June 30, 2016

Leaf Dress

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are enjoying the sunshine, i have finally been able to wear some sleeveless dresses now that it is really hot outside, although i can't say i am overly thrilled because i look so pale!  From the looks of it you might not thing so but i actually tan really easily, i just don't spend as much time in the sun as i did when i was younger. People are constantly assuming i just burn but its actually quite the opposite. Over the past couple of years i haven't been spending as much time in the sun as i normally do, obviously as i am sure you can all relate, this is due to growing up and having a busier lifestyle. That being said when i do have the time to be in the sun i don't sit out and tan because i am trying to keep my skin as healthy as i can, particularly my face. Now i am not saying i have been avoiding the sun i just don't go out of my way to make time to tan (i used to when i was in high school... my poor skin) i am trying to embrace my pale skin this summer and not feel self conscious for not being tan.

For this outfit i wore this green leaf print dress and or course i added a headband that has a big flower on it. I am a huge fan of headbands, especially ones with bows or flowers. i think its because its the closest thing i can get to wearing a fascinator on a daily basis haha. Speaking of fascinators i will be attending the Queens plate this sunday, i can't wait to see what everyone will be wearing ! maybe i will see some of you there :) below i linked some resembling pieces so you create a similar look.

June 27, 2016

Sparkly thread and navy shorts

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend,  filled with shopping and spending time with your family and friends. That is how my weekends typically are, on Thursday night i went to go see finding Dory, i was so excited ti watch it but i think my expectations were too high and the movie simply did not meet them, it was still cute tho and it made me feel like a little kid again haha on friday night  i went to the movies (again...) with my mom and my sister, we went to see me before you, it was cute and all but i have definitely seen better romantic movies, it seemed a little dragged out and i didn't like the way it ended (i don't want to spoil it for those still hoping to see it haha) on Saturday i had to work during the day but i went shopping with my sister in the afternoon because Zara started their sale and i wanted to see what they had for the fall (i know summer just started but fall fashion is literally my life, i live for it.) Since my dad is in spain for work i went out to lunch with my mom, it was a beautiful day ! we sat on the patio and had appetizers. We spent the rest of the day walking around, and of course for some ice cream! salted caramel flavoured!

You can already tell it's going to be a hot one this summer it has been so warm lately and i feel like we never really transitioned into it, we went from being in the 20's to it feeling like its 40 degrees outside. So it basically hit me like a brick wall.  As much as i complained all winter that i wanted summer i am already over it... i know i'm sorry, i know how annoying that makes me. i just hate overly hot weather because it messes with my makeup lol (although super cold weather is also the worst) This is why the fall is my favourite season....where was i going with this....oh yeah.. i bought this knit short sleeved shirt at the end of the winter, from the previous Zara sale and i finally pulled it out, i am in love with it! it reminded me of those striped cotton t-shirts from brandy melville that everyone in california wears, with high waisted jean shorts. i am not one for cotton shirts or jean shorts... i fee like they are reserved for very casual occasions like...camping or something. So this is my take on that sort of look!  i wore this striped shirt with a sleeveless white chiffon shirt underneath (for added preppyness of course)  and instead of denim shorts i chose a loose high waisted navy pair. i normally see this sorta look be worn with converse but you know me, i opted for some small strappy heels instead and toped it off with a headband and my gold locket! [side note: if you follow me on twitter...which you should be @carepinglo ;) you would know that i always! without fail!  have a bruise on my leg, if not multiple...i can't help it i am very clumsy lol, i am constantly editing them out of pictures, but i decided hey this is me bruises and all!] as previously mentioned this knit shirt is from last season but i have linked some products below so you can create a similar look ! :)

June 23, 2016

Carnival stripes

I feel that lately more than usual i've been into matching outfits, i've even been on the look out for matching separates. whether it be shorts and a shirt, blazer and a skirt. Something about having an outfit perfectly match makes me feel like my life is going in the right direction. i know how crazy that sounds but i feel a sense of accomplishment. For this particular outfit i wore this bright red skirt that comes with this matching belt but instead of pairing it with a plain white chiffon blouse (which is what i would normally do) i tried something different and decided to go for a red and white striped shirt. Now i rarely ever wear cotton shirts because i find that i feel like i am going camping or something....but this time i made and exception because i just loved the look of the two pieces together. It made me feel so childish and as if i am going to a carnival... i am not sure why, maybe its because all of those vintage carnival posters had those red and white circus tents.. either way it made me want to eat one of those giant lollipops! (also not sure what these lollipops have to do with carnivals but thats what came to mind so lets just roll with it...) Also! Summer is officially here so i will be spending as much time outside as possible! it already getting way too warm outside and it is making my hair unmanageable! oh well what can you do... as least its better than snow ! click below to get a similar look ! 

