November 14, 2018

Red On Red

If you haven't noticed at the top of this page.... I made a new Header !! New logo in new colours and with a more 60's flare to it !  As you know I've always had a love for anything vintage and it's wear I get most of my inspiration. The 50's and 60's is where I do most of my searches when I need some new ideas... or just to see things that make me happy to be honest. I love the big puffy skirts of the 50's and I do have some midi length plaid skirts from that era that I wear, but I wish more people wore the big circle skirt, petticoats and all! But I would say my favourite time era for Fashion is the 60's ! It was a time of experimentation, not only through colours but also in shapes, You could literally wear anything you wanted. This outfit is a perfect example of that, Red plaid pants with a red sweater and a red hat! I think its too much fun to play with colour and to overly match your outfits, People wear too many neutrals now a days, which is frustrating because its what you mainly find in stores because of it. But if you are wondering where I got the pieces I am wearing, The pants are from H&M (Holiday collection last year!) The sweater is from J Crew! I love this sweater its the perfect length for me  and incredible cozy and warm ! I have it in two other colours haha. The Hat is Michelle Belau and the boots are from Bershka.  I had so much fun putting together and shooting this outfit so I have you guys like it ! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below !  
3 comments on "Red On Red "
  1. Red is my favorite color and I think it's such a great color on you as well! It's also perfect for the holidays :)

  2. I adore red, and this ensemble is absolutely fab! Kx