January 27, 2016

Shorter Hair

i have had long hair for as long as i can remember, except for an incident when i was five where i thought it would be a good idea to give myself bangs... needless to say i rocked a boy haircut for like a year. I don't know if it was that incident and the fact that my grandparents friends thought i was a boy during that time but i became very attached to my hair. Once i was a teenager my mom, naturally, had less control over how often i needed haircuts and what the haircut would be so all throughout high school i had really long hair. I refused to cut it and the times i did, i cut such little amounts that i didn't really get rid of split ends. I have never fully dyed my hair but in grade 11 when i took a cosmetology class in school i got these 2 blonde streaks on the inside of my hair, so when you put your hair up in a ponytail you have two blond lines.... the horror...trust me it was a trend.... or at  least it was at my school  and a lot of girls got them done in the class.

 By the time i was in college those blonde streaks grew out... thank god... but i did ombre My hair . Since i have dark hair to ombre it the hairdresser basically added bleach to lighten the ends, bleach over split ends from years of minimal hair cutting...and add the use of a straighter everyday.... my hair was not the healthiest but if i straightened it it could pass for healthy because it smoothed the ends. I guess i got lucky or i was using the right products for my hair that my hair didn't totally fry. While in college my hair was the longest i have ever had it which was down to my hip bones but at that point i could notice the damage at the ends of my hair so i decided to cut off all of the dead pieces which left my hair at around the boob area. since my hair was so healthy at that point it grew so fast and less than a year and my hair was down to my ribs again. At that time i bored of my hair i had basically had the same haircut since i started high school so i chopped it all off till a little bit passed my shoulders (scroll down on my instagram). And i actually really loved it! my boyfriend wasn't as thrilled because he liked my long hair...so for about a year and a half i let it grow without cutting it. When i cut it short i got a blunt haircut so when it grew out it was really heavy and since my hair lacks volume at the top the weight made it even flatter so i decided it was time for a change...so here we are...my hair is probably at around the underarm fold length (lol) filled with layers to give it more volume, i originally wanted it a little bit longer but i still really like the result and it definitely gives me much more volume. i always see pictures of girls with shorter hair (this is short for me..) and i think it looks so pretty so hopefully i can do it justice and i am excited to play around with different hair styles... i am yet to curl it! eeek excitement!

Sweater: H&M 
January 18, 2016

Furry Earmuffs

i know its only mid january but i am already so over winter and ready for spring, definitely a case of winter blues. I don't know if its the cold weather or the short days but i am definitely ready to spend some time in the sunshine wearing pastels.  Not to mention that i currently have a fever so i just want to cuddle up in my bed  and sleep for 2 days straight, but anyway enough about my sickness.  Capes are one of my favourite winter items, they remind me of something a fairytale princess would wear  over a long dress... now i modernized it a bit by wearing it over pants and knew high boots but will love the feel of it when i wear it. Earmuffs are also a great accessory in the winter don't get me wrong i love wearing hats but what i love the most about earmuffs  is that they don't leave that ugly hat line on your forehead ( i wear a lot of berets) and they are also great to wear with ponytails !  

Cape: H&M
Pants: American Eagle 
Purse: Coach 
Boots: Forever 21 
Sweater: Forever 21 
January 14, 2016

Red bow

I think i actually have an obsession with bows....90% of the time i have a bow somewhere on my outfit. Whether it be on my head, on my collar, as a brooch... there is always one haha. As you all know chiffon shirts are my life...not being dramatic it's true I wear a different one every day and always wear them under sweaters, I love the softness of them and find them less restrictive than regular blouses. 
Pencil skirts are something I hope to wear more often, I have a few but not enough in my collection, I tend to gravitate to flared skirts die to the girly nature of them. But you can never go wrong with a classic navy pencil skirt ! 
Also on a random note I went to see phantom of the opera last night and it was amazing ! Absolutely loved it ! 

Shirt : H&M 
Skirt: H&M 
Headband: Ardene 
Bow on collar: EBay 
January 08, 2016

Pink Hat

i've been trying to do my best with dealing with the cold weather and the gloominess that comes along with it. Adding some bright pops of colour really brighten up my day and bring a little bit of summer with it. i paired this with pink hat with this tweed crossbody bag and i think they make a great pair! This navy blue coat has been on countless posts because i find that a  blue coat can match anything, i love the simple silhouette and the elegance of the fabric. 
When i put an outfit together i try to incorporate as many feminine pieces as i can, that i just what i gravitate to... hence the pearl coated poodle brooch. 
Now going back to the point about the cold...i am still gravitating towards turtlenecks they keep my neck so warm! now don't get me wrong i am a huge scarf fanatic!  but i tend to wear them hanging from my neck and not actually wrapping it around my neck... thus not actually doing anything to keep me warm.... they are more of a decoration if you will lol. Turtlenecks are also a solution for bulkiness, yes we all know winter bulkiness.... something i have been trying to avoid since the end of my elementary school years. There is nothing i hate more that looking and feeling bulky (cue a picture of randy parker from a christmas story in his snowsuit) turtlenecks kinda hit two birds with one stone by being a shirt (or sweater if you want to be extra warm) and also act as a scarf, therefore minimizing the amount of things you have to wear. if you haven't jumped on a turtleneck bandwagon i suggest you take the leap and give them a chance... i spent many years thinking turtlenecks weren't "cool" oh how wrong i was... 

Coat: H&M
Purse: Aldo
Hat: The bay 
Turtleneck: le chateau 
Heels: Forever 21
January 04, 2016

Gold Turtleck

Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean we have to avoid sparkles and glitter! i am loving this turtleneck that has some subtle sparkly threading throughout it.  Definitely setting it apart from any plain coloured turtleneck, by adding a bit of glamour and femininity. As well as it is  finally getting cold enough to wear fur! (faux of course!) i try to take winter wardrobe inspiration from  russian fashion (and Paris in the summer!) which means i like to incorporate a bit of fur into my wardrobes. This is usually done in the form of scarves (or neck collars), hats, and the rims of my gloves. 
Although the weather is getting colder i am stubborn and i still enjoy wearing skirts and dresses with tights...  again i will mention how amazing fleece lined tights are! they will keep you so warm and are incredibly comfortable! 

i have never been a huge cross-body bag kind of girl, particularly in the winter because of the bulkiness of winter coats. But i have collected a few in the past couple of months so you could say they are a current obsession of mine due to smaller size. That being said i am not going to put away my handbags just yet, because there is something so chic about carrying a purse in your hand or letting it hang on your bent elbow (cue pictures of victoria beckham)

Tuertleneck: H&M
Coat: H&M 
Fur scarf: H&M 
Skirt: forever 21
Purse: Dynamite 
Shoes: Spring 
January 01, 2016

Top 15 of 2015

Happy new year!!! i  hope you all had a wonderful night and rang in the new year with friends and family :)  i went to dinner and watched the fireworks its was a great night! and it wasnt as cold as it was last new years.... but let me tell you fleece lined tights are a life saver when you are going to be outside in the cold but still want to look cute :)  Now that the year has come to a  close i thought it would be fun to do a top 15 looks of 2015 :)  i hope you guys enjoy and cant wait to see what the new year will bring! 
wishing you all the best in the new year <3