June 30, 2017

Fly Away

It's  Canada Day long weekend ! Time to sit back and relax ( hopefully hit up some patios! ) It's Canada Day on Saturday so I'm planning to go out to watch the fireworks, and then the Queens plate is on Sunday. Make sure to follow me on instagram to see pictures from this weekend !  As for this outfit,  I wore this dress yesterday to attend the ultimate Canadian feast at the St.Lawrence market kitchen in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday ! It was an amazing event that featured unique food and drinks all grown and made here in Canada.  After the event I met up with with Adrienne and Mikayla to get dinner and did a  little bit of shopping ! (it was a day that revolved around food haha.) I got this dress a couple of weeks ago from H&M   (link to dress here) which is this beautiful light pink colour with painterly birds printed all over it in grey and lavender tones. One of my favourite parts of the dress is the ruffles circling the collar as well as on the sleeves.  I paired it with one of my favourite bags of the moment, this mini crossbody bag from Aldo (link to bag here) I love the metallic colour I find that it dresses up any outfit ! For shoes I grabbed these strappy toupe heels that match pretty much everything ! (seriously I wear these all year round)  I then added some dandily pearl earrings. I haven't worn statement earrings in years ! but I've been loving them lately ! and since they are having a minute on the fashion scene I'm finding them easier to shop for! I hope you all have an amazing weekend ! 
June 26, 2017

Printed dress

The Zara sale is back ! It's one of my favourite times of the year! Their prices get really reduced and I really stock up on all these amazing pieces!  I've gone back to the sale 3 times already because they constantly add new things and lower the prices. Right now there is spring/summer stuff which is perfect because I've been buying stuff to wear on my trip to Spain in august, but they also have a bit of left overs from the winter...  I have no problem buying for the fall. One of the pieces I got was this navy flower printed dress that has ruffles on the shoulder and fluted sleeves. It fits like a dream and is incredibly comfortable ! When I was walking around at the mall yesterday I saw a dress on display at Michael Kors and the print looked so similar ! (link to MK dress)  But the difference is I only paid $29. I can't seem to find this dress on he website anymore but make sure to check your nearest zara for it because not everything is on their website!  I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of this dress, and if you want to see what other items I've bought from the sale make sure to follow my youtube channel I post hauls every month ! 
June 22, 2017

Secret Garden

Gingham has been all over the place this season!  from dresses to shorts and even shoes! Even tho its everywhere I find it hard to find gingham pieces that aren't black and white or blue and white. When I saw this pair of white and yellow shorts I was thrilled and I had to own them ! They are from Make me chic  and they are the Self belt wide leg gingham shorts (link here) I am obsessed with the vintage feel of them, they look straight out of the 50's because of the high waist and A-Line shape. The belt that ties up into a bow at the front gives it such a feminine feel to the outfit, which you all know I'm obsessed with ! These shorts are also incredibly comfortable and perfect for a summer day. To further the 50's theme I paired it with this white scalloped edge blouse from Kate Spade that I've had in my closet for at least 2 years, its one of my go-to's. Since its summer its time to pull out all of my summer hats and of course I had to add a straw hat to this look because it matched perfectly!  As for shoes, since the rest of the outfit was pretty casual I grabbed these little white flats that have flower cutouts at the top (me in flats is a rare sighting.) I hope you guys like this look, let me know your thoughts in the comments as well as i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ! :)  
June 21, 2017

Sheer Bow

 It's the official first day of Summer!! its crazy how fast the year is going by, we are already passed the half way point meaning we are closer to Christmas 2017 than we are last years. I'm actually not too upset by it seeing as Christmas time is my favourite time of the year, I was watching my Vlogmas videos from last year (link to playlist)  and It got me really excited for sparkly lights and plaid! But I wont get too ahead of myself its only the first day of summer (LOL Carolina relax)  I still have a bunch of things planned this summer such as Canada Day, The Queens Plate and a trip to Spain at the end of August, and I'm sure there will be many more things in between. As for this outfit, can we discuss how amazing this shirt is! I'm honestly in LOVE! its from Shein and it is the Tie Neck Applique mesh top (link here). I actually haven't seen many shirts this like in stores so I'm so happy to have a more unique piece in my wardrobe. The floral Applique detailing mixed with the polk dot mesh creates such an interesting combination especially when mixed with the oversized bow tied at the front. I really wanted to shirt to be the main focus of the outfit so I paired it with my favourite denim skirt from H&M. I also grabbed these black and golf polka dot shoes from the shoe company, and my gucci tote bag.  This look was also part of my outfits of the week video so if you haven't seen that make sure to check it out ! (link here)  

June 18, 2017

Aqua Green

Hello, Happy Monday !  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and had tons of time to relax, I know I did a bit of shopping as well as spent the day with my dad on fathers day.  It's been so hot here over the past few days, summer is definitely here! I've been trying to keep cool by wearing some pretty dresses all weekend (if I'm happy with my outfit I'm happy... you feel me?)  This particular dress is from Metisu  and it's the Light Green Embroidered Floral Lace Midi Dress (link here). I am OBSESSED with this light pastel green colour its the perfect colour for summer. The dress also has this beautiful embroidered detailing on the front part of the dress which makes it even more perfect for summer because of the bright colours. The whole dress is made up of green lace but it does have a nude coloured liner underneath.  To keep the rest of the outfit minimal I decided that I wanted to add a silk champagne coloured ribbon around my waist and tied it into a bow (you know thats my favourite thing to do to basically any dress) and some nude coloured heels. Good luck getting me out of this dress, i'll be living in it forever. 

June 16, 2017

Red Rose

This dress is nothing but perfection !  I'm completely obsessed with it and I could honestly wear it every single day for the rest of my life. I recently got this dress from Metisu and it is the Red off the shoulder lace evening dress (Link here). ah... where do I  start.... first of all the dress is red my all time favourite colour to wear, I think it works really well with my skin tone/hair colour, and idk I always feel so comfortable and confident while wearing red.  I love the beading that drapes over the shoulders I think it adds such a beautiful detail to the already amazing lace. It also has a beautiful faux belt that cinches in the waist which makes the dress incredibly flattering when paired with the off the shoulder silhouette. While wearing this dress I was getting major vintage vibes, I felt like I had just stepped off a time machine, which if you've been following me for a while you would know I'm all about! They don't really make beautiful fitted dresses like this anymore (well they do clearly ^) but they are harder to find, especially in store. I want more feminine dresses that have that fit and flare shape to them, I think they're incredibly flattering and they create such a beautiful delicate look. What are your favourite types of dresses?
Photos by: Adrienne Naval