May 28, 2023

Early Celebration

I'll be celebrating my  actual Birthday (June 1st), on a plane headed to Europe for the first half of June. So I went out to dinner with my parents and my sister to celebrate this weekend. I wont be celebrating with friends until I get back (reservation is already made) so I guess you could say I'm really stretching my birthday celebration lol. Last night we went to Bronte Boathouse and I wore this long brown dress that I got from Sfera in Seville back in the fall. I paired it with this flower brooch that I actually made in the morning !  The colours matched perfectly and I think they compliment each other really well. I didn't want to wear my usual locket so I wore a two strand pearl necklace. 

At the restaurant I got a chicken club but with Crispy Chicken and it was delicious !  For dessert we had a homemade vanilla cake with homemade Dulce de Leche. I can't imagine buying a birthday cake, for me Birthday cakes should always be homemade with love! 

May 25, 2023

Sailing Through Flowers

Spring is in full bloom ! Literally.... There are flowers everywhere you turn. I spent the day strolling around Dundurn Castle in this pastel outfit. I am wearing this Jade Sailor top that was gifted to me by Cathcart! It comes in Ivory as well, which is on my to watch list because I feel like it would be an amazing wardrobe staple. However this green shade is a DREAM and perfect for creating 1930s looks. I paired the top with this cream wool skirt that has pleats near the hem, It has a 1930s feel to it especially when you twirl. The past couple of summers I've been trying to incorporate more gloves into my outfits and these antique ones are one of my favourites !  They are dainty and lightweight and compliment any outfit. It was quite sunny this day so I grabbed this Parasol that I thrifted earlier this year which happen to match the colour of my shoes perfectly !  

May 23, 2023

White Feathers

This outfit deserved it own post!  I wore this outfit on Sunday when I took my parents to brunch at Clunys Bistro (See blog post here). I wore this vintage pleated cream skirt, honestly this is a staple in my closet!  It matches with everything and can be used to create a bunch of different outfits.  I paired it with a cream lace blouse that I thrifted  but it was originally from H&M. I kept the rest of the outfit monochrome and I wore cream heels and a vintage cream handbag. However the best part of the outfit is this vintage hat that I JUST picked up from Out Of The Past in Hamilton. The girls there are so sweet!  I saw this hat when I went shopping there last week (Vlog from that day) I regretted not buying this hat, so I messaged them on instagram and they put it on hold for me! I don't know how I left it behind the first time. Its a warm grey colour and it has feathers on the rim that are held tightly with a net. I also love the little bow detail at the back. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below! 

May 22, 2023

Brunch at Clunys

Is there anything better than Sunday Brunch? Some of you might argue that a lazy Sunday on the couch is better, but I much prefer getting dressed up and going to get some breakfast. Something about walking around the city in the summer, the sun shining and seeing the patios filled up on a Sunday morning that puts the biggest smile on my face. This past Sunday was one of those days, I took my parents out for brunch to Cluny Bistro, located in the heart of the Distillery District. I haven't been since before the pandemic so it was amazing to go back.  If you haven't been to Clunys before you are missing out !  Not only is the restaurant beautiful, but the food is delicious!.... and I mean look at that beautiful patio! Sitting out there with the sunshine beaning in between the leaves makes you feel like you are summering in the Hamptons. 

I ordered a black coffee, and the Omelette Du jour. Which had spinach and bell pepper on the inside. I opted for the french fries instead of the salad, which I highly recommend because the fries are amazing! They have a bit of a seasoning to them that pair perfectly with the Omelette. I'm looking forward to hitting up some more brunch spots in the city this summer so if you have a favourite let me know in the comments below!