August 31, 2018

Blue Glasses

YOUUUUUU GUYSSSSS look at these glasses!  Have you ever seen a more perfect pair of glasses??  I am actually obsessed them ! I got them a few weeks before my trip from Black Market (A vintage/thrift store in Toronto) They are super 60's especially when paired with this floral top. I actually  got this top from salvation army in one of my quick thrift store strolls. I'm normally not one to lean towards cool colours, I tend to stay in the warmer tones, but I couldn't resist the print. I paired it with a simple denim mini skirt which just further emphasizes the 1960's feel. It was the perfect look to finish off my seville trip, I wont lie I did get a few stares while wearing it... but oh well i felt great in this outfit. As you may have noticed I love looks that are look like they are from a different era and I love playing around with that. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below!
August 29, 2018

Yellow Dress in Seville

I am officially back from Spain ! I ate too much food, shopped to much, sipped too much coffee and just overall had and incredible time. I will be doing a few posts along with some youtube videos (Vlog, Haul) so make sure to stay tuned and follow me on instagram so you know when those posts go up ! (Link here.) I wanted to kick things off by showing you my favourite outfit that I wore one my trip, it features this AH-MAZING yellow dress from Zara...well...Zara kids... I find that dresses from the kids section actually fit me better (And are usually cheaper... so woo!) I paired with with these black block heels that have a bit of fringing at the front. I actually purchased these shoes in Seville the day these photos were taken and I loved them so much with this outfit that I switched my shoes and wore them immediately. They are from a store called Marypaz, they had so many beautiful pairs of shoes for amazing prices! Great place to get some statement shoes that you don't wear as often.  I only brought one handbag with me on my trip so you'll be seeing this one on repeat on all my posts, It matched all my outfits perfectly !  As for accessories I wore these big silver hoop earrings and tied my hair in a ponytail with some black chiffon ribbon. I think it adds to the girly-ness of the outfit.  I felt so carefree but put together while wearing this outfit, Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 
August 22, 2018

Tweed Jacket

A tweed jacket is something everyone should have in their closet, It can turn a simple outfit into something elegant and chic!  This particular jacket is from Sfera, I got it when I was in Spain last year !  I love that it has a slight checkered pattern on it, it s a little more interesting than just a classic tweed patten. I layered this jacket over a simple white lace dress from H&M, which on its own. is a little too plain for me, But under the jacket its perfect!  For shoes I tied the tweed back in and wore these little black and white tweed shoes from Zara, I struggle walking in stiletto heels on cobble stones (Don't we all) so block heels are perfect when walking on an uneven surface. To top the look off I threw in a black hat and a tiny black bag from forever 21 (I know! Such a great find!) . I still can't get enough of tiny bags, I know they are practically useless because they don't store much.. but they just look so cute with any outfit !  Let me know what you think in the comments below ! 
August 20, 2018

Fall Polka Dots

Polka Dots are a staple print especially in the summer! This past season we saw polka dots in all different colours and sizes and I was s happy to be able to buy more polka dot clothing. I've always been a huge polka dot fan because its a classic print that is always in style (Kinda like leopard print... Which BTW it will be HUGE for fall !) Its also a great transition print to wear when going from summer to fall because you can find some polka dot pieces in autumnal colours. These pants are the perfect piece to wear at the end of the summer, they are thin and lightweight but and also a  dark caramel colour. They are from Forever 21, They were part of my July haul (Link here.) This eyelet blouse is from Zara and it has the most feminine details with the ruffles going along the front and the little ruffle on the sleeve. You can never own too many white blouse am I right?  As for my shoes I wore these dark brown platform sandals that I got from H&M, I love these shoes I think they are a perfect transition piece. But I think what ties the whole look together is the Leopard print cat eye sunglasses, I got these from a random shop in niagara on the lake that always has amazing unique sunglasses. These in particular look so elegant and you would never know they were only $10! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below ! 
August 15, 2018

Purple Flowers

Enjoying the last few days of summer in this vintage floral dress !  I've been obsessed with it since I got it  from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Market ! It's from the 1960's and it has the most beautiful colours on it, its seriously the perfect summer dress! I of course HAD to pair it with my favourite white boots, giving it that extra 60's look to it. I don't know how I survived without these white boots they are actually my favourite shoes that I own. For my hair I just tied a strand of lace to give it a more feminine feel to it. Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comments below! 
August 13, 2018


Happy Monday!  Crazy to think that another week has gone by and its already mid august! Fall is just around the corner, and to be honest I'm ready.  I'm getting a little bored of summer clothes and how little I can do with them especially in the intense heat we've had this summer. In the fall and winter it easy to layer and create really interesting outfits using the same items. I find that a bit more difficult in the summer, especially when you are like me and mostly wear dresses. Accessories are key to changing up the look of an outfit in the warmer months, for this particular look its the red ribbon tied around the collar. I think this transforms the dress and gives it that slight preppy look you guys know I love. I also added a straw hat that I got from forever 21, which I now realize makes me look like Madeline (LOL) I also added some plain nude coloured block heels that I've worn to death this summer!  I think they are the perfect summer shoe because they give you a slight lift but can be worn with shorts and shorter dresses.  Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below ! 
August 08, 2018


