June 03, 2021

Birthday at the Castle

I just spent the most relaxing couple of days enjoying my Birthday (its on June 1st!) On my birthday I went out to take some photos with a little floral party hat I made! It looked perfect with my floral dress.... that kinda looks like a grown up version of a kids party dress haha ! I took some photos at the castle and then had dinner with my family. We ordered Chinese food (My favourite!) and had a floral themed table... which coincidently matched my dress perfectly ;)  after dinner we watched Marie Antoinette, and had some cake (Which was in the shape of a flower... there was a theme lo)

Yesterday, the day after my birthday, my best friend Adrienne surprised me by showing up at my house with a birthday gift ! I was SO SURPRISED! She also brought a gift from my friend Mikayla (The cookies above! Thank you Mikayla!) Adrienne and her boyfriend stayed a while and we sat in the backyard drinking wine, eating cookies and we ordered a pizza! It was so lovely to see her and to actually be able to hang out!  They just lifted the full lockdown so you can gather with up to 5 people outside. 

Overall I had an amazing Birthday !