November 29, 2022

Welcome To My Christmas Wonderland

I transformed my room into a Christmas wonderland!  There is nothing cozier than having a Christmas tree in your room. I always turn the lights on while I'm getting ready for bed, and it really sets the mood for magical Christmas dreams (Cue the nutcracker soundtrack). I got this tree at Walmart on sale for $20 and it was the best decision I've ever made. Now, its not the most full/luscious tree in the world... I mean it was $20, but I LOVE it and fill it up with garland and ornaments. I started adding old fashioned toys under the tree because at the turn of the century they didn't wrap Christmas presents. Kids would see their toys  unwrapped under the tree, so I took inspiration from that. As you can see I  like to add some greenery around the paintings, something I often see when I visit historical home museums (at Christmas time). It's a small detail but it makes a huge difference. I think it really elevates the look of the room and it makes it look more like a castle (hey... a girl can dream!) A new addition this year is the Christmas pillow, I got it in Paris and its from Villroy and Boch, I think it looks perfect in the centre of my bed and I love the old fashioned illustration. Another new addition is my Santa Claus! Isn't he magical! I got him in Barcelona and I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him... mainly because of the puppet he's holding haha. Some of my other favourite pieces are the couple skating among the trees on top of my hat cabinet. Can you believe those trees fit inside each other like a Russian nesting doll? I lucked out at the Vintage store! And finally another one of my favourites is the red egg that opens up to reveal a small Christmas tree that spins while playing music. Its something that makes me think of a Christmas gift from years gone by. There is something magical about it.
If you want to hear more details about the decorations I posted a video on my Youtube channel where I vlogged the decorating process! You can find it below! 

November 18, 2022

The Ultimate Christmas To-Do List!

The Christmas season is officially here! The best time of the year! I wanted to announce that I will be doing Vlogmas again over on my Youtube channel, So I will be daily vlogging and posting them as a weekly vlogs on Sunday Mornings! I really wanted to have that cozy Christmas feeling in my vlogs (and for myself) you know the one you feel when you are a little kid on Christmas morning. So I asked you guys over the past week to tell me your favourite things to do/eat/watch at Christmas time. I gathered them all up and added some of my own to create THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS TO DO LIST! I will hopefully be checking them all off over the course of the season and I welcome you to do the same! 

November 14, 2022

The Calmness of November

    November is the waiting month. After Halloween has passed the first half of November is pretty calm as the stores decorate for Christmas. Out of respect I normally don't like to participate in Christmas activities until after Remembrance day (November 11th). Come mid November Christmas is everywhere ! Christmas events start popping up around the week of the 20th (Tree lightings, markets etc). Then the rest of November you feel excitement in the air ! I'm getting really excited for Christmas this year and have started planning a lot of Christmas activities for the end of November and all of December!  I have a feeling this going to be a wonderful Christmas season. 

For me, this week is just planning and waiting. You will start to see some Christmas related posts on my Instagram this weekend, and on this blog / youtube next week because I'm kicking off the Christmas season with THREE Christmas activities this weekend !  I'm also decorating for Christmas this week ! 

I also wanted to announce that I am doing VLOGMAS over on my youtube channel this year!  I will be doing my usual format which is daily vlogging but uploaded as a weekly vlog every Sunday! So make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! You can do that Here. I'm also putting together the ultimate Christmas bucket list which includes activities, things to eat, movies to watch! and I'll be trying to complete it during vlogmas! So if you have any suggestions let me know! 

But enough of that! here are the outfit details: The outfit I'm wearing is a simple November look! I am wearing a vintage skirt (Probably from the 70s) and the thrifted velvet little jacket I got back in the summer (Originally from Le Chateau). For accessories I went all black with this vintage 1950s hat and a 1940s handbag. And my shoes are my go to T-strap heels from DSW. I really need to get another pair of heels haha I wear these with like every outfit.  

November 11, 2022

We Remember, and Will Never Forget

This post is a somber -  but important one. Today, November 11th is Remembrance day.  I wanted to take some time to acknowledge the strength and courage of all of those who fought for our country. November 11th marks the day World War One ended ; at the 11th hour, On the 11th day, of the 11th month. On this day we not only remember all of those who died on the front lines but also all of those who served  in the home front. The freedom and peace we have in Canada is honoured on this day and I wanted to thank all of the soldiers who sacrificed and endured so much so make it possible.  

This past weekend I went to Fergus Ontario, and my heart felt heavy. I really like going to Fergus this time of year because no other town I've been to has this much respect for soldiers. Every lampost on the downtown street was dedicated to a different soldier. This included a banner with their photo and name (as well as their family name, or descendant). All of the store fronts had a display with photos, helmets, medals or poppies. The local church also had a massive poppy display on the outside, starting at the roof all the way to the floor. You can see it here in my Instagram post. It's a really beautiful tribute and the respect was felt when walking down the street. 

However one of the most beautiful - and heartbreaking- tributes is this one at the Wellington County Museum and Archives.  It's about 5 minutes outside of Fergus, Ontario (Between Fergus and Elora).  In front of the museum there is a large lawn with a path in the middle leading up to the museum from a metal gate. The entire lawn is fulled with white signs with poppies that say "we will remember you". It really makes your heart stop when you see it from far away. Then you get closer and look at the back and realize each sign is dedicated to a particular soldier with their, name, age and which war they were a part of. It shatters your heart. While I was there, numerous people approached the museum and walked through the signs reading all the names. You could tell family members had stopped by because some of the signs had small Canadian flags at the base.  I really wanted to highlight this beautiful tribute and recommend that you visit if live in the area. 

I will be attending the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum this morning. If you are not able to attend a ceremony this year, all news outlets will the transmitting a ceremony (Probably the one from Ottawa) as well as all radio stations will be pausing for two minutes of silence at 11am so make sure to tune in. And lastly if you are able to, please consider making a donation to the Royal Canadian Legion here

November 07, 2022

Falling Leaves

When I left for my trip mid October I full expected the trees to be done changing and I would come home to empty branches and dried up leaves on the floor. Instead, I got a few days of 20+ degree weather and the most amazing autumnal foliage. And believe it or not....the colours looked more beautiful in person. I tried to enjoy these rare (warm) fall days by spending time outside..... we all know winter is coming and I'll be spending most of my time indoors. I pulled out one of my "fall coloured" summer dresses for the occasion. It's a vintage piece in a lovely yellow-y/beige colour. I paired it with a similarly coloured hat that has a small brown fur detail on the side. I got this hat on Etsy when I bought another dress and it has become one of my favourite hats! I tried to pull that shade of brown with my accessories so I grabbed this vintage 1930s snake skin purse and brown strappy heels. But I think one of my favourite details is the brooch! a skinny little wiener dog I thrifted earlier this year, it makes me laugh every time I look at it. 
But no matter how put together my outfit is nothing compares to the leaves. It was the most beautiful day, everything lid up like gold when the sun hit the leaves, then a  bit of wind would blow and leaves would slowly fall around. it was a perfect moment.