Hello Guys! Happy Wednesday ! I thought I would kick the day off by letting you know that I'm thinking of switching up my posting schedule and frequency. Lately I've been posting content every single day (Or at least I'm trying to) I usually post 3 times on my blog (Mon, Wed, Fri) and twice on my youtube channel (Tues, Thurs) as well as two instagrams daily. I'm finding that it might be a little too overwhelming, not only for myself, but also for you guys to keep up with.  I've been feeling slightly frustrated because I haven't been able to put as much time and effort into each post and video due to time constraints. which leads to some lower quality content with less engagement. Therefore I'm thinking of cutting some stuff back and only posting twice a week on my blog and once on my youtube channel (If you're not subscribed the link to my channel is here) I think this will result in higher quality content and more informative videos that don't seem as rushed. I'm really excited to get a little more creative and only post stuff I really love and I'm proud of. I'm also trying to learn some more video editing techniques to make my videos better than they currently are!  However there will be some weeks where I might be posting a but more if I do something exciting and end up having more content, an example of that would be my upcoming trip to Spain! I have a few posts and videos planned out, but I don't want to spread that out over an entire month because thats just annoying for you guys haha. so I will more than likely post more frequently during those 2 weeks. Let me know your thoughts on the new changes in the comments below as well as any recommendations of posts/videos to make while I'm in Spain! 

As for this outfit that I'm wearing... GUYS I am obsessed with these sunglasses !!!!  OK I know these might not be everyones cup of tea (Trust my BF hates them lol) but I think they are so groovy and amazing ! I got them in a random shop when I was in niagara on the lake and they were only like $15. I love that they sorta like like TV's I think its comical but amazing at the same time? Let me know what you think ? Would you wear these? I also recently got this little cropped knit... sweater? no its short sleeved...? knit top...? whatever it is, its amazing. I've been super into daisies lately and I'm not really sure why ?  I keep seeing daisy print things and I automatically want them! I actually have to stop myself form buying them because I know this is probably phase and I'll get over it in a few weeks (Anyone else get like that? cuz same)  So far I've been good and I've only bought 2 daisy print items, this being one of them, so I'd say I'm being really good with my shopping habits. Anyway I paired this top with these brick coloured flared pants, I love these! I actually got them at winners on clearance for like $5 ! And last but not least I am wearing these platform heels from H&M! I think this helps give the outfit a 1970's look which if you know me you know I love referencing another decade with my outfits. I think that is something I want to incorporate more of in my upcoming posts, as well as a bit more writing like in this current post! I'm really excited for new things to come and I hope you are to !  
August 06, 2018

Summer Skin and Hair care with Garnier

Ah Summertime! With the start of August came another heat wave. I was sitting in my room when I noticed that my skin and hair were starting to look a bit dull and in need of some TLC. I began to think of how much of a toll our bodies take in the summer, in particular our skin and hair. I knew I needed some products that would reverse some of the damaged that has already been caused as well as some to help prevent any future damage from happening.  Starting with Skincare, It's always a good idea to invest in some products that will transform your skin because in the long run it will help you save money on makeup (Or no makeup at all!) well as helping your skin be as fresh as can be !  I knew that Garnier would be a great place to start because they carry so many products that would help with the problems I was having and at great prices ! 

People often associate winter with dry skin but the reality is that you shouldn't skimp out on moisturizing in the summertime. While you don't need as heavy of a moisturizer the summer it should definitely be a part of your skin care routine. In the summer we tend to spend more time outside going to the beach, hiking, amusement parks etc. All of these activities, while fun, can make your skin crave some addition care. Sheet masks are PERFECT after a long say in the sun. I rounded up the best Sheets masks from Garnier starting with the Anti Fatigue Mask infused with Lavender oils which helps dull fatigued skin (Perfect after those late summer nights.) The Mattifying mask hydrates skin while minimizing pores, Which if you are anything like me, become more visible after a hot summer day. The Glow-boosting mask , this will give you a boost of radiance, hydration and a gorgeous summer glow! you'll look like you just cam back from vacation ! and last but not least there is the super hydrating mask, which does exactly what it says, fuels your skin with hydration leaving you with soft and radiant skin !  

If you are looking for something to use on an every day basis there is the Garnier Skin active Soothing balm.  It's 3 products in 1 ! (Perfect for travelling!) It moisturizes during the day while nourishing at night ! You can also use it as a face mask if you need the extra hydration.  It does have a strong aloe very smell just something to keep in mind if you have scent sensitivities. But I think the best part about this product is that it doesn't leave your skin looking/feeling greasy which is such a bonus in the summer time. Its also made with rose water which has anti inflammatory properties that help with redness and and irritation on the skin, as well as removing oil and dirt from the pores. This product is also 100% vegan which is an added bonus if that's something thats really important to you, its also free form any Parabens, dyes and silicones. 

Hair care is also really important in the summer especially with all the damaged caused from being outside in the wind. So this Garnier Moisture lock shampoo and conditioner combo is exactly what you are looking for! It moisturizes your hair to help heal any damaged strands as well as strengthening your hair to prevent any future moisture loss. It's also made with cactus extract which will ensure your hair will look shiny but still have a weightless bounce to it. Not only does it help your hair look and feel amazing its also paraben free so you can rest easy knowing that you're not adding a harmful preservative to your hair, making the formula safe for everyday use. and  If you are wondering about the scent its a really clean cucumber type smell ! This is  really important to me when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I love it when I move my hair around and I can smell it.  I find that it does linger until the next time you wash your hair!  I Hope these products help your skin and hair and give it the healthy kick and care it deserves!