let me tell you... this coat is WARM probably the warmest one i own! The plaid skirt added another 90's-esque vibe (think Cher in clueless) as well as the turtleneck. I have mentioned before that i haven't been the biggest turtleneck fan in the past few years but i have become obsessed with them this winter, so they have definitely made a few appearances on my blog the past couple of months.

Now we are on the first day of February! now...is it just me or did January fly by! it seems like we just rang in the new year a week ago. i actually really like February because of valentines day, i think valentines day is one of the cutest days of the year! its filled with love, chocolates and flowers (whats better than that!) its also an excuse to dress up and go to a nice dinner with the person you love. 

Coat: H&M
Furry Pom Pom: my basement lol 
Skirt: Forever 21
Turtleneck: Le Chateau
Shoes: The Shoe Company
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