February 17, 2023

Thrift Finds : Getting ready for Spring

Hello! I wanted to share my latest thrift finds that I found since the start of 2023. This year the thrift stores have been hit or miss...well.... mostly miss lol. I keep going into the thrift store and leaving empty handed. However the times I have made a purchase I've found some cute spring pieces. I don't know about you but I'm over winer. I am excited for the warmer weather and a change in clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love a cozy winter outfit but I lose inspiration come mid January. So I've started planning for spring!  

Teal Blazer
One of my first finds was this pale teal blazer. Its originally from Theory and it has the most beautiful 1940s inspired fit to it! Its 100% linen and I love it. I plan on wearing it with a grey midi skirt. 

Floral Flapper Dress 
Next up we have this floral dress and its very reminiscent of 1920s summer dresses. Its from BCBG so its not vintage but it has a very similar fit and its the perfect length. I know I'm going to be getting tons of wear out of this dress on hot summer days. I also love the colours and the print because it adds to that 1920s flapper at the beach kind of look. This dress reminds me of scenes from this video.

Nautical Matching Set
I realize the set looks slightly small in these photos but I swear its for adults and it fits me perfectly! its a pair of high waisted shorts with a matching jacket. Both pieces have thin white stripes on the cuffs and edges. It also came with this white blouse that has an oversized collar with a lace trim!  As soon as I saw it on the rack I ran ! it is such a beautiful set I cant wait for spring so I can wear it! 

White Belt
Belts are something I don't normally buy. I have a hard time finding ones I like and that actually fit me so I tend to re-wear the 2 that I have. It's also important to note that most of my dresses come with a matching belt so I don't really reach for my other belts. I saw this one at the thrift store and it fit me perfectly and I knew it would be really versatile and I also loved the round buckle 

Chinese Paper Parasol 
I love a good paper parasol!  I have 2 in white (One regular size and one small one). But this is the first time I've seen one in these colours! I've seen some in the past that have flowers but they tend to be bright neon colours and thats not exactly what I am searching for. This one is a deep caramel colour with trees, birds and the sun. It's really intricate and beautiful. 

I hope you guys enjoy this little haul ! It will be my last one until the spring. I mentioned in my latest Etsy haul on youtube (Link here) that I was a bit bored of hauls and constantly posting them. In that video I mentioned that I had one more thrift haul blog post that had to go up, and this is it!  Have you found anything exciting at the thrift store this year??? 

February 10, 2023

Keeping Warm in the City

After what feels like weeks of cloudy days the sun finally come out.  I've been bundled up at home for most of January and February but I'm exciting to share this winter look with you !  I am wearing a vintage black coat with a fur collar and trim at the bottom. I kept most of the outfit dark and paired it with this vintage black hat that has a bow detail at the top, a new addition from the fall and its my first time wearing it.  You can't see it in the photos but I am wearing a black knit dress with a cream crochet collar. For my purse I grabbed a floral tapestry purse to break up all of the black from my outfit,  however I did keep my shoes black. It felt great to walk around the city with the sun shining all around me! The city came to life and so many people were walking around, something you don't normally see on a cold winters day. I think we all crave a little but of sunshine.