June 20, 2016

Whats in my bag: Backpack edition

Growing up i never really liked backpacks i am pretty sure i stopped using a backpack to carry my school books in grade 6, and used tote bags because i hated them that much. But since the fall i have been obsessed with these small-medium sized leather backpacks and have them in a few colours. i think my favourite one is the red one which i wear so much i might have to buy another one so that i can switch it up. There are a few different colours i am still on the hunt for like black, grey, orange, and navy but i am thinking they will be all over the place in the fall. I am always so interested in what people carry around in their bags that i decided to share what i carry around when i wear a backpack.  i try to keep it as light as i can because it is so easy to get carried away and fill a backpack up to the point where you cant fit anything else in it. 

Of course a wallet is a must have! i actually carry two. i always carried a long regular sized wallet but i found that i kept having to transfer my most used cards into a cardholder when i wanted to use a small purse so now i have the smaller wallet that fits in most of my purses.  i have my small Prada wallet that holds my most used cards; visa, debit, drivers license, health card, optimum card, hbc rewards. And my Michael Kors wallet that holds my other loyalty cards and change. 

I cant help but carry a few beauty items around, i'm a girly girl its what i do. One of the  things i always make sure i have when i leave my house is my Chanel Coco Madmoiselle eau de toilette twist and spray bottle. This is my go to perfume and i wear it basically every day so i always like having the travel sized bottle with me when i am on the go. What i love is that its twist and spray and it doesn't come in a glass bottle so there is no way it can spill in your purse.

Another thing i make sure to carry around is a travel size bottle of hairspray, i live in canada so we live in cold weather most of the year, which tends to leave hair really static-y. Its also doubles to remove static from clothes like skirts and blouses. My favourite hairspray is the Sebastian shaper plus extra hold hairspray, it leaves your hair feeling soft and smelling amazing.
i always throw in my lipstick of the day in my bag because it is inevitable that i will be touching up my lipstick throughout the day. The way that just so happen to be in my bag is Chanel rouge allure velvet "in raffinee" N34. Another lip product i love using is the Clarins instant light natural lip perfecter in rose. it leaves my lips feeling so soft ! with a natural shine.

Hand cream in an essential in anyones bag! i love the l'occtiane Roses et reines hand cream.  i find myself applying this hand cream a couple of times a day, i also have the big version of it on my nightable. It leaves my hands feeling so soft and smelling amazing! the scent reminds me of a doll i had growing up.

Pressed powder is a must have for my in my backpack especially in the summertime ! i have been carrying around Mac's select sheer pressed powder in NC15 (i am super pale) To apply the powder i have this Sonia Kashuk travel compact makeup brush. It comes in this small square compact with a mirror, its great because it prevents powder from getting everywhere in your bag and it also keeps the brush clean and in its proper shape.

Another lip product i love is the NYX Plump it up lip plumper lipgloss in scarlett, its a beautiful sheer colours and it gives your lips a little bit of a plump. Something i recently started carrying around is the NYX all over balm in Morroccan oil, it can be used in any part of your body like your knees and elbows, if you are out and they are looking a little dry this is perfect!  This is also great to use on your knuckles and creases on your hands as well as lipbalm.

I can't really leave my house without my house keys so those always end up on at the bottom of my backpack, so thats why i added this pink furry pom pom and this gold C so that they would be easier to find haha. A hair brush is also essential especially for those windy days, it keeps my hair in check throughout the day.  i always carry Purell with my because you never know when you will need to disinfect your hands, like when you touch something wet on the handle on the subway... eww.... i just always make sure to use hand cream right after it dries.  One of the last things i make sure to carry around with my is a nailfile, i particularly like the glass ones that come in a little case. Now i am not going to lie and say i am a bit nail person because i'm not... i don't remember the last time i painted my nails, but i do wear a lot of tights and chiffon shirts so a nail file is an essential!!
Of course another thing i always carry around in my backpack is my cellphone because who can live without their phone. Mine is the Iphone 6s in a simple clear case.