December 28, 2018

New Years Lookbook

New Years is just around the corner with only a few days left, so I thought I would bring you some outfit inspiration to ring in the new year! As many of us do, I love wearing sparkly clothes on New Years ! I was lucky enough to find some amazing pieces this year starting with this burgundy sparkly matching set from Forever 21. I Picked it up on Black Friday and I knew it was the perfect piece for New Year. What makes it more exciting is that its  also something I could wear throughout the year. I wore the set with a short burgundy (Faux) fur shawl which I think gave the look a more 1970's feel to it! Another one of my favourite pieces is the silver sequin dress, I picked it up from Zara back in the fall and I've saved it for this time of year because its perfection !!!  I Hope I get more occasions to wear it because its such a showstopper ! I love the way it looks layered over a (short sleeved) turtleneck and  with some white boots! I added some big white circle earrings to give the look a more 1960's vibe! Last but not least there is the fringe dress!  I found this dress at the thrift store for like $13, which for the thrift store its a bit pricey... but I thought it was so much fun that I couldn't pass it up!  For extra warmth I grabbed a big white (Faux) fur shawl and added a pearl necklace for a feminine touch!  I hope you like the looks !  if you want to see them in action check out the video below! And of course I hope you have an amazing new year!!

December 21, 2018

Christmas Lookbook 2018

It's the most wonderful time of the year! and of course our outfits have to be perfect! This year I am sharing three different looks varying from casual to fancy depending on your mood or festive occasion!  Starting with the most dressed up of the three, the red dress. Everyone always saying you need a little black dress in your closet, well the same can be said about a classic red dress. This dress from Metisu is my favourite !  I love the 1950's style silhouette  and the detail draping over the shoulders. It makes me feel like I'm going to the theater or the ballet (OK a little dressed up, but can we all agree that we should wear gowns to these types of performances ?) This dress is also perfect for any big fancy holiday party you might be attending, especially when paired with these heels. I opted for some smaller heels because I think it adds to the vintage vibe of the outfit.
For the second look, you may or may not believe be but this used to be my dress when I was 7!  LOL  it used to be long but I recently had it hemmed so that it would be a bit shorter (for a more 60's vibe.) I layered it over a cream turtleneck from le chateau and added some yellow tights and a matching hat. I also had to incorporate one of my favourite new jewellery pieces! This massive heart shaped locket that I found at an antique market! It's technically a music box so when you open it it plays music.
For the final look I am wearing a colourful green, red and white dress from Shein. It has a sort of  1960's "space-age" feel to it especially when paired with these silver shoes. These shoes are one of my latest purchases, they are from Forever 21 and perfect for this time of year! I also added some red tights to make it a bit more festive.  I hope you guys like these looks, let me know which look is your favourite. 
November 19, 2018


Hello, Happy Monday ! We had our first snow fall right before the weekend and I was honestly not ready. I love christmas and everything that comes along with it... minus the cold and the snow. It just made me want to cuddle up in bed and not leave my house until the snow melted. I also wanted to debut my new hair ! I cut it this past Wednesday and I am loving the new length ! I wanted a more 60's style haircut and it turned out exactly how I wanted ! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
November 14, 2018

Red On Red

If you haven't noticed at the top of this page.... I made a new Header !! New logo in new colours and with a more 60's flare to it !  As you know I've always had a love for anything vintage and it's wear I get most of my inspiration. The 50's and 60's is where I do most of my searches when I need some new ideas... or just to see things that make me happy to be honest. I love the big puffy skirts of the 50's and I do have some midi length plaid skirts from that era that I wear, but I wish more people wore the big circle skirt, petticoats and all! But I would say my favourite time era for Fashion is the 60's ! It was a time of experimentation, not only through colours but also in shapes, You could literally wear anything you wanted. This outfit is a perfect example of that, Red plaid pants with a red sweater and a red hat! I think its too much fun to play with colour and to overly match your outfits, People wear too many neutrals now a days, which is frustrating because its what you mainly find in stores because of it. But if you are wondering where I got the pieces I am wearing, The pants are from H&M (Holiday collection last year!) The sweater is from J Crew! I love this sweater its the perfect length for me  and incredible cozy and warm ! I have it in two other colours haha. The Hat is Michelle Belau and the boots are from Bershka.  I had so much fun putting together and shooting this outfit so I have you guys like it ! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below !  
November 12, 2018

Black White and Beige

Hello, Happy Monday! Can we talk about the fact that its already mid November ? The beautiful warm coloured leaves are falling...which look beautiful on the ground as well, especially in the city. it's definitely a bit colder and windier so wearing knit sweater and a coat is a must. For this casual outfit I am wearing this beige sweater from H&M, I've had it for a couple of years and it seems to match anything I pair it with. Today that happens to be this black and white skirt from Forever 21. I've challenged myself this winter to not wear white tops, Its always really safe and it rarely creates an interesting outfit. I wore some black tights for extra warmth and some black oxford heels from Nine West. For my coat I just wore a Camel coat that matches the sweater ! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below 
November 08, 2018

Pastel Blue

November has been the weirdest month... its practically rained every day since Halloween and it now gets dark at like 4:30.. tragic. It's hard to stay cheerful when there is such little daylight, but I find that wearing some bright coloured outfits really helps!  Today I am wearing this pastel blue dress from Metisu and it is the Blue Hollow out dress lace mini dress (Link here). The colour is beautiful and perfect for when you need a little pick me up ! It's been really windy since its fall so to keep warm I wore the dress with some white tights and pared them with white heels. To tie the white back in I added these circle white earrings from Shein! (Link here). Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!